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A christmas carol composition

A Holiday Carol Essay

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Reveals and situations

Literature Charles Dickens

 I feel that the Ghosting of Holiday yet to come got the most powerful impact on Scrooge because it revealed him his future that he don’t want to see and how when he died, nobody cared about his death. Scrooge admitted just how he feared this heart the most, “I feared you more”, as they was worried to see what his upcoming had to hold after having been finally starting to realise that his activities have implications after staying visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past and the Ghosting of Christmas gift.

Scrooge takes on that the previous spirit will probably show him himself later on which is why he could be willing to learn all that he can and he can firstly eager to find out what the spirit has to show him. When the soul takes Scrooge into the area of the town that he has never seen just before and they listen to the two people who are selling Scrooge’s belongings discuss so negatively of him, he is terrified but he doesn’t however realise that they can be speaking about him.

The spirit requires Scrooge to the Cratchit residence where he learns of the death of Small Tim and this has a huge impact on Scrooge because even though he is presented as a cold hearted, selfish character, this individual grew attached to on Very small Tim which explains why it annoyed Scrooge so much. Scrooge views how heartbroken the Cratchit family will be about Small Tim’s fatality which reveals to him the importance of family and he realises that he needs to have spent more hours with his family during his life. This might be a level for Scrooge and could become one of the main reasons why he chose to change his ways. Scrooge also knows that it must be partly his own fault for the death of Tiny Harry because in the event that he would paid Bob Cratchit more, they might have had more income to treat Harry. This had a powerful impact on Scrooge as they realised that if he wouldn’t had been so selfish with his money and only cared about himself, the future might have been different.

Scrooge begs to find out the personality of the dead man that everyone has been talking about but is terrified when the soul takes him to the graveyard where he perceives his name around the gravestone. Following this we see a totally different area to Scrooge that we haven�t yet known as he is offered as a weak, scared man when he is definitely begging the spirit to improve the future. Scrooge doesn’t such as the idea that he can going to pass away a depressed man and vows that he is going to change just how he is and he “will honour Xmas in his heart”. This has one of the most powerful impact of all about Scrooge as this is the main reason he totally changes and learns to love Christmas. After seeing the Ghost of Christmas but to come, Scrooge wakes up as a brand new man after seeing what his future has to hold and believing that he provides the chance to alter it.


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