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Analysis of the movie dostana

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The movie Dostana was described by Tarun Mansukhani. Dostana tells the story of two men whom fake their sexuality, and pretend to get homosexual in order to rent out rooms in the flat of Neha (played simply by Priyanka Chopra). The two guys, Sam (played by Abhishek Bachchan) and Kunal (played by David Abraham), succeeded due to Neha’s aunt simply willing to rent to females. Using their marriage, Sam does apply for a domestic partnership and trouble develops. Sam’s conventional mother lures in to confront him about his sexuality and Neha ends up online dating her supervisor. However , both the men have currently fallen fond of their newly found best friend and so starts their mission in order to Neha and her boss up.

As noticed through their plot, Dostana touches upon several very sensitive issues in order to engage their audience. One topic presented was homosexuality. In the past, homosexuality was by no means a part of India’s culture, generally to just how conservative they were, with faith also playing a role. In the film, the 2 male potential clients, who are the ‘heroes’ inside the film, asked as a homosexual couple. This kind of causes several conflicts in the movie, the main one being the reaction of Sam’s mother fainting as well as Neha’s aunt’s primary reaction of outrage. Making use of comedic elements, the film portrayed the artificial couple like a strange and unnatural one particular, aligning with all the mindsets of these in India. These comedic elements included the landscape in which Sam’s mother found out about the few. Through the usage of songs and dance, they will portrayed her opinion that being a gay makes an additional feminine, with scenes of her praying, blessing and exorcising her son to be able to rid him of the ‘disease’. Even the music lyrics performed a heavy role with single line stating “Your son rides the bridal palanquin”, demonstrating that Sam is actually less of any man. Moreover, Neha’s cousin also gave several responses in which your woman expressed her confusion in the sexuality with the boys. Some of the comments had been “Since once have you been main character and heroine? ” and “In the days each of our guys accustomed to like girls. ” demonstrate how shocked Neha’s great aunt was while using current technology, and the accommodement with her generation in regards to love. Your woman sees homosexuality as something new and has never happened just before until now. This could further emphasize the “misperception and misunderstanding that Indians have that homosexuality shall be regarded as an alien thing” that came from the West due to typical Bollywood style dance scenes however the male had been instead wearing western design clothing and performing european style grooving.

An additional stereotype the film greatly focused on was gender stereotypes. In the opening scenes in the film, ladies appeared clothed in only bikinis and had been thought that that they could not be in the same flat as guys, as mentioned by simply Neha’s cousin. This as a result gave method to the structure of the two male potential clients faking as being a couple. Nevertheless , despite this sort of scenes that only prove that females were considered to be modest, prim and right, always submitting to men’s wishes, Dostana once again fractures the stereotype. Neha, though agreeing with her aunt’s wishes to live with additional women, she is still also depicted as an opinionated, strong and independent female. Neha is very career motivated, shown by simply how the girl was wanting a job advertising, and was also certainly not afraid to speak her brain upon finding out Sam’s and Kunal’s role in keying to break her and her boss separate. She gives her honest opinion and is also not bothered to raise red flags to the men neither seem incorrect during her public debate with these people.

Men stereotypes were challenged from this film. It is not necessarily uncommon within a Bollywood film that males are represented as the hero, and therefore are masculine and strong. However , Dostana problems this. Sam is known to become a nurse, an occupation thought to be a women’s profession. Even his patient questions why this individual did not get a doctor in order to required precisely the same number of years in school to be a doctor. Kunal is actually a photographer and it is always described as the more feminine in the two man leads, through his ornate outfit options as well as his demeanor and effeminate body gestures. This may are also done to additional indicate the idea of how a homosexual gentleman behaves, more feminine suntan masculine. As said by simply Gayatri Gopinath, the mention of homosexuality “is often obtained at the charge of the effeminate male or masculine feminine character”.

In addition to that, there are also several personality developments inside the film. The two Sam’s mom and Neha’s aunt been seen in to be suspicious about their homosexuality, in accordance to their particular traditional philosophy. However , with constant salesmanship from Neha, they have come to terms with it and are also even capable of accept that. This gives surge to the opportunity that homosexuality may actually always be regarded as the norm instead later on, highlighting the progression the film could possibly be pushing for.

Irrespective of all the advancement Dostana shows, it may not actually be the film’s intent. Very sensitive topics that have been brought up and stereotypes that had been challenged had been done in an exaggerated and comedic way. This may be partly due to the substance of Bollywood films by itself, however , your dialogues and lyrics of songs played suggest that it may not be while accepting of the present day values and cultures mainly because it seems. Whether it was purposely done to participate a wider mass audience view, the reason why for this kind of stereotypes to be portrayed when it was does not matter as much. Bringing these issues up in primaly has allowed Dostana to achieve several things, the main effects being getting such taboo issues to light and forcing the audience to think of them as the norm instead, just like Neha’s cousin and Sam’s mother have done.

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