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A review of the movie pursuit of delight featuring

Will Smith

In the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” there are some characters that acknowledged personal responsibility and there are a few that would not. But to acknowledge personal responsibility you need to adopt a founder mindset and creator dialect and also you need to make sensible choices. Likewise, some characters in the movie ” The Pursuit of Happyness” master personal management and some do not. To understand self managing you need to live in mostly quadrants one and two, develop self willpower, and develop self confidence. And the features that do certainly not go through a process, so they can improve in these areas.

First of all, one thing with acknowledging personal responsibility is adopting a founder mindset and i believe Chris Gardner if not anyone else did that. He mainly got that mindset because he caused himself to see that there were many options to get himself and his son backside on their feet, so they could have a better life. But his alternatives were to try his better to get that job like a stockbroker and to sell his devices that he possibly called time machines or perhaps bone density scanners. To allow them to get back prove feet and pursue a life of happiness. Yet Chris would definitely have a inner critic and an inner defender because when his wife remaining they arrived and they had been saying now I’m not going to be in a position to live a cheerful life because I lost everything aside from my kid and because of me my significant other left and I have no money, no work, and no home. When his inner information was looking to make the most from the situation and he did because he returned and stated I’m going to make an effort to make the best of this case with my personal son and I’m going to try my best to get the task, so I can give a living for me and my son.

Secondly, is the fact he had do it yourself discipline which self qualified. He understood what he had to do and he would stay focused, stay being persistent, and stay committed because he stored his expression and attempted for the work and he got it. Nevertheless also he will stay everywhere and do anything to get what he wishes.

Last but not least, is that he had self confidence as they had a achievement identity and it was as being a creator and being a successful person and landing a job. So his son and him can easily pursue joy. With his fresh job as one of the stockbrokers in Dean Witter.

That they called this “The Pursuit of Happyness” mainly because happiness came to life for Philip and his child. But the happiness in the video did not become in the feelings of pleasure first. It was sad initially because with out selling his devices and working as he did, practically nothing without him working hard for the job and telling himself that they can do it as they needed him self to do that together with his sons benefit. But did that for them because they needed the money intended for food and settle. But also, they will needed that to go after a life of pleasure and that is all that counted at that point so long as they had the other person because every they required was happiness and that’s why that they called film production company “The Quest for Happyness”.

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