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Accountable for the torts essay

The question asked basically has two parts. In the 1st part of my personal essay I will try to shed some light on circumstances where a company can be placed liable for the torts of his/her workers. And after that we will give attention to some of the explanations why one person is usually held accountable in certain circumstances for the torts committed by another individual. And then I will finally end the composition with a realization at the end. Vicarious liability is usually where one person is organised liable for the torts of another, even though that person would not commit the act alone.

For a company to be placed liable for the tort of her/his personnel, three conditions must be satisfied. First, it should be a tort. Second, the main one who determined the tort should be a worker. And third, he/she must be working in the course of his job when the tort was committed. Although it looks convenient, in practice it can be difficult as we think to determine if these types of conditions are met.

Let us consider it 1 by 1. The employers can be organised liable if perhaps the action committed by the employee was a tort. A tort can be described as branch of the civil rules (as opposed to criminal law) based on a claim that the defendant offers caused harm or damage to the claimer by disregarding a relevant requirement imposed by general regulation.

Having been selected this, the next action which should be decided is whether the individual whom committed the tort is usually an employee or not. There have been few testing used in the last to determine if someone is definitely an employee or not. The First of these is the “control test that was used in Yewens v Noakes (1880) circumstance. When offering his wisdom Lord Rights Bramwell stated, “a servant is a person who is controlled by the command word of his master regarding the manner in which this individual shall carry out his function.  Therefore it is clear that, the employer may have control over his employees and also as to that they should do their particular work too. Due to a few of the limitations in the “control test a new test, “Integration test, to be specific, was used in the case of Stevenson, Jordan & Harrison Ltd v MacDonald and Evans (1952). In accordance this check if the individuals who committed the tort were found to become working as an “integral part of the business, then this employer could be held vicariously liable whether or not they are technicians for the business enterprise.

The most recent check used to identify whether someone is a staff or not really, is the financial reality check. This test was used when it comes to Mersey Récipients and Harbor Board sixth is v Coggins and Griffith Ltd (1947), Prepared MixedConcrete sixth is v Minister of Pensions (1968) and few more various other cases. This test appears in to a very much wider area than the past tests. It appears to be in to factors like control, ownership with the tools found in the work, chance of profits, and risks of loss too. So this test out considers a wider element before selecting this matter.

It should also be noted that usually the employers will not be kept liable for the tort of any 3rd party contractors, nevertheless there are some exceptions to this basic rule. For example if the employer has official to dedicate a atteinte as in the truth of Ellis v Sheffield Gas Buyers Co (1853) ” where A gas company, not approved to hinder the pavements of Sheffield, directed their particular contractor to spread out trenches in it. The contractor’s servant, in doing so , left a heap of pebbles, over which the plaintiff droped and was injured. It absolutely was held that the defendant organization was liable, as the interference with all the streets is at itself a wrongful action.

Having becoming decided on the first two conditions (ie. Tort, Employee), the next and the most complex of to decide is whether the employee fully commited the atteinte during the course of job. Due to the lack of consistence of the judgments by courts within this matter it really is regarded as the most problematic place. It is clear that the company can be organised liable when a wrongful take action was done by the employee while using authorization from the employer. However the problem comes up when the actions committed was not authorized or perhaps when it is specifically prohibited by employer.

In the event the employer authorizes employees to perform a particular activity but the workers do the task they were asked to finish in an unauthorized way leading to a tort, it does not stop employers from been placed vicariously responsible for the atteinte committed by simply employees. For example in the case of Century Insurance sixth is v Northern Ireland Transported Table (1942), inspite of the high degree of negligence by petrol container driver, it had been decided having been acting during his employment. Similarly, personnel maybe kept to be performing within the course of employment even if deliberately operating in a way that was expressly prohibited by his employer. In Rose sixth is v Plenty (1976) case, if the 13 yr old was wounded while driving with a milkman on his float to help him deliver milk, despite this was contrary to the employer’sexpress prohibition, it was held to become within the span of employment because it was an improper technique of doing just what the milkman was supposed to do.

On the other hand in Twine sixth is v Beans Share (1946) ” a rider giving a lift in his delivery van to someone, contrary to instruction occured to be away from course of employment, since the voyager was a trespasser and in not a way of causing the purpose of the employment. In brief discussed over are some of the circumstances where a company can be organised liable for the torts committed by his or her employees and frequently for the torts from the contractors.

Nevertheless at this point an individual might ask why somebody else should be placed liable for the wrongful take action committed with a different person. Rest of this essay will certainly focus on responding to to this query. Some of the writers including Michael A. Jones(2000) has proposed some answers to this issue. According to his publication “Textbook about Torts A. Jones said that, the business employers have a deeper pocket when compared with those of his employees. So the employers will stand in a better position to pay out a reimbursement for the plaintiff than his workers.

Another reason this individual highlighted in his book is that, if the personnel do all their work properly it’s the company who benefits and makes money out of it. Hence the employers must also bear any loss brought on by his workers too.

In the same way some creators argue that, by looking into making the business employers vicariously accountable for the portal of his or her employees it will eventually give them economic incentive to encourage their very own employees to adopt more care of the safety at the office. It is because if the employees dedicate a atteinte it will be company who will need to bear the financial burden. So in placing this obligation up on the employer, they will be more enthusiastic to instruct and remind employees to take even more care and to take safety precautions at while at work.

Nevertheless , it should also be noted that, the Detrimental Liability(contribution) Act 1978 provides right for the employers to recuperate the amount that they spend on reimbursement the plaintiff, from his or her employees. In the matter of Lister sixth is v Romford Ice cubes and Chilly Storage Co (1957), when ever dad was injured as a result of van influenced by his own child, father sued the company for the compensation. Butlater within the company sued against the boy and having been asked to pay a simlar amount which the business was asked to pay out to his dad. In summary vicarious the liability involves company being prone to a third party intended for the atteinte of his employee.

You will find 3 conditions which should be satisfied in vicarious responsibility: a relationship of employment between the tortfeasor and the defendant, the commission of a atteinte, and that this occur in the course of career. Vicarious legal responsibility is not dependent on any fault of company and maybe imposed even in the case of an exhibit prohibition or a criminal action. Vicarious legal responsibility does not take away the employee’s personal liability and it is possible, yet unusual, for the employee being called upon to indemnify his employer.


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