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Henry Mintzberg’s principles of management

Mintzberg proposes another solution classical approach to management. He believes that managers play a combination of sociable, informational and decisional roles (Mintzberg, 1975). Mintzberg formulates the notion which the information on bureaucratic functions launched by Henry Fayol in 1916 declare very little as to what managers actually do. Mintzberg uses typical cases such as if a manager attends a trading conference or perhaps when they present rewards to retiring personnel and shows that it may not match these several words preparing, organizing, leading and managing (Mintzberg, 1975).

The managers three roles according to Mintzberg happen to be as follows:

Interpersonal roles

The director by default has its own formal roles as the very best man associated with an organization. Due to his placement he has its own key obligations that need interest, these duties are what Henry Mintzberg describe as the figurehead position (Mintzberg, 1975). Duties which can be interpersonal may require little connection and no severe decision making. Since the manager he is the innovator and the foreman of the business (Mintzberg, 1975). The required the director now turn into social as he is the person people admire for creativity and the person with many authority. The manager has to be a determine head (Mintzberg, 1975).

Informational roles

The manager has interpersonal contacts. By virtue of these kinds of he must have a connection of such contacts both the network and with his subordinates, the administrator is the company core associated with an enterprise as he is the middle man in charge of the formulation of activities (Mintzberg, 1975). The manager will not be the most up to date person in the organization yet he is aware more or maybe the majority of virtually any member of his staff (Mintzberg, 1975). The manager because believed by simply mintzberg is definitely the spokesperson or perhaps for his unit as well as the person who monitors activities (Mintzberg, 1975).

Decisional roles

One thing to know is that the manager plays a big position in the organizations decision making method so in other words he is a choice maker (Mintzberg, 1975). The manager being a fixed power is the simply person who may set the enterprises course of action. Mintzberg believes that it is only the manager which has current and full data to make a group of decisions associating the agencies work and determines all their strategies (Mintzberg, 1975). Mintzberg argues this role has four key working jobs which are the administrator must be a business person, he must allocate resources, negotiate, and a disturbance handler meaning that the manager must be in change of unpredicted conditions and also solve them (Mintzberg, 1975).

Henry Fayols principles of management

Henry Fayol was obviously a French exploration engineer delivered 1841 in Turkey and died in 1925 in Faris, France, this person came up with a theory that states the fact that act of management will be based upon five administration functions that are planning, controlling, leading, staffing requirements and organizing. (Management research HQ, 2017)H developed 18 basic principles of management that are division of work, authority and responsibility, self-discipline, unit of command, device of way, subordination of individual interest to basic interest, renumerization of personnel, centralization, scalar chain, order, equity, steadiness of Tenure of workers, initiative, and Escrip para corps. These types of principles happen to be what this individual sees as the basis coming from all management scenarios no matter the organization. According to Fayol the role of your manager is to command an immediate set of jobs to a subordinating party or group of personnel (Management research HQ, 2017).


To conclude it can be seriously presumed the fact that role of any manger is dependent on his or her duties as an organizational unit. Also, it can be seen that Mintzberg and Fayols guidelines in a way claim the same fact that the action of managing is a ways of co-ordinating a group of people through inspiration and leading.

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