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Analysis of foreign exchange risk exposure case

Forex Market

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Excerpt from Case Study:

Forex Risk Management

a) What are the causes of UK and Brazilian markets’ revenues in Dollars staying lower than predicted?

One of the main causes of the income in dollars generated from your markets in Brazil and UK staying lower than anticipated by the organization is due to the depreciation in the countries’ values against the U. S. money. Between January and Sept. 2010, the GBP constantly declined against the CHF, an aspect that had not been awaited by the financial team in the company.

b) How is definitely the company doing in these market segments?

The company is not operating well in these two markets as the income generated in the market have incessantly decreased in the nine a few months period. While the foreign currency continue to depreciate against the dollars so provides the expected revenue depreciated in the period.

c) Based on the given info, should it continue or end the functions in these two countries: UK and Brazilia?

Centered on the info provided in the tables, it might be considered the fact that company must cease it is operations or perhaps employ diverse strategies of dealing with the foreign risk being experienced.

2 . What should have the corporation done in so that it will avoid the current situation? Be specific.

The particular company should have done is to make use of hedging approaches and invoicing ways to decrease the exchange rate exposure that was experienced by the company. According to Dohring (2008), simply by invoicing the domestic foreign currency, the company would have the capacity to shift the transaction exchange rate risk experienced to the consumers who have are overseas. Therefore , this means that the company would have had a greater curiosity from the deals for invoicing in its household currency. Likewise, this implies that in the nine-month period when the GBP was depreciating the organization would be able to create more revenue and incur less costs.

3. Assess the total profits for the first nine months. Simply how much did the organization gain (loss) in these two markets as a result of not hedge the FX risk?

With regards to the data in the UK industry, the company did not hedge against its cash and therefore produced a reduction. The company made revenues of $41, 245, 000. However , if the business had hedged its cash, it would have generated an overall total revenue of $44, 134, 000. Consequently , the company produced a loss of:

($44, 134, 000 – $41, 245, 000) = $2, 889, 000

The same case does apply

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