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Autism, Children With Disabilities, Mental Illness


This conventional paper explores a movie, A Boy Referred to as Po, speaking about the problems Patrick, most widely known as Po, lives together with the daily problems of autism. Autism can be described as mental state, present from early years as a child, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming associations with other people and in employing language and abstract principles (Google).


A few slew of developmental problems such as, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, sickle cell disease, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, and more. Today, we will go over a developmental disability labeled as autism. Autism, autism variety disorder, is usually an umbrella for many issues these persons with autism may face, ranging from social skills to speech and non-verbal sales and marketing communications. “A Boy Called Po is a film about lifespan of Tanker Wilson (the son) and David Pat (the dad) whom confront many obstructions at work, college, and more. Boys Called Po is about how Patrick, most widely known as Po, is coping with autism after the death of his mom and now only having his dad. A common misconception is the fact persons with autism are certainly not smart. You’d be better with sadly wrong or happily proven incorrect. Po is extremely intelligent and keeps his mind above water by studying the newspaper and learning stocks around the regular. From this film, the difficulties Patrick (Po) deals with his extensive/ perplexed/ complex creativity that is impacting on his college, social existence, and everyday life activities. Let’s get to it!

Autism may be distinctive! Individuals with autism can often be known as different from their particular peers, leading to being excluded, bullied, and/or not approved amongst everybody. Unfortunately, Po was bullied in school intended for his uniqueness. In addition , with all the passing of his mommy, things received worse for him and he began weak in school, instead of being mindful in school, he’d draw, design, and design things. As i have said prior, Po has an considerable imagination and doing artistic things and/or being creative took him away from his reality as a ridiculed, motherless child.

Most times Po separates him self from his friends. (I wondered if Po did this because he didn’t feel accepted?! My spouse and i, personally, probably would not want to be with individuals that will just belittle me) However , eventually, students indexed on his range and started targeting him. Thing can be, Po was only attempting to find his place and/or the reassurance of a school that had a more fixed school plan against his developmental disability than for his well- getting.

Then, due to the lack of school places to stay established by the college system and principal, the abuse Po often experienced led to repeated clinic trips and phone calls to his father to come decide on him up, each and every time. With the physical a shortage of his mom, his father became his sole mom or dad and supplier, leading to, his job gave him an important deadline in order to meet or else he’d lose his job because an industrial engineer. (O’Malley, 2012) David, the father, did not fulfill the deadline because his main priority quickly became Patrick.

With the time off, David had the opportunity to truly endorse for his son. And fortunately, things started out looking up for Po, following some assistance from the janitor, the student lovato Po received expelled and the school started accommodating really his requirements. Po was even able to help his dad produce an airplane model that aide with global warming.

To continue upon with, Po was in two rehabilitation centers throughout the film, one more intense than the additional. Rehab center one, essential Po to go to short periods that created divergent actions that encourages the mind. Meat responded well at this middle, partly as a result of occupational therapist he worked with. However , after the death of his mother, he required more extreme care and had to keep. Sadly, Tanker did not like the new middle, at all, and in the end escaped because he was therefore unhappy.

After all was said and done, David decided to leave the workplace early and fully devote his the perfect time to Po. Crazy enough, Po saves your day again, as mentioned in the advantages, Po loves studying stocks. What I did not mention is the fact, Po will also buy them! Therefore , instead of the 20 or so thousand us dollars David was expecting back again from his retirement, Po’s stock investments brought in above four hundred 1000 dollars.

Analyze the person’s story in line with the components of the WHO/ ICF model, which include body features and structures, activities, contribution, environmental elements and personal factors

Patrick’s environment did not wish him to achieve success! I believe that personally and professionally based of the ICF model, 55 not the disability, but results from assets/ barriers in the environment. As stated, Po’s school environment was not in favor of him. Resulting in several additional problems, on top of the challenges Po faces with autism, as. One hurdle being, Patrick’s lack of engagement, due to his moms completing, Patrick sensed quite only, even in his imagination it had been just him. It was certainly not until the latter part of the movie, things got much easier for Patrick following his dad and school understanding him even more.

Lastly, Patrick acquired exceptional human body function in the film since his autism did not produce physical limitations.

Identify positive and/or negative dealing strategies employed by the individual in addition to the impact (positive/negative) of support on the individuals’ recovery

A few of the positive coping strategies Meat had had been studying and investing in shares, reading the newspaper, and using his imagination through drawing, art work, doodling, and sketching. These kinds of hobbies were a positive mainly because they worked out his mind which preserved his intellect. These hobbies also allowed him to convey his creativity in his very own safe place. As a bonus, he converted his like for supports into cash for him and his father, a lot of money. Most while enabling him to cope with his your life in a positive manner.

Some of the bad coping approaches Po acquired were randomly leaving supervision:

  • Recess- separating him self from everybody.
  • Escaping from the rehabilitation center.
  • Destruction of fabric things.
  • Wearing down when getting yelled in.
  • Nevertheless , breaking down go as a unfavorable and a positive, often times, it can be seen as a weak point because it’s a sign of weakness. While on the furthermore, it can be a positive because cry can be his way of launching the anger and/or stress. Lastly, the drifting is viewed as a negative mainly because his security is being set at risk which can be never very good. He would get away by locating a blanket over his mind or his favorite, see the dock wherever his mommy would go since that was his technique of remembering her.

    Evaluate the individual’s overall response to disability as generally positive or negative advertising defend the answer with concrete illustrations from the history

    Patrick Po Wilson response to his uniqueness (autism) was fairly merged. It was neither all positive nor all negative, the negative did outweigh the positive throughout the film. Some of Po’s reactions were not good just like, being in the lecture but not being attentive, instead floating in space. Or perhaps being about his peers and deliberately separating himself, or him going under his covers and daydreaming about an imaginary world. While in the same token, Po do what was perfect for him with what environment, accommodations, and situations he was given, ultimately, making decisions that just allowed him to make it through his days. In addition , he already got and/or features one challenge in life, but the loss of his mom really took a toll on him, because would any individual, with or perhaps without a disability. Anyways, that took a huge growth decrease I his life in school and in his rehabilitation centers. For example: Po had to switch rehab centers because he necessary more comprehensive care when his mommy passed. Following he located ways to manage, for example , see the dock he and his mom would go to together, to ensure that him to reflect on the good memories that they made.

    With all of that being said, although Po’s negative coping methods overweigh his great ones, he responded to his disability very well, especially when appropriate school and life accommodations were made for him.

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