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Baby observation dissertation

Physical Development

SG spent most of the time the statement was performed asleep. When SG was awake even though, a few experiments were conducted to test her reflexes. SG showed consistent signs of just about every reflex besides the Stepping, and Tonic neck reflex. SG has not been able to carry her head up separately yet, and didn’t demonstrate any signs of other motor development milestones (Berk 2010, 107. ) SG’s diet plan seemed to be on the schedule with her sleeping habits as well. SG had been bottle fed.

She ate shortly after the observation started out and awoke again quickly before the declaration ended.

Cognitive Development

“Piaget believed that infants and toddlers think with their eyes, ears, hands, and other sensorimotor equipment (Berk 2010, 152. ) On Piaget’s Sensorimotor Stage, SG would be labeled in sub stage two. This category was based upon the way SG would wide open her mouth for a jar and a pacifier. Also when SG awoke and needed bottle she would weep until she saw her mother your room.

SG’s language development simply consisted of sobbing and cooing. The infant seemed to only cry when the lady needed a diaper modify or to be fed.

Interpersonal and Personality Development

SG seemed to general be a completely happy baby. During the observation the infant showed zero signs of colic. The parents of SG were extremely caring and provided a great stable home for her. SG was not neglected by neither the mother nor dad. Both parents seemed to be sufferer and loving towards the infant. SG could cry once she would have to be fed or have her diaper changed and her mom would change it out and calm her moaping. SG was fed twice during the statement. Once at the beginning by her mother, and later onduring the observation by SG’s uncle.

The infant required the bottle of wine well in order to was given by the mother. In opposition to when SG’s uncle tried to feed her, she don’t take the bottle of wine so well initially. SG’s uncle had simply seen her twice ahead of. The fact that SG struggled to take the bottle from her uncle shows signs of Erickson’s theory of Trust vs feeling. “Basic trust versus mistrust results in trust when the child receives sympathetic and loving care. The mistrustful baby cannot count on the amazing advantages and compassion of others, so she defends herself simply by withdrawing via people.  (Berk 2010, 184)

Information and facts learned

By simply observing Newborn SG, We realized that although the parents were showing a whole lot of love and compassion by simply holding SG they also may well have deferred some of her motor skills. A child should be given the opportunity to build strength and explore their environment. This seemed that they were “suffocating her in such a way. Not allowing her to build up as quickly. That is not necessarily an undesirable thing since she’s a child, but according to the textbook SG seems to be a bit slow inside the developmental procedure.


Beurk, L. E. (2010). Creation through the Life-span, 5th ed. Allyn & Bacon.


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