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A history from the enlightenment inspired


The Haitian Revolution and American Revolution were both encouraged by the Enlightenment Ideals. Yet , while the American Revolution was created to gain freedom of Uk rule, the Haitian Revolution catered even more to slaves. Eventually, the Americans obtained freedom, plus the Haitian Wave lead to disturbance from other countries inside their land.

The American Revolution began with rebellion of the Stamp Act by Britain. The Stamp Take action was arranged upon the colonies in an attempt to help pay money for the bills of the People from france American Conflict. Americans, who had been already used to having nest run governments, attempted to gain liberty from the British. Haitians, on the other hand, started out as a group of unsatisfied slaves. They were furious at the odd social rules that had been collection, with the Europeans at the top and slaves and natives art the bottom. Toussaint Louverture of the Saint Domingue colony, for instance, gathered thousands of slaves in the various Caribbean and revolted. The Carribbean revolution was created against the unjust rule and enslavement imposed upon them by the France. Both cycles seeked liberty and liberty, but stemmed from two different types of people for two different types of liberty.

The Patriots from the American Wave gained exactly what they wanted- a chance to genuinely set up persistent government and nation, with no strings attached to Britain. The revolution offered the Americas freedom via Britain, as well as the Americans adapted generally well to this. They composed documents including the Declaration of Independence, with the foundations with the country becoming heavily encouraged by the motto “liberty and freedom” from the Enlightenment. Though the Haitian Trend drew motivation from the American Revolution, they will struggled with their after-revolution period. The Haitians were worn down from fights with Napolean’s army, yet eventually received. The country received independence, but brought several other nations right into a fight inside the Caribbean. The Haitians could actually turn the nations against one another and, in doing so , brought European attention to themselves.

The Enlightenment in Europe influenced all the Cycles that were emerge the 1700s and after. French, American, Haitian, and Latina Americas structured their wave off of the “freedom” that the Enlightenment embraced. Revolutions focused on the ideas of individual, natural-born rights as well as the idea of popular sovereignty, since seen when the Americans declared independence from King George.

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