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Act utilitarianism article

Act Utilitarianism Essay

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Utilitarianism Work Utilitarianism

The theory of Utilitarianism was first developed by Jeremy Bentham who was a philosopher of the 18th century. Bentham developed this kind of theory to make a modern and rational method of morality which usually would suit the changing society. Bentham’s theory Act Utilitarianism has many pros and cons. A Durability is that this theory is considers the consequences and happiness which an action has established. This is because Work Utilitarianism is a teleological theory where actions are based on effects.

For example easily splash cold water by someone to awaken for college this is a good actions as it provides good outcomes because the person I splashed water on can go on to school and gain knowledge which I will also create happiness.

Another strength would be that theory is actually seeking the “Greatest Great for the Greatest Number. For example easily was going to blast the world with a bomb We planted in a secret location and the only way to obtain the information was to torture me.

An Act Utilitarian could say that I will be tormented so that I possibly could give the information on where the blast was which that would generate the greatest best for the greatest amount. There are also many problems with Bentham’s theory as it allows terrible or sadistic pleasure given that it out methods the soreness. For example in the event that ten sadists torture one child enjoyment out methods the kid’s pain producing the action right within an Act Utilitarian eyes. As well if an individual intentions are excellent but the consequence of their actions is negative an Act Utilitarian would say this kind of wrong in spite of the purpose was good.

For example easily help an old man down the street and then this individual assassinates somebody my actions which was great becomes negative because of the effect. Another some weakness is that often there is a community which will not benefit from an action and this might lead to a great amount of discomfort for that fraction and the discomfort of this group could out way the pleasure in the majority but it really is too long and hard to use the hedonic calculus in some scenarios. For example state there was a guy called steve normal peaceful guy then one day he discovers his girl was raped by a man called greatest extent.

Then steve goes out and kills maximum. This situation will be too hard pertaining to the hedonic calculus to calculate because both guys families felt pain and both males felt pleasure. Overall I really believe that the weak points out way the strengths of Work Utilitarianism as there are many conditions that it may not be able to give an answer. Even thought Act Utilitarianism considers the effects there are just too many weaknesses bashing this point. For example the hedonic calculus will take too much time to find out whether an action is right or incorrect in many situations. Ayyub.


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