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A comparison in the deaths of obesity tobacco and



Épigramme Reader Response

From this political animation, the fatalities of obesity, tobacco and alcohol are compared to the deaths of ebola. A statistic shows that you will find 300, 000 deaths by obesity each year, 450, 000 deaths from tobacco every year and 88, 000 deaths from alcoholic beverages each year. The person in the toon is sarcastically putting that every one of these deaths combined from the deaths of people to ebola around the world. A strategy of satire that is being utilized is a affectation. The man is saying that all of these deaths coming from common awful things that many people do in America, can be compared to the deathly disease of ebola. There are of course more deaths from overweight, tobacco and alcohol than from ebola. This comparison is blown way too out of proportion and the musician is trying to demonstrate that these three things ought to be treated and compared to an epidemic. Another technique of satire that is used is understatement. The designer is trying to make ebola seem to be less crucial by contrasting it to obesity, tobacco and alcohol.

Simply by bringing significantly less attention to ebola, the person looking at the toon will think that those 3 things are even worse than that. All of these figures want people to realize that those three everything is killing people in the usa as ebola is eradicating people in Africa. Another technique of satire that is used is usually sarcasm. In the cartoon the artist is saying that obesity, tobacco and alcohol are just like ebola. He can being cynical by not directly saying that these three issues will you do not as fast as ebola does. This helps the purpose by helping people think of obesity, tobacco and alcohol as bad. Another technique of satire that is used can be inversion. In the cartoon this can be used because an American guy is frightened of ebola, although it is mostly present in Africa. This kind of use of inversion brings visitors to the attention in the word ebola to put focus on the obese, smoking alcohol addiction, who is afraid that he is going to expire. This helps the reason by making persons think that being obese, smoking, and drinking is going to kill you, just like ebola does. Another technique of satire employed in this animation is parody.

The artist is usually making entertaining of the people that die by ebola. He could be comparing these to three issues mentioned inside the cartoon and making them appear deadly. It will help the purpose of the cartoon by simply getting a have a good laugh out of someone so they will understand this on a humorous level. The ultimate technique of satire that was used was incongruity. The artist come up with ebola with obesity, cigarettes and alcohol. All of these topics do not apparently fit, but the artist causes them to be by contrasting the fatalities of all of those. This helps the purpose of the cartoon by helping people to understand that obesity, smoking cigarettes and alcoholic beverages and just as bad as the dangerous disease ebola. This toon brings the overall message that those three things will need to and to prevent them, or you will end up suffering, like any disease will do to you personally.

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