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Advertising mix accomplishment of xiaomi essay


Founded in 2010 in Beijing, Xiaomi first started out by launching custom Android firmware- MIUI. Backed by technical savvy early on adopters and enthusiast, it flourished on reviews to improve simplicity. A year later they entered the hardware marketplace with their range topping phone, the Mi One that featured the most notable specifications at a low price. Today, Xiaomi has released it’s 4th series of their particular flagship telephone the Mi 4 and possess expanded all their product line to mid tier smart phones, smart TV, routers, set-up packing containers and other equipment.

In just several short years, Xiaomi has become the third largest smartphone manufacturer just behind technology giants Apple and Korean (Appendix B).


This composition will go over the marketing mix, a combination of marketing strategies which contain four components known as the 4Ps- product, selling price, place, and promotion that is certainly derived from the marketing strategy in the company (Kotler and Armstrong, 2012) and the efforts built to adapt every single mix to get to it’s meant audience in a foreign marketplace.


Xiaomi aims to provide similar specifications telephones to rivals but at a much low cost. Currently they feature 2 group of flagship cell phones, the Mi and Redmi (or Hongmi). The Mi 3 has specifications that is similar to Sony’s Xperia Z1 that is listed only at CNY you, 999 (USD$322. 62) as compared to Z1 retail price of USD$935 (Appendix C). The Redmi series, a mid rate range is priced at CNY 799, targeting the low income in emerging marketplaces such as Chinese suppliers, India with plans to expand in Brazil and Mexico.

While the initially company with such an hostile penetration prices strategy, Xiaomi changed the perceived value of androids (Ramesh Kumar, 2007). Anticipating that buyers would be suspicious about the standard of it’s inexpensive Redmi series, Xiaomi made a decision to first launch their top tier Mi before launching Redmi in every single new industry so that the lowering of market price may not be also drastic and that consumers can gain confidence in the top quality (Snoj, Pisnik Korda and Mumel, 2004) of it can Redmi series.


Unlike different phone manufacturers that make many obsolete with product refreshes within a 12 months, Xiaomi’s phones have an extended product life routine of two years. As the merchandise enters the maturity level, volume product sales starts decreasing. Yet coming from a technical standpoint, Moore’s law dictates that a longer product life resulted in it’s price to production the same item becomes decrease. This decline in quantity sales revenue will be counteracted by a higher profit perimeter achieving overall profit durability.

Similar to Apple & Amazon online marketplace, Xiaomi has evolved an environment of software & services such because cloud support, messaging application, theme retail outlet and app store which pre installed to it can custom firmware. An integral part of this ecosystem is usually

Mi Market (app store) as Android’s arrears app store is usually not accessible in China. China’s market intended for apps offers fragmented in to many iphone app stores birthed from startup companies to the wants of search giant Baidu. Thanks to the demand for Xiaomi’s phones, Mi Marketplace is currently one of many largest iphone app stores in China.


To eliminate the reductions that suppliers and vendors would get, Xiaomi has distributed their products completely online, automatically website. Even so since broadening into new markets, Xiaomi has more lately adopted a horizontal advertising system to develop upon retailer’s expertise in the region. In India, Xiaomi chose a partner to market exclusively through Flipkart, India’s largest ecommerce company.

Xiaomi needs to understand the local division methods to be able to mitigate losing potential customers particularly when they employ exclusive distribution which might impair the availability of their products (Pride and Ferrell, 2011). For instance, because of purchasing behavior, cash-on-delivery remains as one of India’s primary mode of repayment. Buyers will perform a complete evaluation of the repairs of the product before repayment. In short,  accounting for less than 1% of the total retail market, ecommerce is still in it’s infancy stage in India.

As Xiaomi’s mobile phones shifts into the maturity or even drop stages of its product life cycle, it could want to employ selective division through classic brick and mortar shops. Bilgin and Wührer (2014) points out that products not adapting to maturity levels will find themselves soon in the decline. To be able to prolong it’s product’s your life, Xiaomi will need to change their particular distribution strategy. Though it may not be economically feasible to offer their cell phones with thin profit margins or simply selling at a loss, it should be noted that Xiaomi’s target is to help to make profits through services and apps rather than purely hardware sales- exactly like the relationship between printers and ink carts (Appendix D).


Releasing set amount of handsets at specific instances, Xiaomi mostly engages in flash sales for new products that results in telephones selling away within mere seconds. Xiaomi thoroughly limits source to artificially create more demand than supply- a strategy known as “hunger marketing” (Chen et al., 2014 g. 1950-1957). “Hungry” consumers through word of mouth made buzz which due time transits in to hype wherever consumers simulate one another inside the buying fad (Mourdoukoutas and Siomkos, 2009 p. 82), further increasing demand.

In Xiaomi’s adverts, it is apparent that promoting messages focus on hunger marketing. There is always emphasis on how quickly their products have been sold (Appendix D), editorial tone that communicate a sense of urgency (Appendix E), statistics to provide an effect of popularity (Appendix F), and multiple teasers for merchandise launch over a period of time to create hype (Appendix G).


Xiaomi’s marketing mix is a mix of both Apple’s strategy of producing high quality companies limiting supply to amplify consumer hoopla as well as Amazon’s kindle strategy of getting products as widely as it can be and to earnings primarily from its services.

Even though Xiaomi provides seen dramatical growth in retailing androids, it’s key focus should certainly remain in distributing mobile applications and providers while maintaining the standard of smartphones instead of diversifying in to other electronic devices. Without the gain access to restrictions in China, Yahoo remains prominent for application distribution as well as its providers which are pre installed to every Android phone. Xiaomi need to continue to innovate and integrate it’s alternatives and services even stronger to it can own software to remain competitive and rewarding. It needs to pry it’s customers away from the many alternatives available in the heavily saturated mobile software market maybe through technological acquisitions or perhaps strategic partnerships.


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Appendix A (Selected case article: Xiaomi Flash Sales Prove Popular in India) Chinese language smartphone machine Xiaomi, that has overtaken Apple and Samsung korea in Chinese suppliers, is functioning its method into the Of india market employing sudden online sales and high-end mobile phones priced at close to cost.

About Tuesday exclusively, Xiaomi says it marketed 100, 500 of their 5, 999 rupee ($97) Redmi 1S smartphones in 4. a couple of seconds. It includes sold regarding 500, 000 total handsets using identical sales since its July start in India, it says.

The Beijing-based company sells its products solely online through Flipkart, one among India’s largest online retailers, by means of flash product sales at certain times. The phones are offered at near the manufacturing expense, with Xiaomi making earnings through services such as cellular applications. Xiaomi has used the sales tactic in other countries, too.

Analysts claim Xiaomi is usually taking off in the world’s second-biggest telecommunications industry because Indians see benefit in its cheap products. Word of mouth has created a buzz adjacent the brand, and the flash product sales help make a scarcity in the company’s items.

“The method they performed their PR was key to the accomplishment, ” says Karan Thakkar, an analyst with exploration firm IDC. “With the flash revenue they have developed competitive heart among the customer. “

While Xiaomi’s market share basically yet well-known, IDC says competition among companies selling low-cost cell phones is likely to increase in the coming quarters as a result of similar cheap makers, just like Mozilla, that provides a $33 smartphone. Indeed, smartphone sales in India should dual through 2018 as devices priced below $200 enter the market, IDC says.

Meanwhile, rivals including India’s Micromax remain suspicious of Xiaomi’s success.

“Selling for PAGE RANK is different coming from selling for people who do buiness, ” Micromax Chief Executive Vineet Taneja informed media for a launch event for the new telephone last month.

Micromax, India’s second-biggest smartphone owner by business after Korean, sells around three million phones every month through its 135, 000 shops spread across the country.

But that hasn’t ceased Micromax from adopting a web sales model. In Sept. 2010 it started offering one of its devices about Snapdeal. com, a Flipkart rival.

Resource: Wall Street Journal

http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2014/10/17/xiaomi-flash-sales-prove-popular-in-i ndia/

Appendix B (Top Five Touch screen phone Vendors, Deliveries, Market Share and Year-Over-Year Development, Q3 2014 Preliminary Info (Units in Millions) )

Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, October 29, 2014

Appendix C (Smartphone pricing and specification comparison)

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Appendix Deb (Net income comparison of hardware vs products (Units in millions) )

Source: Hewlett-Packard Annual Report 2011

Appendix E (Typical post display sale upgrade to inform clients that the deal has ended)

Source: Mi India Facebook or myspace page

Appendix Farrenheit (Announcement of flash sale)

Source: Mi India Facebook . com page

Appendix G (Post Christmas deal infographic)

Origin: Mi Singapore Facebook page

Appendix H (Teaser for new product)

Source: Mi Singapore Facebook page


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