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Alice walker poem always be nobody h darling

Alice Walker

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Nobody’s Darling, inch Alice Master dramatizes the conflict involving the comfort of conformity and the courage it will take to be diverse. The presenter offers tips to the audience, in a didactic tone nevertheless one that confers wisdom. “Be nobody’s beloved, be a great outcast, ” means standing for fact and justice even if it means martyrdom (1, 2). The speaker refers to the “thousands perished / for fearless hurt words and phrases / they said, ” (23-25). It is considerably better walk alone, and even expire, than you should remain noiseless in the midst of injustice.

Using second person point-of-view throughout the poem, the speaker is undetectable and unknown. The reader is always to take her at her word being a person in a situation of specialist, one who has presumably witnessed the benefits of becoming the “outcast. ” Element of her rhetorical strategy is to engender trust through the use of diathesis, pathos, and logos: the authority of the speaker, the emotional content of the meaning, and the diction used to express that meaning.

The presenter contrasts the positioning of the outcast with that of the “impetuous fools” that constitute the bulk of culture (19-20). It is not necessarily that the speaker is misanthropic, but that she is actually optimistic that every person gets the strength and ability to “walk alone” in promoting justice (14). Yet the loudspeaker admits that walking by itself is “uncool, ” and that it is also painful. One one of a kind element of “Be Nobody’s Darling” is the use of parentheses about the word “uncool” to bring attention to that word and also to the concept that represents. Below, the loudspeaker betrays the simple fact that the girl with reaching out to a younger target audience by using a vernacular term. The speaker also wants you to know that she or he will be defined as “uncool” and since an “outcast” by standing up for fact, justice, or perhaps personal morals.

The audio wants to inspire the reader being confident and courageous by pointing out that it is not easy to be the outcast or perhaps one who is definitely willing to stand apart from the audience. The vocabulary and diction used in “Be Nobody’s Darling” emphasizes the “contradictions” between your sense to be an “outcast” and the reassurance that it is necessary to be an outcast when everybody else around is actually a “fool. inch

The only distinctive instance in which Walker engages internal rhyming is throughout the connection between “fool” and “uncool. ” Interestingly, the juxtaposition of such two rhyming words illustrates the central conflict in the poem. The fool is the one who is usually ultimately “uncool, ” but it is the courageous individual who is definitely ironically labeled as being “uncool” by the foolish society. Images of fatality also spreads throughout the Master poem, since the presenter stresses the great risks linked to taking a personal stance with other “brave” people (24). Alice Walker’s “Be Nobody’s Darling” is a politically-charged poem that centers around the psychological, sociable, and physical repercussions of activism. “Be an outcast / Qualified to live as well as Among your dead” refers to the wonder that one attains when compromising the comforts of conformity for the rewards of personal integrity, courage, and conviction.


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