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Modern Technology, Society

Technology has become a big part in the current society, that has led to a lot more people giving all their attention to a cell phone rather than the road. Text messaging while generating caused extreme injuries in over 330, 000 automobile accidents. Even though technology is almost everywhere, it should not be a top priority when generating. Most of the car accidents involve a teen who was texting while driving. Texting and driving is definitely not the only method to get into a car accident, all types of sidetracked driving improve the chances of stepping into a car crash. Car accidents are mostly caused by motorists that believe they can multitask while driving a car.

Texting while driving a car increases the odds of getting into an auto accident. When a driver takes his eyes off of the road they are really at risk of not only hitting a vehicle, but they could hit a pedestrian as well. The driver is usually not looking around to make sure nobody is walking in front of their car, or perhaps if an additional car swerved into the same lane like them. “Texting and driving is 6 instances more likely to get you within an accident than drunk driving” (Ameen). A drunk new driver is all kinds of impaired, for instance , slow response time, not enough coordination, lowered concentration, decreased vision, and has poor judgement. Texting while driving a car is more risky than driving a car drunk, meaning a drivers that is text messaging has the same or even more impairments than those of your drunk new driver. 1 away of four accidents result from texting and driving, it only had taken about 3 seconds to stop paying attention to the trail in order to get into an accident (Ameen). The chances of getting yourself into a car accident is usually increased by 23 instances whenever a rider is texting(Ameen). To reduce how much people that textual content and travel, adults should certainly teach their children that text messaging while driving a car is very risky, and could kill them.

A teenager on the road is like a new fish in the ocean, they just do not have the encounter or knowledge about the dangers on the highway. Teenagers are the main reason behind accidents that involved sending text messages. Although 94% of the teenagers know the perils of texting although driving, 35% of those 94% still do it (Ameen). They will know the problems but do not understand that in a split second all their life or perhaps someone else’s your life can end just because they had the need to answer a text. 55% of teenagers believe they can manage texting whilst driving but also in reality they can not(Ameen). 14 teenagers die every day since they were text messaging and driving a car, proving that teenagers simply cannot manage texting while driving (Ameen). It is humanly difficult to give your full awareness of two things at the same time and driving requires your entire attention. Following taking your head off of the road, you will not have similar reaction time as you would before, “a study with the University of Utah learned that the response time for a teen using a cell phone is the same as those of a 70 year old who have isn’t using one” (Ameen).

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