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A writer s ouline of private goals and hopes for

Personal Goals

Music, research, nature, and games have the ability to developed during the past millennium. It has been 1000 year of innovation, advent, and pleasure. Looking back on the previous millennium makes my desires for the new centuries even greater. By seeing all of that has already happened, I speculate what more can happen. I do believe about what almost everything will be similar to the new millennium, but almost all of alI, I do believe of what new journeys my life will bring to me.

In the new millennium I am hoping to graduate secondary school and carry on to college. In college I wish to continue playing soccer and study in neuro-scientific medicine and foreign ‘languages’. After graduation, I would like to keep going upon medical institution. My areas of choice would either become physical therapy or perhaps orthopedics. That way I would nevertheless be involved in sporting activities, although it is usually unlikely We are playing these people.

Getting a job would be my next challenge. I would love to be a doctor and help out other people. It would not just be a job that will make me cash, but it would make me content. I would try to look for a job surrounding this area so I could stay close to my loved ones. Staying near my family might also be good when I chose to start a family of my own. I would really prefer to have a better half and two or three kids. I believe it would be essential for my kids to, not simply stay near to their instant family, but stay close to their prolonged family also.

I would love to watch my kids grow up and I might try to increase them

as well as I was. Seeing them do well: graduating high school, going through college, and observing them because they accomplished their very own goals would be very gratifying to me. I would really prefer to see all of them start people too, and i also would love to be part of my grandchildren’s lives. Then, at about the age of 65, I want to stop working. I would travel and leisure all around the world and eat away al time. I would have as much fun as I possibly could.

Although my life is certainly going on therefore will the remaining world. All over the world technology, science and everything else will be progressing. In the world to computers, every thing will probably be spinning around them. Most business will probably be on the net, the computer will be able to respond to you, and nowhere will pcs not become the center of attention. Space exploration will go to new, unexplored places. People will certainly walk for the mars and perhaps even discover intelligent your life outside of earth. Music and entertainment will not stop changing, but whom knows what is going to come of those. Everything will alter in the next millennium. Who understands what will turn into of the world, but I am looking forward to seeing what happens, with the universe and myself.

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