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GCSE Humanities | Teenage being pregnant | | Are young adults represented pretty by the mass media in United kingdom society? | | 0900001846 Haleema Shafi | 2/3/2010| Deadline 17/03/10| Contents web page Sections Site number 2. Abstract 5. Introduction 2. Methods 2. Results 5. Discussion 2. References * Appendices Fuzy Introduction This research is a study into if the media in britain represents the younger generation accurately. The media have already been constantly working stories about young people excessive drinking, staying involved in blade crime, bunch culture and drug choosing, amongst others.

The daily email has operate headlines such as ‘British Teenagers are the Excessive Drinking Winners of Europe’ (Hope, 2009), ‘The Confront of Britain’s Knife Crime Scourge: Teen Mutilated during Vicious Strike With Three-inch Blade’ (Daily Mail News reporter, 2009), ‘Inside Feral Britain: a Bloodstream Chilling Voyage into the Heart of Teenage Gang Culture’ (Malone, 2007).

These reports give readers the impression that young people are violent, did not possess respect of other or maybe the law in addition they did not need respect pertaining to the culture. This study will investigate whether multimedia stereotype young people in this way or whether press reflect truth.

This is done in the circumstance of teenage pregnancy. Inside the Daily Snail mail the article ‘Time to receive tough in teenage mums’ by Katie Hampson (2006) is saying that teenagers feel that they can receive an attractive way of life by having a baby. This includes getting free authorities flats and finical returns which is offered by the taxes payer. Hampons also shows that young mothers have different principles to the rest of society. One of these is that teen mums venture out night clubbing and are sexually promiscuous (Johnston, 2008). This gives readers using a stereotypical watch of small mothers.

Stereotyping is when people are placed in groups and are also classed as something, for what they do or perhaps what they wear. One example coming from Rosenhan (1978) where the lady said ‘on being sane in ridiculous places’ this kind of shows just how people react according to someone is definitely labelled or stereotyped. Studies have shown the fact that media has stereotype interpersonal groups in past times for example Lewis Cohen (1980) shows the several type of stereotyping views used by the mass media. In his study he describes how the media are categorizing young people into groups that are ‘mods’ and ‘rockers’.

From this the mass media nowadays is usually using the same thing with teen pregnancy. The media says that fresh teenage girls happen to be ignorant and did not consider others, or perhaps society because they get intoxicated and pregnant and are using the tax payers money and obtaining support in the government to help them. This can as well lead to misjudgment, discrimination and persecution. Prejudice- A prejudice is a great implicitly placed belief, generally about a population group. Race, financial class, male or female or sexual intercourse, ethnicity, sex orientation, age group and religious beliefs are other prevalent subjects of prejudice ( en. ikipedia. org/wiki/Prejudice) Discrimination- Discrimination toward or against a person of a certain group is the treatment or concern based on class or category rather than person merit. (en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Discrimination) Persecution- Is a systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by one other group. The most frequent forms are religious persecution, ethnic. (en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Persecution) For example , Stuart Hall’s stereotyped black men as muggers. People after that believe the stereotype and behaved in another way.

People were scared of being robbed by dark males, and were afraid to go out at nighttime people needed the government to accomplish something about the supposed problem of dark-colored males mugging. The government bought in the suss laws we were holding used to prosecute black guys. ‘In Great britain, the Tus law was the informal identity for a stop-and-search law that permitted a police officer to behave on hunch, or , sus’, only. ‘(en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Sus_Laws) Listed below is a single article which i found with regards to a sus rules riot. TUS LAW STARTED RIOTS Simply by Emily Miller 28/05/2007 0’s Brixton (PA) NEW “stop and quiz” proposals hold disturbing echoes of deeply unpopular stop-and search regulations that induced mass riots in the early 1980s. Referred to as “Sus”, the law allowed law enforcement officials to stop, search and police arrest anyone they will chose like a crime prevention tactic. Nonetheless it was widely believed to have been abused simply by officers to harass small black men. On 04 2, 1980, police raided the well known Black and White Cafe in St Pauls, Bristol, sparking the most significant riots on mainland The united kingdom since prior to the Second World War.

After Met police stopped and searched 943 people , the vast majority grayscale law-abiding , and busted only 118 during a flash on robberies and burglaries in the planting season of 1981 trouble flare leg again in Brixton. Grievances of harassment and racism soared and riots for the streets remaining police vehicles and properties burned out. In July a similar year Toxteth, Liverpool, was gripped by riots. Law enforcement officials were required to withdraw as 150 complexes on a one-mile stretch of road had been torched and 781 officials hurt. Legislation was hastily abolished that year.

The federal government in the UK have stated that they could try to lower the adolescent pregnancy but nothing to is recently been done about it. In the article Tony Shadow the health secretary quoted ‘it is improbable that the authorities will satisfy its targets to have teen pregnancies by 2010’. In the following paragraphs ‘How Labour is losing the Battle to cut teenage pregnancies’, the media says that teenager’s pregnancy price has risen over the ten years by 12% over the past 10 years. In 2005 the amount of adolescent girls under the regarding 18 who have got pregnant was 39, 545.

Teenage pregnancy has changed into a large issue in the UK, so bad that the govt are using the tax payer’s money to aid these young adults to obtain abortion etc . In this article this shows that the exact amount that the duty payers will be giving is? 138 million. In this same article this tells us the amount that the NHS are investing in teenage pregnant state a year, the quantity is? 63 million this can be ‘more than 1 million a day’. Methods I have used primary and secondary recourses to help myself with my personal project. Pertaining to my principal researched I did a customer survey.

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In my questionnaire I asked seven questions. For my secondary research I used on-line articles coming from newspapers like the Daily Email. I did a questionnaire regarding teenage being pregnant to find out what people thoughts are about it and what their particular view had been upon adolescent pregnancy. I asked 10 visitors to fill in my personal questionnaire. 70 percent were female and 30% were guy, their age group was the same percent to. The reason I had this was mainly because I wanted to determine what teenagers thought about all their fellow associates in their same age group.

I actually also asked other people, the ages of 30 and over, I desired to find out the actual older generation considered the younger generation and weather these people were stereotyping young adults. After convincing people to complete my forms in I found out and interesting effects. In my benefits when I asked the first question which has been on ‘how many teen pregnancies do you consider occur in the UK’, most thought 39, 545 and they were correct, this confirmed me that individuals are not unoriginal toward young pregnancy and it is only the press that is producing teenage girls look bad and horrible.

The second question I asked was to think young mums are likely to live. I found out that generally people thought they might live in a council property but some thought that they live with their particular parents. This shows that so many people are stereotyping every teenage girls and are saying that they live in authorities houses to allow them to get funds. I found a paper on online, which stated that the government are preparing to sending teen mother to supervised homes where they are really taught how to look after their very own babies.

After i asked do you think teenage mothers get married for the baby’s dad, I found a fascinating result since it showed me personally that more than half of the persons I asked said they do occasionally and 40% said that they don’t get committed. Sometimes it depends upon what kind condition the adolescent is. Quite often teenagers conceive to gain interest or to have got responsibility, when I asked ‘what do you consider to be the basis for young females to get pregnant’. When ever analysing the results I discovered out that 80% thought it was done random which shows me that people are not stereotypical towards teenager women. 0% thought girls become pregnant to gain focus, whilst the other 10% thought it was since girls obtain lonely. Once i asked problem ‘do you imagine that teenage girls plan to get married’, the results showed me that 90% believed they no longer whilst the 10% thought they do. When I asked if people believed there was adequate facts to help teenagers to avoid pregnancy. 80% thought that there was plenty of information out there for all young adults but they dismiss it as well as the other twenty percent said certainly.

Bias- To incline to one side, to offer a particular course to, to influence, to prejudice, to prepossess. (http://thinkexist. com/dictionary/meaning/bias/) Benefits Figure 1 * 70 percent of feminine did my personal questionnaire and 30% of male did my set of questions. Figure a couple of * The greatest age group that did my personal questionnaire had been between the regarding 17 to twenty years old, the other thirty percent were 30+. Figure a few * My own results display that fifty percent were English, 20% were Pakistani, 10% were Hard anodized cookware, 10, were Black Photography equipment and 10% were other folks. How many teenage pregnancy to do think occur in the UK? Figure some For this question I got a unique result, fifty percent of people thought that all there were 39, 545 adolescent pregnancies in the united kingdom, 20% thought there were 40, 00, one more 20% believed there were 55, 345 and 10% believed there were eighty-five, 567 young pregnancies in britain. Figure 5| | 2. From the effects I have found away that 30% think that adolescent mums live with their father and mother, the different 60% feel that they reside in a authorities house and the other 10% think that they own their own house. Number 6 * 40% think that they don’t get married while the other 60% believe they do occasionally. Figure several From the results it shows that 90% of folks think that teenage mums may plan to marry and the different 10% think that they do. Figure 8 5. From the effects majority (80%) think there exists enough information to aid young people however they ignore that, (purple), plus the other 20% think that there is plenty of details out there to aid young females to avoid becoming pregnant. Figure on the lookout for * The results demonstrate that 80 percent of people think that teenage motherhood happens inadvertently, 10% think that teenagers become pregnant to obtain attention, plus the other 10% think it is because they are lonely. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Discussion and evaluation Happen to be young people represented fairly by the media in British contemporary society? What is the focus of my personal evaluation? The focus of my evaluation is the fact I’m aiming to study and discover how young adults in Great britain are being treated by media. Let me examine in the event young people happen to be represented pretty in British society. I will give good examples and examine how persons view youthful teenagers, in addition how we can alter the representation of youthful teenagers. The subject that I have got chosen to research on is usually teenage motherhood in the UK.

Just how do i use options for information inside the evaluation? For my analysis I will use different type of source to help me acquire different look at by persons. I will do a couple of questionnaires several type of people such as elderly people and midsection aged persons and teens themselves. Let me also carry out some research around the internet, I will try to get much less information from the web and try to get more information about teens and how they may be represented by using books, listen to the radio and television.

Let me give instances of how the teenagers are showed by requesting them of their experiences, I will do this by simply going around college or university and conference people outside college and discover more. Disputes (against)| Arguments (for)| College- most teens are reasonable, they might be doing A level at school or learning in university and focusing on their research and their foreseeable future, not away drinking and obtaining pregnant. There are numerous mature adolescent in the UK, but the media are labelling them saying stuff like they go away and get together and get drunk and so forth | | Beliefs- some people like personally don’t drink alcohol at all because of their religion.

Being a Muslim personally i | | | | Referrals * http://www. dailymail. co. uk/news/article-1165002/British-teenagers-binge-drinking-champions-Europe. html * http://www. dailymail. company. uk/news/article-1124104/The-face-Britains-knife-crime-scourge-Teenager-mutilated-vicious-assault-inch-blade. code * http://www. dailymail. co. uk/news/article-483249/Inside-feral-Britain-A-blood-chilling-journey-heart-teenage-gang-culture. html * http://www. dailymail. co. uk/femail/article-379738/Time-tough-teenage-mums. html * http://www. dailymail. co. uk/news/article-401824/How-Labour-losing-fight-cut-teen-pregnancies. html * http://www. dailymail. company. k/news/article-1217047/Teenage-mothers-sent-hostels-council-flats-vows-Brown. html * sobre. wikipedia. org/wiki/Prejudice * en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Discrimination * en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Persecution (en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Sus_Laws) http://thinkexist. com/dictionary/meaning/bias/ Appendices Questionnaire 5. What’s your gender? Farrenheit M * How old are you? 14-16 17-20 21-24 25-30 31+ * What is their Ethnicity? English Pakistani Asian Black Africa Indian others prefer not saying * How many adolescent pregnancies to do think result from the UK? 39, 545 45. 000 fifty-five. 345 75. 75 eighty five. 567 90. 143 2. Where do you think teenage mum most likely to live? With father and mother council home have their very own house 5. Do teen mums marry to the infant’s father? Yes No sometimes * Do you consider teenage mums plan to conceive? Yes Not any * Do you think there is enough information to help young adults to avoid pregnancy? Yes Not any yes, although teenagers disregard them * What do you consider to be the reason behind young females to conceive? Accidental To gain attention isolation to have responsibility Secure romance with their spouse

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