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Research, Process

Jonathan Hoffsuemmer

A significant problem seen by nurse practitioners that work in rural areas is teenage pregnancy. A peer-reviewed analysis paper posted by The Log for Nurse Practitioners entitled “Who Will Listen? Rural Teen Pregnancy Glare. ” There are both medical and social issues that happen with teen pregnancy.

Teenager pregnancy statistic shows that young mothers give birth to premature babies with low birth fat. The interpersonal aspect is definitely teen mothers do not complete high school and lives in low income. These scenarios rank high in abuse and neglect with teen parents.

Definition of the Problem

Rural areas show the greatest rate of teen being pregnant compared to express rates, which in turn produces a trouble that experts are wondering why this kind of rate is usually higher in the rural areas. The Theory of Adolescent Lovemaking Decision Making (TASDM) is the basis this research was conducted to resolve. This kind of theory features two primary objectives which include the risk-promoting environments teens experience and exposure to high-risk situation that create the conditions teens use to justify lovemaking behavior (Weiss, 2012).

The situation with teenage pregnancy makes premature labor and birth and low birth fat in the infants. A medical problem with teen pregnancy may be the medical expenses incurred with teenager and infant. These kinds of statistics suggest that young pregnancy derive from family without insurance with out means to pay the medical expenses teenager pregnancy incurs. The social problem teenager pregnancy shows are that teen moms tend not finish senior high school. Teen pregnancy results in low income prices, the need for larger public assistance, poor educational, behavioral, and health problem in children.

Research Purpose

The purpose of the study should be to understand the decision-making of teens and why teen pregnant state is higher in the non-urban areas of the. The TASDM theory shows that environment promotes the case of expert influences, substance use, and media impact on (Weiss, 2012). The study will focus on the thought process of young adults as to why teenagers make the choice turn into sexually activity and risk the consequence of getting pregnant.

Research Problem

The research workers are learning the question of why teen pregnancy can be higher in rural areas. Teen being pregnant occurs because of the lack of elimination that teenagers do not use and why teens produce these types of decisions. The article directions had been for students to indicating if the teens thought there was a youngster pregnancy problem in the community (Weiss, 2012). The researchers’ guidelines were merely one question to determine the thought operations of equally male and feminine teens with regards to teen pregnancy.


The analysis does not state a speculation, but strives to understand for what reason there is a higher rate of teen pregnancies in non-urban areas. The study will evaluate the difference between boys and girls landscapes about young pregnancy. The research only has one primary focus, however the study comes different parameters of the speculation. The study opinions the thoughts as to just how teens understand sex of the same quality, bad, or perhaps ambivalent.

Research Variables

Both variables in the study happen to be independent and dependent factors. The 3rd party variables inside the study are the essays the fact that students had written defining their particular views about teen pregnant state in country areas. The dependent parameters are the reasons teen pregnancies occur, such as the idea of whether sexual activity is good or poor. The study reviews the pregnancy teens include of sex activities, which in turn studies the prevalence relating to beliefs, consequences to actions, and outcomes to others (Weiss, 2012).

Conceptual Model or perhaps Theoretical Construction

This examine uses the theoretical platform for the analysis. The assumptive perspective of study analyzes the answers obtained from participates against the Theory of Adolescent Sexual Decision Making theories. These types of theories gauge the decision-making young adults use in determining the risk of teen pregnancy. The theoretical framework weights the consequences associated with the hazards and how teenage boys and girls understand teen motherhood. These awareness that teenagers are revealing in the analyze are weighted against the two ground theories of risk-promoting environments and risky sex behavior. “Using constant comparison methods, the info were analyzed using the GREATEST EXTENT Qualitative Data Analysis© software” (Weiss, 2012, p. 805).

Review of Literature

The literary works review of this article addresses the problems of low parental advice as a significant factor to teen making risky habit decisions. The very fact that countryside areas show that young adults view there is nothing much to do can be described as contributing aspect to teenager pregnancy. The training regarding sex behavior and prevention methods were noted to be lacking in the rural areas. This factor indicates that financial support to provide pertaining to after university programs contributes to the notation that there is not do pertaining to teens. This is certainly a contributing element to the larger rate of teen motherhood in non-urban communities.

Analyze Design

The analysis design was conducted in Florida including 125 tenth grade students. These students consisted of equally male and female from era 15 to 17. The scholars were via an English school and were asked to publish an dissertation on if perhaps they thought teen pregnant state was a problem in their community. The teens wrote the article during a language class in high school. This kind of study was conducted together with the approval in the institutional assessment board, tutor, and manager.

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