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REF.: The AIG Save

As the global financial crisis started to unveil, each of the financial institutions with positions available that revealed them to the crash started to feel pressurized. AIG was one such company, where a mix of credit swaps and other esoteric financial instruments weakened where it stands and its capacity to remain competitive on the market in the face of the economic losses this kind of instruments generated. As of the that point, the U. S. Administration, usually in the form of the Federal Book or the Treasury Department, intervened with significant bailouts for several of these corporations, including AIG, which received $85 billion in exchange for any 79. 9% stake in the company

This kind of memo is going to aim to quickly analyze the good qualities and disadvantages of the government intervention, in brief analyze the near future implications of the intervention and determine whether this was a correct action by government.

Pros of the governmental intervention

Relating to several monetary specialists, the sort of governmental assistance that AIG has received had not been necessarily a bail-out, but instead a connection loan, and therefore the target from the intervention was your short-term economic liquidity of the company, rather than the medium and long-term economical solvability

. Basically, the treatment was essential to help the organization over a struggling period mainly because its economical fundamentals has not been affected by the crisis.

AIG was too large to be allowed to succumb and file for bankruptcy. It is size, at terms of employees plus the volume of procedures, made it among the key players in the global insurance and financial system and the intervention of the U. S i9000. government was necessary in order to ensure that the consequence of its difficulties would not end up being affecting other locations of the economic sector.

AIG represents among the values of yankee capitalism, in spite of its current problems. The intervention with the government was necessary so as to show the world that the American unit remains feasible internationally.

Negatives of the government intervention

The rescue of the AIG is done with the taxpayers’ money. The legitimate question that develops is to what degree the rescue of AIG works to the best interest of the taxpayers who have purchased this. As well, some of these cash were utilized to pay for the salaries and benefits of a few of the executives who had gotten the organization in this situation initially.

The governmental treatment in the case of the AIG affects the overall competitiveness on the economic markets, as there are numerous other financial institutions that contain not received federal money and have either left the business enterprise or were forced to seek bankruptcy relief.

The AIG rescue means an increased governmental intervention on the market, not necessarily in the regulatory way it should be carried out. This can impacts the market’s functionality in the long-term.

Upcoming implications in the intervention

There are many implications with the governmental input in the case of AIG. On one hand, presently there continues to be a divergent strategy in terms of the way the AIG managing receives payment for its providers. Initially, the executives’ wages and bonus deals were considerably decreased, yet there have been distinct signs these days that this trend is likely to prevent and that staff of the government, notably Kenneth Feinberg, in control with managing these issues, tend to believe that an amazing decrease will create problems in terms of AIG’s capacity to pay their debt to the government. Remarkably, in his view, decreasing the pay of executives

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