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Abnormal mindset problem excessive use of mari

juana And Alcohol

Case Study

Abnormal Mindset


Abnormal use of marijuana and liquor, especially in the last 2 years. Kurt began having and using marijuana at 14 and by age 12-15 referred to the

usage as heavy. Despite recently becoming caught pertaining to the fraud of his parents TYME card and $400, which in turn resulted in him being forced to sign up an AODA group, he still

is constantly on the use frequently. He in addition has gone to operate while drunk and joined a school dance under the influence of cannabis. As a result having been

fired by his task and had to endure a urine screen in order to again become allowed back to his particular school.

Regardless of these types of consequences, 17-year-old Kurt still uses.

Background Information

Demographic: Guy, age 17, white.

Early on life: The youngest kid in a two parent family members, one big brother, one dearly departed brother, and a young sister. The oldest child was killed in a freak accident about six years ago. Kurt expresses that since the crash (which this individual doesnt remember) home life since been hard. His mommy has mental and AODA issues and has been identified as having Munchausen affliction.

He had a good romance with his daddy. Relationship with brother of low quality.

Current house life: Lives at home with both parents and young sister in one family residence. Remaining big brother moved out, recently. Typical middle-class neighborhood. Social your life: Many close friends with 3 to 4 being close.

He enjoys becoming around persons most of the


Education: Presently attends a parochial school, is as scheduled for college graduation. Hes inside the 11th grade and getting completing grades (C-average).

Employment: At the moment working part-time after college and saturdays and sundays. Previous job-he was dismissed for coming out intoxicated, yet , has was able to keep a summertime purpose of the last two years.

Military: N/A

Health: He rated current health because poor, proclaiming bad lungs from previous bouts with pneumonia, and a bad again due to a 17% curvature of the spinal column causing muscle spasms in his back.

Limitations: Not one

Mood: Simply no history of depressive disorder or fila.

Sleep: Infrequent nightmares (2 to 3 moments monthly).

Urge for food: No problems.

Sexual function: N/A

Good lost intelligence: Has passed out while having.

Hospitalization: Twice for pneumonia.

Medication: None of them

Alcohol/drug work with: Heavy usage of marijuana and frequent use

of liquor.

Has additionally experimented with narcotics which were stolen from his mother. Hallucinogens, including acid solution and shrooms. He is the pack-a-day cigarette


Observations and Behaviours

Attitude: Very good rapport during interview, extremely cooperative

outspoken, and open up.

Appearance: Unremarkable.

Motor: Good posture slumped, seemed nervous, a bit agitated

nevertheless held eye contact.

Speech: Satisfactory and normal.

Language: Good vocabulary, normal.

Attention: Satisfactory.

Memory: Could not remember specific year his brother passed away. Otherwise, recollection seemed excellent, with accurate detail.

Feeling: No despression symptoms or odio.

Has had occasional thoughts of suicide, but under no circumstances attempted. During the past has had anger- management issue, and saw a therapist (after complaints by simply teachers) coming from 1987 to 1990.

Have an effect on: Appropriate and normal.

Self-appraisal: Adequate.

Understanding: Consistent with skills.

Judgment: Satisfactory.

Thoughts: Appropriate to articles, no fears, obsessions, and so forth

Perception: Usual.

Attitude towards illness: Recognizes he provides a problem, nevertheless doesnt find it as critical, therefore can be not very determined to fix, or work on the situation.


Axis I: Substance abuse, particularly alcohol and marijuana, bordering on substance dependence.

Axis 2: N/A

Axis III: Curvature of the spinal column.

Axis 4: Mother with significant mental problems coupled with AODA concerns due to loss of life of earliest son.

Axis V: 90

Support to get diagnosis

Material abuse-Despite getting caught several times for drinking and drug employ, and battling the causing consequences, Kurt refuses to abstain from participating in these kinds of illegal activities. I initially thought that oppositional defiant disorder may be an even more appropriate medical diagnosis, but the bad, defiant, and hostile factors are not really present. Kurt seems defiant only to be able to obtain the liquor or medicines he would like. This frame of mind doesnt carry over in other facets of his your life.


I would recommend continued AODA group therapy, but also believe

individual talk therapy will benefit. I feel that the drug abuse is a symptom of an underlying issue

probably the reaction to the stressors at home.

He may also

be going through some moderate depression and suffer from low self-esteem.

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