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Brown girl brownstones by paule marshall essay

Storyline summary

The prose fiction Brown girl, brownstones simply by Paule Marshall, is a bildungsroman with autobiographical elements, checking the life and experiences of the main leading part, Selina Boyce and the relatives and buddies in her life. Marshall uses several elements and techniques in the prose, to bring about distinct themes, characteristics and factors in her novel. The written text is set largely in the 1930’s Brooklyn, New York, at a community of brownstone houses filled by the Bajan immigrants. Nevertheless there are various points of views of other personas inside the prose, Marshall uses a third person narrative to show the first person point of view of Selina.

The story commences with Selina at a decade old and continues until she is will no longer a minor. That shows the theme of identification as Selina is trying to find who she actually is amongst users in her family. “But they have taken no photographs…” was one of the first time Selina’s loneliness are visible the text.

She is envious of the fact her father and mother took photos of the family before the fatality of her infant brother, yet took no souvenirs of hers.

Then it goes on to where Marshall is a very detailed narrator, utilizing a cinematic effect in her story telling. The moments shift constantly to advise simultaneous actions which creates a dramatic impact that helps to make conflict and suspense. In addition, she uses gadgets and diction to bring regarding various designs and symbolic elements in her textual content. She uses the technique of device to start every chapter, it is a type of foreshadowing, hinting of what will happen throughout the chapter. In addition, it helps to define individuals in the story. Distinction is also a reoccurring approach in the text, as character types such as Jamuga and Deighton, Ina and Selina, possess contradictory people. There is also conundrum in the icons and diction in the text. Words just like ‘winter’ and ‘Sun’, ‘darkness’ and ‘light’, are contrary symbols discussing the characteristics of people such as Selina’s parents in the text. The writer requires the use of the Bajan dialect and also English, as if trying to include the reader in the culture of Barbados and also add credibility and realistic look to the history.

It advises pride inside the Bajan lifestyle. The author uses various figurative devices in the text. There is a heavy give attention to the use of personification and new imagery. Meaning is apparent in your prose; using colors such as red to represent romance and sexual interactions; and white-colored, and brownstones to represent upward flexibility, status and unattainable desired goals. Land in the text is additionally symbolic of independence and opportunity. The application of conflict, including; mother-daughter, husband-wife, black-white, is brought out by symbols and conflicting elements in the prose. It reveals the destruction in associations, and accentuates climatic moments, such as once Deighton, applied the money Silla stole from him, or once Silena told the whole Bajan association, she would tricked these people.

Marshall uses devices including; imagery, epigraph, motif, foreshadowing, pathetic argument and biblical allusion, to exhibit racism, identity, women in society, friends and family, deceit, and various other designs in the prose fiction. The denouement, starts with Silena recognizing who also she is and making last decisions pertaining to herself. In fact her trials and lost relationships, she finally includes her id, accepting whom she has turn into, the studies she is yet to face as well as the people in her earlier who has made her who also she is today. Especially her mother, which she acquired always conducted.


The life of Deighton Boyce, was the subject picked for the poem between many look at Deighton as a problem in the text Brown young lady, brownstones, offering him no sympathy. The poem was intended to communicate sympathy for Deighton. His life in the poem is usually specifically challenging as though this individual causes many shifts in characteristics more in the text message, his personal life is certainly not emphasized. The poem is going to hopefully provide an explanation in the circumstances encircling the issues of Deighton loss of life, and his your life.

Mocking The author

I saw a song fowl fight a bird of prey

Beautiful-ugly, having been, filled with sadness, was the lady. Night and day, He sang a tune of love and question

The lady sang back side of vicis and plunder

I attempted to save that mocking The author

However the night took him away.

In which are you my own mocking Jay?

Stuck in the tomb of dark brown stones?

Your fresh are dialling, where will you be?

Will not likely you deal with the snow away?

Don’t you notice the light’s moans?

Has the girl trapped him too?

No longer situated on your home window silla

They’ve trimmed your wings

You’ve destroyed all their prison

The go screams their Bajan badinage, persiflage

Take flight away home my mocking Jay

Swim house my tune bird

But , mocking Jay’s by no means dive…

I’ll send a new light your way…

For you to see through winter’s clock…

To save the flock…

To window blind your eyes…

And save you in the dark…

Shattered tracks of my broken tune bird

Remember your prayers


The unfortunate broken storage.

The life you leaped away.

Dead just like marrow staining the asphalt.

Discoloration corals a lot away.

Songs lengthy dead, I will sing them to you.

I’ll hope your tarnished soul aside.

Deighton, my mocking Jay.


The poem “mocking Jay”, is a kind of stanzaic elegy, in tribute to a character inside the prose text message “Brown woman, Brownstones”. The poet uses the mimicking bird, mocking jay, to represent the character Deighton in the the entire text. In addition to mocking jays have a great gift in music, which was one of the professional genres Deighton attempted, but they duplicate everything sung to these questions mocking fashion. Deighton, such as birds, reflects a mocking version with the negatives encompass him; by using the money his wife took from him, to get frivolous presents to revenge her; to changing his course of study every time he is confronted with racism or perhaps barriers. Deighton also has the dream just like (surreal), and fun loving features common to these birds. The poem consists of four sestets, a couplet a single series and a septet.

The stanza creation, is quite emblematic. The first stanza is the first of the four sestets. At the end of every sentence from this sestet can be described as comma. This represents the simple fact that this comparatively pleasant part in his a lot more not yet complete, it won’t result in a ‘happy ever after’. It is as if to say which the beginning of their relationship was an unfinished dream. The other sestet ends in a question within just, as if asking yourself the relationship, not really understanding the change in the relationship and in Silla. Another sestet ends without punctuation is agent to all the changing times Deighton plus the audience were waiting to see Silla’s respond to sightings habit. The final sestet concludes with “structured-chaotic” punctuation, of when ever Silla’s payback unfolds it had been chaotic inside the circumstances of deportation, although structured for the reason that it was her plan every along. Merging with the insufficient punctuation, the couplet of stanza five signifies his never ending pain.

It symbolizes that, while the lack of punctuation prevents the sentence coming from truly getting complete, his pain and suffering is not going to end possibly in the what bodes. The single collection consists of a single word “Eulogy”, this identifies the talk given by a funeral service or a memory space of the past doings of your individual following he is deceased. This term being the shortest stanza, represents the possible lack of quality and memorabilia Deighton has left behind with his kids. The final stanza a sestet can be linked with the biblical representation during God rested. The number several represents the change that happens after an accomplished cycle. Deighton, accomplices every he can so the previous stanza symbolizes his fatality the final others he achieved after his life cycle. The composition has a constant rhythms. Though not all stanzas have a structured rhyme plan, the poem still moves as if it does. It is just like the steady yet unusual circulation of life, just as the poem is known as a depiction of Dighton’s lifestyle as was represented in the prose hype. The first stanza is made up of a set of rhyming couplets, reproducing the initially rhyme within the last stanza (an “a, a b, b a, a” format).

The last rhyme nevertheless is a compelled rhyme, this is certainly there to demonstrate that going out of the omnipresence was not something the Jay wanted, unfortunately he what was required on him. The second stanza consists of different rhymes that emphasize the questioning through this stanza, that he is operating alternate situations in his mind as to why the wife who used to take pleasure in him hates him so much now. Your fourth sestet gets the last vocally mimic eachother, “clock” and “flock”. This kind of symbolizes the fact that time he has left with his children is limited as his death is usually nearing. All of those other poem is definitely rhyming going parallel towards the pores fictional as answers are exposed in the history, the misunderstandings and rhyming stops. The poem commences with the ubiquitous narrator providing an visual imagery of the meeting between two contradicting parrots. The “song bird” symbolizes something completely happy, passive and peaceful, although “bird of prey” symbolizes something sly, dominating and warlike.

The story continues with oxymoronic upside down syntaxes of line two, that helps to emphasise that the animals have contradicting personas which their union could never last when it was based on dilemma. Just as in the prose fictional works, Silla thought she can turn Deighton into an individual he had not been, and failed. The diction used in the first stanza such as; “vicis”, “Jay” and “Night”, assist in displaying the theme of discord in associations. ‘Vicis’ is a Latin term for change, in reference to the context that highlights Silla’s need to modify her husband’s persona and fight to create a life to them that he never wanted. The capitalization diff phrases such as The writer and Night, personify these non-human objects, in the case of the Jay it will help to emphasize this being a personality trait of Deighton, even though the Night features Silla’s personality as dazzling cold and heartless, nevertheless at that time seeming beautiful and peaceful. Lines three and four of the first stanza also aid to concretize the theme of contrary persons in relationships, viewed in the 1st stanza.

Stanza two is actually a rhetorical question sestet, that constantly requests questions the ‘Jay’ is actually unable to answer, and these are generally symbolic of times where the romance between Silla and Deighton was complicated. He failed to know wherever she stood, whether even now in love with him or disliking h to get the injustice she believes he did to their son, the initially line highlights this. It follows which has a reference to the brownstone residence Silla put in a majority of the written text fighting to get. The use of diction such as “prison”, “brown”, and “stones” was a slight pun as a The writer would discover a house created from stones a prison, and juxtaposed with the text, it can be declared that Deighton noticed the house his wife fought so much pertaining to was like a prison to him, and synonymous with his failures in his relationships and featuring for his family. Range two is the first in support of mention of their children in the poem. This is emblematic as it demonstrates that not only did Deighton not spend enough time with these people and targeted more in himself, nevertheless he as well failed being a father in this he didn’t want to protect them from the “snow” the personified significance of his wife.

The personification in the ‘light’, by the end of the stanza references each of the happiness and innocence nonetheless in the friends and family. When the character asks regarding the moaning light that ‘she’ offers trapped it means that having been unable to avoid the happiness and life from leaving their family, this aids in discovering the styles of failing one’s along with loosing items that are essential. The third stanza has the most textual allusions, the stanza opens which has a pun, “window silla”. Being a bird a sill can be somewhere you may rest, always be at peace like a home, in this means Deighton no longer feels at home in the browns stones. Silla is also the name of his better half so it could mean that he is also will no longer feeling content in his marriage, as shown in the textual content queen started going you the house type his mistress in the nights. “They’ve clipped your wings” line two of the stanza refers to when he almost got his adjustable rate mortgage amputated due to his indolence.

This is symbolic as it is a physical representative and slight foreshadowing of how his time was closing. The next collection refers to the song they sang to him with the wedding. The ‘f”, ‘s’, ‘th’ and ‘b’ fricative and plosive so money of the 4th line in the third stanza, emphasizes the running and the drama occurring in that picture of the text. The ‘swim home’ in the last line of that stanza referrals the Carribbean since Destinations in the Caribbean are between water. The final sestet identifies the last activities before Deighton’s death. That starts with a pun, on Deighton’s the child years, as he dived for the coins white men through at him, and also a great allusion to him snorkeling to his death. The ‘new light’ is representational for Deighton’s religious period, where the movements of the fresh light helped him to finally discover himself, though completely swiping his individuality. ‘winter’s clock’ is symbolic for Deighton’s attempts for going back in time to fix the problems largely caused by his relationship with his wife. The couplet, single line and septet, is usually after his death.

People have pained whines due to morning hours Deighton’s death. The mansion of Praying refer to his newfound philosophy and Eulogy is the speech given for a memorial. The final stanza is theoretically the omnipresence’s eulogy pertaining to Deighton, though it demonstrates he is not really someone people will keep in mind with value. It addresses of how this individual could have a new life if perhaps he’d built different choices. It gives an image of his death at ocean, and its connection to his previous in the Caribbean. It then reveals the general misery surrounding his death, and accentuates the theme of fatality in the textual content. The poem changes coming from a sculpt of observation, to unease, to misery. Hopefully releasing an overall compassion for the persona. Although it is not an overall total rhyming poem, it continues to have a moving rhythms that showcases the life span cycle of Deighton, as shown in the text.


The text Dark brown girl, brownstones, is an excellent interpretation of women and men in immigrant areas. Most folks generally sympathize with the women of the communities, nevertheless this composition has with any luck , garnered a positive response to males in these residential areas, and those shown in the text message. This may help persons to identify that women weren’t the only ones with challenges in the text message. The blame for people conflicts as well, should not be exclusively the fault of males like Deighton, in the prose, although equally shared between each individual, and heroes in the prose fiction.


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