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Analysis with the films rendering realistic


Terrorism undoubtedly is an emerging matter of this 100 years and post- 9/11 the terrorism trend has increased a lot of folds as this subject has been used by lots of international filmmakers to create popular movies upon.

Film 1: Phantom

Phantom motion picture released in 2015, Phantom is a terrorism thriller, based on the backdrop of Mumbai attacks about Taj in Mumbai, India. The film is based on an actual incident which will resulted and the killings of hundreds of Indians and caused a lot more injuries than the causalities. Mumbai attacks weren’t restricted simply to the Taj building but also extended to other places such as embassies, stations, accommodations and other spots nearby. The attacks had been consistent and the attackers desired to threat the federal government and was executed to kill several people as is feasible. The people who were killed also included many visitors in the country. It was a nightmare for the Mumbai city and the tension that it developed sentiment of terror is still relevant inside the minds and souls with the people afflicted with the disorders and the horror they produced. Phantom is directed by popular Bollywood director Kabir Khan, who may have made motion pictures like ‘Ek the Tiger’, ‘New York’, ‘Kabul Express’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. The director recieve more often than not performed in this sort of themes. His films include the global designs of extremism, terrorism and violence.

The film stars Bollywood popular stars, Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif in business lead role. Both equally played Indian officers who plan to consider revenge in the terrorists who were involved in the episodes. They make a team and travel each of the countries on the globe where they will beat and punish the terrorists and take vengeance from them and win the battle against injustice. Saif and Katrina specially trained in learning the employing of guns and also learned different ‘languages’ like Arabic.

Character types are solid and in hard-hitting mode. You will find terrorists, intelligent officers, Pakistani characters, Indian Characters, Arabic Characters and British Heroes as well. The film is a globe-trotter. Diverse cultures had been shown in the film nevertheless Muslims had been portrayed in the most negative night specifically Pakistanis. Apart from the Blanket Jalebi tune the soundtrack is quite below average, other music like Saaware are relaxing and light in tone. Some thing not many expect from a thriller genre film. Nevertheless the background score is gripping of the film and offer the thrill towards the film. Inside the second 50 percent music report plays a big part.

Film a couple of: Body of Lies

Body of is is a film which as with any other film has it is share own of success and mediocrity. Some have more of the former while some have more of the other. This particular film ‘Body of lies’ on sale since 2008 starring Leonardo The future actor, Russell Crowe, and Indicate Strong as the three rules characters in the film, is founded on the novel by the extremely acclaimed internationally and champion of a lot of awards David Ignatius of the same name. Body system of Is placed is a seriously acclaimed and commercially effective film, standing true to its genre theme of an adult thriller. The movie script is done incredibly of the film. The places, the moves, sets camera shots are great for the sculpt and concept of the the film which is occur Jordan and Iraq and has the concept of the terrorism.

Agenda setting has been required for the film as it can be seen that the mounting of the CIA members continues to be done in such a way that shows them as good and great light. In a particular field where the lead character Roger Ferris is seen feeling bad and worried at the same time although seeing local guy whom did not comply with the CIA team and is also beaten to death inturn, the picture transcended into a different disposition so that the essence of the landscape doesn’t obtain ruined. The arrangements manufactured in another sequence are also praiseworthy as it makes the member of target audience cry including me in which an explosive suicidal bomb attack is shown at a packed area of people who had nothing to do with terrorism as well as the bad regarding intelligence. Props are used properly in the motion picture. Especially in the moments when diplomats or representatives are shown eating or meeting secretly. The lighting used in the film luckily doesn’t make the film look like a dark thriller. Once in a while has got the subject of whether or not the end legitimizes the methods been conveyed towards the fore in such a compelling and ruthless method.

Farming theory of media research can be noticed in the film. In the film as they show that whether or not CIA members kill many locals of Muslim countries is in fact for the betterment that belongs to them self. The killings and beatings in the event that CIA has been justified in lots of scenes from the film will be it in the scenes where Bassin dead after the episodes or displays towards the climax. Such repeated scenes progress the concepts of CIA killings getting justified with the intention of world mankind which is therefore clever of the makers.

One thing which will excels above everything inside the film is its background music and appear. In a chase sequence in the initial part of the film the sound is music is done terrifically. Music is definitely handled brilliantly. Its about the incredibly elusive incline that exists once those with the very best aims start to imitate the strategies of the foe remembering the end objective to defeat them. Body system of Is shows this in ways which can be neither apparent nor expected. The most chill thing regarding the film might be their verisimilitude. Where certain pictures exists merely in the domain of science fiction, its conceivable that such things as those pictured in Physique of Is situated are going in now in reality.

Cinematography is phenomenal. The camera shots, locations are proven greatly. The wide high shots in the climax just really uplifted the series and made the area look even more desolated. Overall this thriller’s backbone was the realness in the film whether it be the places, languages, halloween costumes and everything. It’s a thriller with material and heart. The spine thrilling views like the fire scenes are enough however the pace in the starting is slow however the film leaves you in-awe and transferred with such sincere shows by the players plus excellent background credit score and extraordinary cinematography. Overseas media offers mostly pictured Muslims in a negative lumination. Such Press artifacts make a negative impression on the international viewers including viewers of UAE US which are the biggest overseas Bollywood markets.

Framing and Impact

Because horrifying and disappointing the portrayal is a impact of these films reach out to overseas target audience who build a negative impression for Pakistan and its persons. The bad social and economic effect has been extremely obvious apart from the discrimination that individuals Muslims encounter abroad. Things need to be alter and it can, regardless of long or perhaps hard the task would be with the right use of Multimedia and its artifacts. There aren’t two ways about how exactly the bad portrayal of Pakistan provides affected Pakistan economically, socially and for Pakistani’s it’s more than just being labeled as terrorists. The issue is which the entire human population of a about estimated Twenty Two Crores is merely type-casted as one bracket. In respect to Bollywood movies almost all women in Pakistan are covered in Burkhas and men wear religious shelves and have beards with terrorist involvements. You will discover simply no ‘impressive’ measures delivered to bring Pakistan’s positive factors in the front and this the actual problem even larger. Today Media’s power may not be underestimated and sadly Pakistan’s government can be not making use of the necessary counter narrative through their media to present it to the international audience but make a positive impression of Pakistaner and its persons. In the second half of the film the American indian team go on to Pakistan to avenge Hafiz Saeed who have according to them was involved the brain child with the entire attack. In these films Pakistanis have been brutally misrepresented and o as terrorists, over spiritual and non-trustworthy people. 9/11 Terrorist attack was tragic for America but turned out to be even more awful for Pakistan Muslims inside the long-run. Pakistanis has a great deal to offer be it sports, performers, doctors, technicians, comedians, educationists or ravishing scenic landscapes and rich diverse nationalities are just type casted into one bracket today by Bollywood and that is the extremist aspect. Some other shades of Pakistani’s in international press is that of ‘unfaithful’ ‘Conservatives’ and ‘terrorists’.


On the sensitive matter like Terrorism there should be even more movies just like Body of Lies which at least provide a authentic and realistic scenario worldwide terrorism and intelligence involvements into it. Phantom is good in some parts but is very derogatory intended for countries like Pakistan. The dialogues spew hatred and provocation pertaining to the extremist’s elements around the both sides from the border. Human body of is placed has been taken on a large scale and does not based upon only one event but includes more than and understands more over the film consequently Body of Lies is easily the preferred choice over a provocative Phantom via Bollywood.

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