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Antigone 495 words essay


And Laws

An essential question in Antigone is usually, When somebody makes a regulation that is known by

the population to be morally wrong, should the public break his/her regulation? Or should certainly

they work together with that person by obeying? Antigone sensed that the regulation (no a single

was supposed to bury her brother Polyneicies) should be cracked so your woman took what

she considered to be appropriate measures. This is referred to as Civil Disobedience.

Another question is Can be Civil Disobedience morally and ethically accurate?

The Nazis say something, and the Vietnam war experts say a very important factor. The Nazis

did not assume that Civil Disobedience was ethically or morally righteous

because of there inhumane acts after the Jews in the nineteen forties probably led some

Nazi officials to think about Civil Disobedience, after all the were advised to do

work and if they will didnt they would have been slain. As Adolph Hitler revealed

the world, even though one idiotic person feels something is proper that

doesnt make it right. The Nazi officials parallel Ismene, because there is a

law that they can both understood to be wrong but they are so afraid to step up that they can

just collaborate with it.

Another parallel would be that the Jews and Polyneicies

spirit. The Jews were involved in the middle of the officials, the liberating

nations around the world, and Adolph Hitler. Because was Polyneicies soul trapped in between Creon

Antigone, and Ismene. Likewise, in that they will both needed to undergo serious pain

pain, and horror.

Last but not least the entering nations seite an seite Antigone in that they

the two fought against the law in the two their times. Antigone fought to save her

brothers heart, and the invading nations battled to save the Jews. Municipal

disobedience is wrong although it might not go with any faith based beliefs

however for Christians, laws are structured on governments, governments are

established by God, what exactly is there to travel against besides Gods personal law? Regulations

are made pertaining to the neighborhoods own protection, or individual good. If a law was passed to not

stay outside because of serial killings how many could stay outside late at

night, not to many.

A law was passed not to take, how many people will be arrested

and convicted each week because they stole something. So laws and regulations are for the

advantage of that region, in order to uphold that rules there must be a price of

consequence. During the Vietnam conflict there was a armed forces draft, a lot of ran to

Canada to save lots of their own lifestyle. Our special President Bill Bill

Clinton ran to Canada in order to avoid having to go to warfare.

In the event you live in a rustic

with the same rights you at least owe that country some thing. The Vietnam veterans

believe this example of Civil Disobedience, is remarkably wrong. Once

someone makes a law that may be known by the public being wrong? Then they should

become collaborated with. The Jews would state it is good to break this kind of


The Vietnam veterans could say not necessarily acceptable to be able to that rules. The

actual answer is that there is no true answer, because some claim it is fine, and

a lot of say not necessarily right.

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