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Ancol ltd research essay

Ancol Ltd. appointed Paul Simard as the manager with their Jonquiere, Quebec, canada , plant. Simard observed that relations had been strained between management and employees and, through information from a seminar he had attended, ordered the removal of period clocks. This process brought an onset of negative consequences that ultimately resulted in a further diminishing of relationships between the staff and managing, accounting issues due to lack of accountability, and problems between the union and Ancol Ltd; All of these problems decreased output in the stock.

The condition stems from issues of proficiency and communication. Essentially, right now there should have recently been an open answer from the beginning. Simard did not have insight to know the situation he was placed in. The brand new manager really should have tried to discover why relations among employees and management had been strained to begin with. He then could move to understand the needs with the management and workers to build up a solution that could benefit the complete factory.

Rather than instantly implementing the removal of time lighting that he previously learnt through the seminar, Simard should have cautiously analyzed the case and what consequences this policy could have on the factory. Simard would have researched and inquired regarding such strategies and perhaps learnt the consequences from the instance in the B. C. factory.

Issue Statement:

The central issue in the Jonquiere Ancol Ltd. flower was that Paul Simard, great management staff, lacked the insight and communication to discern a far more holistic and open strategy to the problem of strained relationships between the administration and personnel. This generated an unfounded and allergy decision to order removing time clocks from the manufacturer that generated negative implications. Employees began leaving early, showing intended for work late, and taking extended lunch fractures that developed distrust and frustration amongst management and other employees. The management was ordered to observe the employees and reprimand people who abused all their privileges and was not skilled enough to handle the task, which will led to a fantastic burden pertaining to thesupervisors, and this made it incredibly difficult to foster trust between the management and employees. Therefore, the payroll department could not deduct spend on the amount of times employees were late as a result of a lack of liability and therefore a letter of reprimand was placed in every single employee’s document, which made even more help the administrators. Finally, due to the letters of reprimand, issues were submitted with the employees’ unions that fostered increased distrust and essentially production, energy, and integrity considerably declined inside the factory.


The primary issue revolved around the lack of communication and competency with the management in the beginning. Simard, wonderful staff, weren’t getting the perception to properly find a solution that could provide a holistic approach in solving the already obvious strained associations between the administrators and employees. At the start his work term, Simard should have sought to understand so why there was a rift between your employees and management. If Ancol Limited. were continue to in very good terms with all the previous supervisor, Simard could have communicated with him to secure a better understanding. In understanding the underlying concern, Simard would be able to effectively handle the problem with no uncertainty and after that, Simard should have effectively disseminated with his administration team great employees to discover a solution that will benefit both parties and foster productivity, integrity, and trust back into the factory. The limitation to finding a holistic approach is the fact it takes time and the right solution may not enter into fruition. Furthermore, while a solution is being produced, it can be thought that the relationships are worsening. Furthermore, Simard should have found that a number of the issue came about from the fact that the supervisors lacked the interpersonal abilities to contact the employees, which in turn became evident when the time clocks were removed. It was an obvious concern that Simard should have found; having a management team that did not think the decision to take out the time clocks was rash or risky should have recently been a signal.

Consequently , perhaps Simard could have trained the existing managing, or replaced them with more competent personnel to create a more insightful staff and a healthier work place for employees. The restriction to this substitute is that teaching or hiring new supervision is frustrating and expensive, and trust would have to always be fostered involving the new employs. This coverage would have confident consequences and would create more trust between the staff and workers. It is apparent that the removal of the time lighting led to more harm than good. Simard should have carefully analyzed the problem prior to deciding that triggered such folly. If he previously done this, many of the issues would not have occurred and the manufacturing plant could have used a step forward. Furthermore, he must have carefully analyzed the method that he learned from the workshop and how it could affect the employees and the factory’s productivity. Only some ideas that can come from workshops pertain to every situation and any program change needs to be analyzed to predict the outcome in every efficient area, such as the payroll section. If he previously communicated together with his senior management team and employees considering the time clocks and its particular possible outcomes, perhaps he would have located a better approach.

Furthermore, in the event that Simard had discussed time clocks to managers prior to implementing his policy, he would have discovered the consequences through the instance at the B. C. factory. Plainly, the issue and solution seriously depends on connection around the stock. It is difficult to find out any negative consequences on this alternative, since the removal of time clocks was obviously a disastrous answer. A limitation to this alternate is that it could be assumed that Simard does not have a management crew that can talk well, and hiring and training is usually costly and time consuming. Based on the issues that happened after the associated with the time clocks, there were various alternatives that Simard would have implemented that might have reduced the damage carried out. Simard might have been more tight on how often an employee could be late, keep early, or take a prolonged lunch break. Furthermore, Simard could have compensated those who stay longer and later to incentivize those who consider abusing their privileges. These kinds of solutions have got obvious problems as the previous only makes an adversarial environment as well as the latter depends on bribery rather than integrity and trust.


To conclude, since the issues stem from a lack of insight and communication, the alternatives should also apply to parts of insight and communication.

Essentially, Ancol Ltd. could have hired an even more competent supervisor for their Jonquiere plant. A competent manager could have created a more holistic and beneficial answer. Simard hadn’t identified the basis of the strained relations involving the senior supervision and the employees. If he had communicated together with the employees and management and former manager in order to understand the concern at hand a lot better solution might have been implemented. Likewise, a competent manager would have discovered that all their management is definitely lacking in crucial interpersonal skills that may include contributed to the problem. Simard really should have conversed with all the employees to learn about the present management and terminate the supervisors whom are not suit to lead. Though less costly, training the existing personnel may not be your best option due to the fact that the fact that strained relationships may be due in part to personality traits. Simard should have attempted to understand the implications of removing enough time clocks inside the factory.

There were many alternatives that Simard could have tried such as talking with his mature management team and staff, or conversation with other managers at crops in order to understand the consequences of removing the time clocks. He’d have identified that it might have profound effects in many useful areas of the factory and might derive another type of solution. In regards to the order to get the removal of time clocks, apart from reintroducing the time clocks previously, it would be tough for Simard to find solutions to the problem but rather Paul would be attempting “Band-Aid solutions to the down sides. Simard would have hired new supervisors or perhaps implemented a incentive centered system although ultimately, this will have been avoided through more careful evaluation and organizing and therefore these should be declined.


At the beginning of Simard’s term, he should have right away sought to identify the root issue regarding the strained contact between the personnel and the elderly management. To start with, if possible, Simard should have communicated with the previous manager. Subsequent, Simard must have conducted depth discussions with his senior management and workers, together and separate. This will create an open and honest dialogue among both parties and essentially, Simard would develop a crucialrelationship using staff. This method will take approximately a month or two. Throughout this time, Simard must have conducted exploration into the effects of the associated with all period clocks and would avoid doing so. In the act of finding these issues, Simard would have pointed out that his supervisor’s lack essential skills which can be necessary for their positions and terminate/hire fresh management personnel accordingly. Simard would then ensure that the newest management has got the appropriate skills to properly communicate with employees and him to create a more accountable office. This process could take another month. Together with his revamped supervision staff, Simard would then address the underlying challenges found through involvement with the supervisors and staff. In this procedure, a new romantic relationship would be developed between each party and workplace productivity and happiness would increase. This method would be regular until the solution was found and executed.

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