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Articles of confederation 710 words dissertation


Adopted in our elected representatives in 1777 and ratified and in power in (1784? )

Adopted for: a) unify in defense and war

b) Foreign coverage

basic basic principle of content articles for says to maintain control under central

federal government assigned specific powers

Organization of government: 1) one legal house unicameral legislature

passes laws and regulations

2) 2-7 delegates per state

3) 9 votes required to pass law

4) 13/ unanimous votes necessary to amend Content articles

Power: defense military, navy, and treaties with Indians

Foreign affairs battle

Money asking for, spending, producing, determining benefit, coining

Internal affairs Assess disputes in special the courtroom hearings among states

Observance laws dependant on state consequently enforcement was selective to

point out desires and rarely completed

State constraints states could not: make conflict, treaties, worldwide

tariffs and coin money

Duties of express states need to provide money/army? When wanted by our elected representatives

States need to pay fees based on area

Weaknesses of Articles

I. operate regulation our elected representatives had simply no power to regulate trade done by

states caused:

a) tariffs on imports and exports structured on states

b) states competed over control over waterways

c) Foreign trade was decreasing, interstate trade was as well stopping since

of tariffs on each of your other producing trade difficult??

II. Enforcement

a) Central government included no enforcement/ executive department

b) Guidelines mostly ignored

1) fees decided simply by congress based on land ( to be paid by says didnt

pay our elected representatives had simply no income together to borrow- land basis bad for southern

few-people and lots of land

2) no income for military services regulated quantity soldiers every state not given kept

for own security

result SHAYS REBELLION Started by Daniel Shay player in Massachusetts

desired to begin individual government and revolted Mass. didnt have enough army

to quell rebellion military also farmers and on different side asked congress

for help but appeal to no avail declares didnt list4en to our elected representatives cuz

didnt care continued for 6 months

3) Treaty of Paris certainly not enforced claims refused to compensate loyalist to get

home lost and collect financial obligations owed to British vendors money all used

for conflict effort

Therefore England likewise violate and move troops to Southwest Territory (fur


Spain and England restrict trade in Mississippi and right of deposit in New


III. Money every single state unlawfully made their own currency- congress could not

prevent it 14 forms of currency leading to it to become worthless and inflation

made our elected representatives and claims suffer foreign countries reluctant to operate and

lend money

IV. Passing laws challenging to get 9 states to agree

Basic Problems

Financial chaotic severe post warfare depression, which usually lasts simply

short while, regular after war England shut down trade with states point out

power under Articles or blog posts to regulate overseas trade? Causes trade to reduce cuz

difficult by expenses and tariffs and regulations retailers and maqui berry farmers

who sell outside the house their state have problems with tariffs between states small

maqui berry farmers fine southerners fine cuz Tabacco necessary and particular treatment and

much less regulation first to pull pout of depression cuz of the and Planter

Upper class had laws and regulations beneficial to these people and their trade different

currencies in US attempts trade

Inflation prices and wages rise helps borrowers (pay back again less)

bad for brokers (receive again less, offer more) when inflation (such among

farmers whom are continuously in debt) = cheap currency

Special currency sama dengan stable currency = fewer inflation and prices stable


Political improved power/ democracy in state government often triggers


Who have declare

Constitution rules by which federal government operate contains fundamental legislation

(received idea from charters)

States write fresh constitution with stronger democracy including Bill of

Rights (things government are not able to do) professional branch (governor elected by

people), legislative (bicameral elected by people) and judicial (courts

hired by governor sometimes chosen by people)

Property skills all reduced (lowest highest = NE-M-S) most

remove spiritual qualifications

Legislature given good luck than governors

Achievements beneath articles

1 ) US wins revolution

installment payments on your Northwest Code 1785

a) history inconsistant state promises attempts made at resolution in 1784

and 1785 speculators interested in selling land lobbied congress

b) principle areas ceded can be admitted while equal claims

c) terms disputed territories__? To US government areas divided in

to five futire claims: Ohio, Indiana, Illinios, Michigan, Wisconsin

d) conditions for admission: five, 000 men adults congress appoint governor

proplr elect legislature with power to make laws and regulations

60, 000 adult males compose constitution which include Bill of Rights

zero slavery in any part of the place


thank you shiffy for typing up these wonderful notes.

American History

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