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Art record midterm examine guide essay

There are numerous possible explanations why the people on this culture built such tall, rower-like buildings to support temples. Give one. Which means you would publish in your green book, you a. The White Serenidad b. Sumerians c. Both Mesopotamia or perhaps Iraq can be K. Merely asked you for the town, it would be Rusk or Nice d. 3500-3000 BC or perhaps BCC electronic. Protect brow from surging, or because they developed new structures on damages of aged ones, in order to show off/city pride, or to reach the gods while flying (only Is needed) Every single lettered problem will be well worth one point.

O pictures and 14 lettered questions each, they are going to add up to 90 possible items plus eight possible additional mints in the two extra credit images. Chapter you Stone Age Artwork Beginnings of art: Determine 1-2. Pebbled from Nature. Know that this really is a natural pebble collected simply by early man ancestors or perhaps near relatives apparently since it looks like a face, it is not officially art as it has not been designed, but it may reflect early on humans affinity for natural things that told them of themselves.

Know the modern country where it had been found, early human-like varieties that collected it (Staphylococcus), where we were holding living and where the stone was taken to by all of them rock shelter), and the date (3 million years ago) Paleolithic fine art in The european countries: 1-4. Physique of individual with feline head. Find out date by simply years BCC or period, material (mammoth ivory), the ultra-modern European region where it absolutely was discovered, feasible interpretations (a god or perhaps supernatural backed by human body and animal head, a masked dancer, a shaman changing into a great animal), for what reason non-e of those can be verified 1-6.

Morgenstern of Lasses. Know date (years or period), modern day country it was found in (France), what girl figure may possibly represent (mother/fertility goddess, great f woman beauty, fertility magic), that non-e of the interpretations is usually proven, what she is possessing (horn), what marks into it may signify (tally of days, work schedule, possible reference to menstrual cycle) 1-9.

Painting of bison in Altair cave: understand site, day (again, doze, 000 BCC or Just Paleolithic), modern nation, relation of images to shape of cave ceiling (artist painted bison on bumps or protrusions so that seemed three- dimensional and may have already been inspired to paint mainly because shape of limit looked like bison to artist). Know twisted perspective. Know the different hypotheses about why

Paleolithic people painted pets or animals on give walls and what they suggest (hunting magic, education about hunting for avertissement of children into adulthood, male/female symbols, animals representing families/clans, images of shamans visions), problems with all of these theories 1-AAA. The Chinese horse, Lascar. Know internet site, date (period or years BCC), modern country.

Understand the different hypotheses about why Paleolithic people painted pets or animals on cave walls and what they suggest (hunting magic, education about hunting for avertissement of children in adulthood, male/female symbols, animals presenting families/clans, images of shamans visions), problems with all of these theories. Know very well what the geometric patterns like the one shown over a animal allow me to share called, and a few interpretations of these (hunting traps, sexual symbols) Neolithic artwork in Europe: 1-18.

Angering. Know internet site, modern region (Ireland), date (again both 3000 BCC or just state Neolithic), term for this form of architecture applying huge stones (megaliths), what building was used for (tomb, astronomical observatory, territory marker), what faith based beliefs may have been practiced here (ancestor worship), how differed from odder burial methods (tomb allow open, living visit deed and EAI type to roof (corbel vault) Neolithic art in the Near East: 1-14.

Patterned skull via Jericho. Know modern country/territory for Jericho, date on this object (by period or perhaps approximate year), materials, wherever these were located (buried in pits or perhaps caches), early theories about whose skulls they were (ancestors, war heroes) and how come these have proven incorrect, newer theories (war trophies/head hunting, magic), significance of shells intended for eyes (indicate long length trade)

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