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In the novel Tusk and Stone, by Malcolm Bosse, Arjun is the energetic character. A dynamic figure is person who learns a lesson or perhaps changes patterns as a result of account events. If he is first released, Arjun is usually living with his family members his father, mom, sister, and uncle yet tragically, right at the end of the book, he has turned into a Kshatriya rock carver in Kashi, with no family. The events that start Arjun’s modification include the decrease of his as well as the kidnapping of his younger sis Gauri, his becoming a famous warrior, and ultimately his being captured and offered into slavery.

Fourteen-year-old Arjun can be described as Brahman, joyously living with his family in the beginning of the new. When Arjun is getting yourself ready for his quest to Kashi with his mom or dad uncle and Gauri, his father reminds him to adopt good care of his sis. After traveling in a caravan for a long time, Gauri is abruptly kidnapped great uncle is usually murdered by dacoits. Poor Arjun is then left to strive exclusively. He witnessed as “the dacoits created a steering column with Gauri and the women in the middle of it, along with a tiny herd of goats” (31). He was worried about Gauri and what the dacoits are going to perform with her, since Arjun’s father remaining him in control. Following this function and coming from then onward, Arjun recognized that he’d always have being on the lookout for Gauri so could prevent getting guilt-stricken or ashamed of him self.

The 2nd event that brings about difference in Arjun’s personality is him becoming a renowned warrior. Inside the battle, the Chalukyan military services included 60 elephants which are the finest inside the Deccan, the organization was thoroughly planned out in order that the soldiers may ensure their very own victory in every circumstances. At the start, all the soldiers bloodthirstily fought against each other. In that case, the elephants were left to combat on their own and terminate the ferocious fight. That night and the following morning hours, Arjun received several praises and congrats for his gaja and victory in the battle. As Arjun knew that he was a legendary warrior, he hoped that by utilizing his military achievement and dispersing the story of him and his sister, he would be able to locate Gauri.

Getting captured and offered into slavery is the third event that transforms Arjun. Without his great gaja, Gandia, Arjun did not have any cause to be a portion of the Chalukyan military, since he no longer held an elefant. Instead of staying exiled, thanks to his gaja’s heroic act, “he was hobbled just like a wild elephant, then delivered to a fenced-in encampment, wherever fifty or maybe more slaves got and slept inside lean-tos made of banana roofs” (193). Due to his elephant’s death, Arjun, each legendary soldier, dropped towards the slave body of the interpersonal system and was with no a status.

Arjun dramatically changed through the novel, in the beginning by burning off his much loved family and then simply, his sibling, Gauri, receiving kidnapped, becoming a legendary warrior, and eventually getting captured and marketed into captivity once again. Arjun becoming a mahout at a really young age afflicted Rama, a static persona, because he felt triumphant for achieveing accomplished anything meaningful during his your life at the elefant corps by being Arjun’s master. Arjun as well impacted Vasu, another static character, simply by becoming a renowned warrior and provoking him to place vengeance on Arjun for busting him inside the battle. Vasu repeatedly warned Arjun about his big surprise attack: “Remember my assure! When you least expect that! ” (130).

These kinds of changes got both positive and unwanted side effects on Arjun himself and also the minor heroes in the novel, all of which lead to his powerful character and his personal development over time.

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