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Adolescent pregnancy in tv programs of sixteen and

Young Pregnancy

18 and Pregnant, Teen Mommy, and Young Mom SMAT all have one main thing in prevalent, and it is quite obvious that is certainly teen being pregnant. Teen being pregnant is a so what and shows like this help to make a BIG recognition before whoever gets pregnant. I think shows about teenage pregnancy decrease teen motherhood because it displays hardships, adjustments, and impact on teen mother or father mentally. Exhibiting the REAL LIFESTYLE experience of teenage parents and the daily lives can reduce teen being pregnant.

Teen Pregnancy may be reduced while you’re watching 16 and Pregnant, Teenager Mom, or perhaps Teen Mother OG, not really saying somebody should enjoy it, nonetheless it does show a lot of big examples of challenges and desired goals. 16 and Pregnant do not show the glamorous side that some people (who havent watched) say they have, it shows the ugly and hard times that these teens face and have faced. Several say teens nowadays think because of this demonstrate that it is cool and no biggie to be pregnant and/or to become mother, which can be completely wrong, do not get me incorrect there are some teenager girls that think the cool to get pregnant or perhaps want to be pregnant as a result of baby fever. In 18 and Pregnant they revealed the unattractive side of pregnancy including, morning sickness and all that is included with being pregnant and the part where they notify their father and mother. 16 and Pregnant arent just about carrying a child its about the outcome and life during. Even reveals how the face changed enormously!

The teens inside the show change and not a bit change yet a big change, that they mature, turn into motherly and fatherly, and change their way of thinking that they experienced before or right after. Throughout their pregnancy, the girls and sometimes baby daddy were rebellious, childish, unsupportive, and even negative nevertheless afterward they may become nurturing, older, supportive, and super great. Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra were in season one among 16 and Pregnant and they started out while just 2 teenagers with nothing to live for except them and the future kid, now they have gone about making a living, beginning a family, producing a live for themselves, and possess gotten committed. They started off just together for one thing much like Maci and Ryan, they kept internet dating and becoming together because of the baby but that baby was a realization that they can either liked each other or they didn’t. So a baby can cause large and challenging changes to an individual’s life.

Catelynn couldnt suffer from despression symptoms and anxiousness as much before she got Carly and Nova your woman was just your average teen. After Nova, she started seeing that this child she loved dearly might get messed up as a result of her. Someone that becomes a young mom or teen dad can endure PSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), attachment problems, depression, and anxiety. A lot of the teen parents on 18 and Pregnant have experienced at least one of these. Farrah Abraham suffered from PSD mainly because her baby daddy that she truly loved perished after this individual daughter Sofia was born, Catelynn suffered from stress and depressive disorder and the others have probably endured many other items. Some were impacted in a manner that their mentality changed entirely. Amber was a criminal at this point she is a nurturing mother and is getting married her child impacted her life mentally and physically. Shows like Teen Mother, 16 and Pregnant, Teenage Mom SMAT show how the child and experience effects that individual’s life and the changes and daily lives.

Some people may believe shows like this promote teenage pregnancy by “glorifying” this by giving all of them a television show. Those people are the ones that do not view it and only see the advertisements and ads, they do not see the other area of it. My spouse and i for one think that shows like 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, Teenage Mom SAMT do not showcase teen pregnancy. All since it is on TV will not mean it can be “glorified” or perhaps made “glamorous”, it is just on TV to show what these teenage faced and are facing and raises understanding. Although some state it encourages because they earn a living and live off of being on TV which may give teens ideas that they can become well-known and wealthy if they may become pregnant and tell MTV, but Now i am pretty sure that many teenagers are certainly not that dense and are knowledgeable of the specifics and understand it is a 1 in 90 chance of to become famous and rich teenager mom. All in all, I think that shows just like 16 and Pregnant, Teenage Mom, Teenage Mom OG are all frustrating of young pregnancy and have absolutely awareness of teenager pregnancy.

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