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Food Practices Assignment Assignment

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Marking Piece for HSN 101 Meals Habits Assignment Criteria| Poor (N)| Fair (P)| Great (C)| Extremely Good (D)| Excellent (HD)| Mark designated | | 0-1| 2| 3| 4| 5| | 1 . Launch (total 5 marks)Assignment justification clear and accurateRelevant history discussedDescription of aim appropriate and appropriate| Additional comments| | 2 . Questions to answers about the foodstuff and Diet plan Questionnaire (Q1-6, total 52 marks)Questions clarified appropriately according to instructionsDemonstrates understanding of reasons for eating behaviors and their app | 0-25| 26-31| 32-36| 37-41| 42-52| | | Additional comments| |.

Inquiries to answers about the Food Regularity Questionnaire (Q7-11, total twenty eight marks)Questions answered appropriately relating to instructionsJustifies answer correctly, demonstrating knowledge of relevant concepts| 0-13| 14-16| 17-19| 20-22| 23-28| | | Extra comments| | 4. Overview (total five marks)Succinct and accurate. | 0-1| 2| 3| 4| 5| | | Extra comments| | 5.

Referencing, Clarity & Presentation (total 10 marks)Clearly written, with correct British spelling/ grammar & subsections following structure of questionUse of five or more ideal referencesVancouver design appropriately used in text and reference list Questionnaires filled out effectively and assignment submitted in accordance to recommendations Inclusion & adherence to word rely. (i. at the. 1500 10%, simply first 1650 words will probably be marked) | 0-4| 5| 6| 7| 8-10| | | Additional comments| | | Total of above| |

Simply no of times overdue| 0| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| Final Mark| Fees (deducted since % of total benefit of job (100 marks), per faculty policy)| Zero | -10%| -15%| -20%| -25%| -30%| | HSN101 Food: Nutrition, Culture, and Innovation Meals Habits Job Name: Monelle Mondello College student ID: 213157555 Word Rely: Introduction This kind of assignment is exploring the various factors that impact my diet plan. I presently train 4 days a week, which involves high-intensity strength training certain to body-building and power lifting.

I am as well currently planning to achieve a unwanted fat percentage of 14%, therefore I must Food and Diet Questionnaire Inquiries 1 & 2 inside the Food and Diet Questionnaire ask about buying food and cooking dishes. How could your diet change if your reply to these concerns changed? You should explain. I do my own meals shopping and cooking?nternet site follow a rigid diet plan and like to be in control of the types of foods I obtain, as well as the cooking methods.

Basically was no for a longer time responsible for getting and cooking my meals, I would no longer be able to abide by the diet prepare I choose to follow along with, as I may not be able to control the individual amounts of food used in every meal, and I would most often not agree with the cooking methods picked, such as the oils chosen intended for frying. I actually also place a large importance on the types of develop I order, such as organic food that helps local farmers and is totally free of pesticides, and also free range, organic lean meats for moral and overall health reasons.

These kinds of beliefs usually influence my personal food purchases and I would be forced to bargain them if perhaps others had been in charge of my own food shopping. If the amount of cash you spent in food every week doubled, just how would this kind of affect the foods you eat? You should explain. We am presently buying the best quality of food available to me personally when possible, therefore even if the cost doubled, I would still purchase the same food. Nevertheless , there are circumstances where basically am brief on money, I will get a regular product instead of organic and natural, such as frozen berries, while the cost difference is significant.

Therefore I can be sure to always purchase organic and natural, natural, and biodynamic foods. There would be more spent on new herbs and products I personally use to enhance cooking and flavours, such as powdered cocoa powder and certain spices. Overall, the foods eaten would not differ considerably. Question several asks one to rate the value of many food and consuming related behaviours. Pick a pair of the behaviors and make clear why you answered the way you did. Choose behaviours you rate because either ‘very important’ or ‘not important’. You should use sources to show if your idea was right or not.

I do not consider keeping away from saturated body fat an important aspect Explain explanations why people may possibly choose a veggie diet. Query 9 demands you to charge the importance of numerous factors in deciding the selection of food when ever shopping. Pick two of the factors that you rated either ‘not important’ or ‘extremely important’. Please explain your answer. I Look at the answers to questions 11-19. Of the answers you have given, please clarify which ONE has got the most effect on your diet plan. For example , did your ethnicity determine the type of foodstuff you eat, or you living plans, or your actual age etc .?

Make sure you explain your answer. Foodstuff Frequency Questionnaire How very well do you think the foodstuff frequency customer survey captured the usual dietary intake in the last month? Make sure you explain, giving specific foodstuff examples that support the explanation. Do you consider people who understand a tradition other than the own living in Australia could have similar ingesting patterns (i. e. selected similar foods) to you? Make sure you explain. How would the kinds of food you ate change if you were required to grow and prepare all the food you eat?

Check the foods you eat frequently in the meals frequency customer survey to use as good examples in your response. How many serves of vegetables will you usually consume each day (question 4 in the FFQ)? How many acts of fruit do you usually eat every day (question 5 in the FFQ)? Comment on your intake compared to the suggestion for your gender and age bracket. The most recent national survey in Australia found a daily average the consumption of 3. four serves of vegetables and 1 . one particular serves of fruit in adults. How do you think this absorption could be elevated to meet the recommendations? Overview

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