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Analysis of the letter to my mom by chenjerai hove

The purpose of this kind of text, which is a letter coming from a passenger home to his mom, is to notify her of his activities on his trips, and is thought and emotions on this. The tone in the letter is largely one of reminiscence and suggestions of homesickness which can be seen in the many different ways this individual portrays the pattern of life from his residence in Africa to his new residence in Norway. However the writer acknowledges that he offers learned that exploring is a method to expand one’s rayon and grow one’s mind so , but looks forward to your day he can return to his roots and share his experiences together with his family.

The tone of nostalgia is definitely prevalent during this textual content, it even begins with all the word ‘Remember’ which suggests that it is going to certainly be a very reflective and personal piece. This is repeated again with regards to ‘memories’ of the way of life the writer leaves behind, as well as the fondness which he appears back upon it.

The loving recollections of home that are described in depth such as the method they view the weather, particularly the rain as something which shall be ‘celebrated’ because it ‘gives lifestyle to people, plants and animals’. This stands in abgefahren contrast for the way in which Norwegian regard this kind of weather. ‘Have not ended cursing the weather’ demonstrates that they find it as the other of the benefit that those who also live in The african continent see it since. This is once again emphasized if the writer treats the type of people that would have cursed the rain in his home as not naturally made and nasty. These people certainly are a ‘witch who also wishes that life really should not be brought’, this kind of shows how a local thinking to the rainwater could not be more in resistance. This every works to exhibit the writer’s nostalgic view of his home traditions and longing to be generally there, with people he shares precisely the same values with.

The article writer goes on to talk about the weather conditions of Norway that are a new comer to him and how his inexperience of the glaciers and snow could possibly result in real, physical harm. ‘A step on ice is a potential disaster’, this kind of shows that this individual could very easily fall and cause harm to him self in this new and strange environment, which instantly clashes with the skilled and graceful Norwegians who have been living in these types of conditions all their lives. ‘they float into it like Arabs’. The article writer also procedes show how a Norwegian utilization of the ice intended for entertainment or sporting reasons is completely unfamiliar and almost confusing to him. ‘they also run events and succeed competitions’ His astonishment is definitely again highlighted by the use of a rhetorical question-‘can you envision? ‘, this shows that employing something which would be strange and dangerous for him within a competitive fashion is staggering and that he won’t quite feel as if he fits in yet and is so far removed from the culture regarding always be a great outsider.

Further more contrasts are shown between your geographical dissimilarities of Norway and Africa are introduced by the phrase ‘by the way’ which implies the writer’s excitement to tell his mom about a new experience. ‘I forget you have never seen the sea’ this could be taken up be typical of all people of his place of origin, this would be something which they may consider interesting and opening new ways to them. This kind of contrasts with the way Norwegian settlements lso are set out, they all are in coastal areas and gain most of their nourishment from the marine, ‘Norwegians are people of the sea’ and ‘it brings every thing they want’, this suggests that while the sea and all it can bounty happen to be enough to help make the local Norwegians happy and content, that seem to do so for the writer, further alienating him via those circular him. This can be further emphasized by the Norwegian folk wisdom ‘if an individual eat seafood, like me, you are supposed to always be miserable’. The Norwegians could argue that he is unhappy because he does not take in fish, however the source of his unhappiness is more likely to be his homesickness and desire to be with those he misses.

The writer turns into more hopeful towards the end, and begins to describe his thoughts when he looks on the time when he can return home and promote with his mother his activities and all that he provides learned. The verb phrase ‘I hope’ shows that he is looking to time in the future avoid sadness but expectation, that it must be something to look forward to.

The repetition in the lexical item ‘Maybe’ provides the impression which the writer is uncertain nevertheless hopeful, and would like just to be able to come back one day. The writer goes on to list the things which he 1 day hopes to return to do, ‘gaze at the magnificence of that Photography equipment moon’ this kind of suggests that the African celestial body overhead is unique and maybe has some magical quality. This kind of suggests that the writer would love to be able to always be at home doing these things, yet must continue his trip.

The writer seems to accept that it may be many years just before he is able to return, ‘I may be older, nevertheless I will not have given up the idea of being young’, this suggests that while the article writer knows he can be away for years, he may never forget about his homeland and the people he left behind, and will some day return. The lexical item ‘idea’ suggests that the article writer considers it doesn’t matter what age this individual has reached, as long as he does not truly feel old in himself then he may not always be too outdated to continue his journey and also to continue attaining knowledge.

The writer surface finishes on a positive note, telling his mother how he’s determined to continue his search for learn as well as for life knowledge ‘many channels to the river of knowledge’. This metaphor is explaining knowledge as a river, which can be constantly moving, changing and heading someplace new, much like he was if he left for Norway. The ‘stream’ which flows to the rivers is definitely his way to this expertise, one that he feels he must continue to travelling. The article writer is more powerful here than previously, having frequently used the lexical item ‘maybe’ to which confirmed uncertainty yet hopefulness, he now uses the action-word phrase ‘ I know’, this displays his mind has been constructed that this individual shall not cave in and come back home yet because he is unsatisfied. The noun phrase ‘other lads’ refers to his fresh home in Norway, which could be considered his classroom or learning argument for his life lessons, but also suggests it may be anywhere in the world as a result of lands becoming plural, and that he may move on to somewhere new one day.

Overall the writer uses several techniques to show the contrasts of his homeland to his new home, his homesickness and his aspire to soldier upon, to continue to achieve new understanding and your life skills and experience.

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