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Benjamin D. Powell makes a spat in his paper “Exploring Mirror Neurons: Rethinking Performance and Communicative Processes that will make every self-avowed gaming dork ecstatic. The concept that by observing an action frequently our reflection neurons discover how to perform the action will appeal to thousands and even millions whom spend their particular days looking at a tv set or video screen rather than out encountering life.

Powell brings the caveat that without practicing the action, your body will not be capable of perform that with the skill of a trained athlete, yet argues that the presence of mirror neurons explains so why he was not more injured once hit with a car. The paper statements that the presence of reflection neurons may indicate more study should be used regarding how our bodies develop skills and what result activities like playing video games have on the neurological advancement. At worst, Powell’s theory is an interesting pipe dream. At best, it truly is hope for the folks who spend too much time playing “World of Warcraft.

Regrettably, the reality is it seems to be anything of a pipe dream. It is much more likely that this individual simply acquired lucky if the car struck him and instinctively nestled and thrown. And, the automobile, which he described as barreling toward him, probably was not moving together with the speed he believed this to be. Writing intended for the Uk Journal pertaining to the Philosophy of Science, Kathleen Wilkes seems to replicate parts of Powell’s basic thesis. (Wilkes 111). She states that the probability exists that individuals are capable of learning simply through observation, although there is no hard science to defend either her statement or Powell’s.

The truth is that this is some strange combination of idea and technology, with people taking a chance on something that science features yet to be able to measure or prove. In the long run, while the beliefs of a mind-body link therefore deep the fact that mind may control the human body’s actions after merely noticing an action seems plausible there is absolutely no science to back it up. Powell’s evidence is only a corollary, coincidental and never direct evidence of a link.

To actually prove Powell’s theory would be hard and challenging. One would need to prove that there was simply no additional way, short of mirror neurons that the check subject could have learned to complete a particular action. And, the specialist would have to have the ability to determine how much of the action as well as the response to it really is based on mental knowledge vs . muscle know-how.

In short, the researcher will have to prove that simply watching somebody swing a bat consistently would equate to the ability to get it done and that the capacity is more compared to the intellectual understanding of where to place one’s on the job the such as the. He would have to prove that Powell’s escape by injury was more related to his capacity to tuck and roll than his knowledge that tuck and roll was the right way to minimize the force of impact of an oncoming car.

Ultimately, Powell’s problem becomes in deciding what activities are effective as a result of mental techniques telling us how to do them and which ones work because of the muscle mass knowledge of when to flex or release. Possibly making the differentiation there could take years.


Powell, Benjamin D. “Exploring Reflect Neurons: Rethinking Performance and Communicative Operations. 

Wilkes, Kathleen Sixth is v. “Brain StatesThe United kingdom Journal pertaining to the Idea of Research, Vol. 31, No . 2 . June, 1980. pp. 111-129.

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