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Albert camus the trouble essay

Albert Camus the PlagueAlbert Camus The Plague

The novel that we chose to do this report in was, The Plague, simply by Albert

Camus. It is of a plague that hit the European countries in the middle ages.

I chose to describe the literary term of parallelism. Here are some next

facts about the storys plan that require parallelism through the novel.

The novel starts at Oran where the problem becomes regarded. The main

personality, Dr . Gernard Rieux, is known as a doctor. Initially of the history he

discovers a dead rat on the floor. Also in these times mice were not found dead about

the middle of the floor. This was strange, but he threw out your rat and forgot

about it. Eventually the dead rats began to pile into huge masses and burned.

Soon after there were a lot of people that got very ill, which made Mr. Rieux very

inquisitive. These studies of these sick people and the death of the rats were the

beginning of the parallelism in this story.

Since Bernard was a doctor he was the first to actually attempt to support

one of these sick and tired people. Jordan was his first sufferer in this subject. He was

the sickest person that the doctor had ever noticed. Michael was pale white-colored and

vomited often , he hurt a great deal from the throwing up that he seemed paralyzed. Mr.

Rieux tried to help the man the very best that this individual could, although he wound up dying.

Michael was the first-person to die of this illness. After his death, various

cases with this illness were reported common. Again more information of sickness

and loss of life, this is the parallelism for this new.

As the reports of sickness and death came to inform Doctor Rieux, this individual tried

to comfort and remedy the bothered patients. About ninety percent of the persons

infected had died. He wanted an end to this plague. Quickly this individual linked the rats

with all the people. He knew the fact that rats began to get sick ahead of the people performed.

At this time many people got the problem, except for the Chinese guests. They

hardly ever were attacked. As the plot progresses death, sickness and the problem are

nonetheless relevant.

He studied their particular behaviors and everyday responsibilities and found that they do

something that was hardly ever often done in these ancient. Not many persons in

today bathed. A doctor began to realize that the people that bathed never

got ill. So he asked most of his, nonetheless living patients, to take baths

frequently. This kind of proved to be the miracle get rid of for the individuals. The doctor asked

his different fellow doctors to follow similar practice using their patients. The

word was spread plus the plague was soon wiped out.

So as you will see, the literary term of parallelism was deemed extremely

relevant through the ongoing storyline. Death, sickness, and the trouble epresented

the storys parallelism. Albert Camus made parallelism the main literary term

with this novel, distributed by the subject, The Problem.

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