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Abnormal tendencies and psychopathology although

Abnormal Psychology, Behavior, Mesopotamia, Discipline

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In this regard, these creators report that, “Twenty yrs ago, it would not need been uncommon to find a key team of medical doctors and nurses controlling all inpatient activities in a hospital placing, with additional support coming from social workers, psychologists, and volunteers. The pattern has now changed dramatically” (Stravynski O’Connor, p. 606).

Contributing to the increasingly speedy evolution of abnormal psychology into a purely scientific discipline, at least in European allopathic medicine, has been the introduction of a multidisciplinary approach that includes healthcare professionals in a wide range of fields. In respect to Stravynski and O’Connor (1999), “There are now more psychologists and social researchers than doctors and nurses working in mental health. Psychotherapy is no longer the preserve of a clinically trained psychiatrist, and, notwithstanding the view that psychiatric experience is not really transferable, registered nurse therapists, advisors, and specialists have all produced skills as therapeutic professionals” (p. 606). The use of medical psychology to treat abnormal habit has for that reason become a a comprehensive science that includes healthcare practitioners as well as interpersonal workers and other counseling professionals who most employ a lot of the same techniques to understand and treat people suffering from conditions that are assembled under the umbrella term of abnormal habit (Stravynski O’Connor, 1999).

c. Assess the theoretical viewpoints and interpretations with the biological, psychological, and sociocultural models.

Even though the importance of the psychosocial perspective has been somewhat diminished in recent years, the biological, psychosocial and sociocultural types of understanding and treating unnatural behavior every provide a valuable framework in which to identify the context in which the disease method is operating. Indeed, a large number of clinicians claim that it is important to utilize all of these opinions to the specific in order to develop an accurate presentation. For example , Dewald (2000) reports that, “Behavior evolves out of antecedent behavior and the experiences, thoughts, traumata, relationships, and developing processes of childhood connect to constitutional, hereditary, and sociocultural factors to serve the introduction of a unique theme for each individual” (p. 301). Because every individual is unique, each one of these theoretical viewpoints and understanding can provide beneficial insights in to the problems a person may be encountering at specific point in time and can help discover what medical interventions could possibly be most appropriate for treating them. In this regard, Dewald concludes that by incorporating the biological, psychosocial and sociocultural perspectives into the treatment program, clinical problems such as self-defeating behavior, experiences of subconscious guilt, non-compliance with therapeutic recommendations, non-compliance with medication management, cancellation of healing sessions, thoughts of suicide, and erotic or hostile transference sense states can be better recognized and cared for.


This paper provided a description with the origins of abnormal psychology, a brief guide concerning how abnormal psychology has evolved right into a scientific willpower and a great assessment from the theoretical viewpoints and understanding of the neurological, psychosocial, and sociocultural models. The research demonstrated that abnormal behavior is a universal phenomenon and have been present always among all lenders throughout history. In the past, these kinds of behaviors were interpreted via a wonderful and/or faith based perspective, and even though spirituality continues to influence modern day medical practice, magic and religion have been largely changed by a even more informed perspective that looks for to understand this kind of behaviors based on their biological, psychosocial and sociocultural roots.


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