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Career options for cooks in thesis

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Excerpt from Thesis:

Today, there are numerous job opportunities forecasted over the next several years for chefs based on the continued expansion and expansion of meals services retailers; chefs in search of higher-paying positions, though, will likely experience brutal competition (Chefs, cooks, and food preparation staff job and job outlook).


Depending on current tendencies and development patterns in the marketplace, experts job that there will be an 11% increase intended for chefs through the period 06\ to 2016, with about 351, 500 new positions being developed during this time (Chefs, cooks, and food preparation workers job and job outlook). Continuing inhabitants growth and demand for high quality food in upscale eating places is expected to contribute to this kind of increased with regard to chefs down the road (Chefs, at home cooks, and food preparation workers work and job outlook). Outpacing this require, though, could be the need for chefs who can cater to the everyday dining customer. According to the authorities at Career Planner:

The quantity of higher-skilled cooks working in full-service restaurants – those that offer table assistance and more various menus – is anticipated to increase regarding as fast as the average for all jobs. Much of this kind of increase may come from work growth much more casual cusine settings, rather than in up-scale full-service eating places. Dining styles suggest that progressively more meals happen to be eaten away from home, which makes growth in family cusine restaurants, but greater limitations on expense-account meals is definitely expected to generate slower growth for up-scale restaurants. (Chefs, cooks, and food preparation staff job and job outlook, p. 4).

Salary runs few years back, one market analyst reported that, “Entry-level food service positions average at about $20, 500, with executive culinary chefs pulling in among $50, 500 and $100, 000” (Turner, p. 88). Today, “The chef salary is reported to be as much as $80, 500 per annum. With regards to the location, encounter and experience the average annual chef wage could differ anywhere between $19, 000 to $47, 500 which makes it a lucrative profession with many wonderful options” (Chef salary, 2007, p. 2).

Specific duties/responsibilities

While every restaurant will be unique, of course , and the setting can range by inner city to a cruise ship or even to being a private chef for any very rich client, the results of your telephonic interview with Chief cook a. Bradley West of Tulsa, Oklahoma provide several interesting observations into the specific duties and responsibilities that some many chefs can expect to encounter in their office today. Cook Bradley functions a 24-member staff in a dominant Lebanese cafe with a specialized menu presenting dishes in the Middle East in general and Lebanon in particular and agreed to participate in a short telephonic interview from his home based on the referral with a mutual good friend.

When asked about his particular duties and responsibilities, the chef responded that, “We’re a busy position and many of our customers are the only ones that come here for a lot more than 40 years depending on our standing for top quality and customer service. it’s my own responsibility to make sure that everything operates smoothly and folks receive their very own meals prepared they approach they want all of them, hot and presented within an appealing fashion” (a. M. West, personal communication, Dec 2, 2008). Upon staying pressed for a few specifics relating to his job responsibilities, Chief cook Bradley recommended, “I’m in charge of budget and menus, as well as training fresh hires inside the correct planning of Lebanese cuisine. Most of these people have never prepared this type of food just before, and we employ far more seafood than steak in our dishes which is a problem for some of those. ” Chief cook Bradley added that, “Many of our personnel has never viewed a lamb before, but Lebanese foodstuff uses that much more than the meat that our staff is comfortable with preparing, which means this has been one more area that needs constant oversight. We also use some diverse cooking tools in the kitchen that want specific learning their make use of. “

A lot of representative workplace settings to get chefs may be discerned from Figures a couple of and three or more below.

Figure 2 . Rep workplace placing for culinary chefs.

Source: DPR Construction, Inc. (2008). [Online]. Obtainable: http://www.dprinc.com/images/projects/large/EpiscopalHome_Covington_ChefKitchen.jpg.

Physique 3. Representative workplace environment for culinary chefs.

Source: Rocher Harbor Places (2008). [Online]. Readily available:


Sexuality considerations

In past times, women in American might have been in charge of the kitchen – whether or not they liked this or certainly not – nonetheless it seems that the positioning of professional chef inside the restaurant home has remained a largely male enterprise – but points may be changing. For example , in her dissertation, “Why Would it be That Most from the Devoted Amateur Chefs I am aware Are Guys?, ” Skidelsky (2005) reviews that, “Thanks to the likes of Angela Hartnett, Allegra McEvedy and Sally Clarke, restaurant the kitchen are no longer viewed as impenetrable, all-male bastions. If the profession is still some way from developing a popularity for male or female equality, for least ladies are no longer seen as insufficiently tough to stick it in the kitchen” (p. 56). The popularity of the numerous series featuring male chefs is due, at least in part, to a fundamental switch in sexuality roles recently, where women are crashes through the a glass ceiling and men happen to be likewise getting into career areas that have in any other case been rejected them due to gender constraints. In this regard, Skidelsky points out, “For a woman, there may be nothing slightly daring or perhaps unexpected about cooking, and that is why it isn’t very cool. For men, on the other hand, there is something exciting and unforeseen about if, perhaps control inside the kitchen” (p. 56).


The research showed that the meals service industry in general is expected to knowledge healthy expansion in the approaching years, and the demand for professional chefs in particular is supposed to increase. Your research was constant in focusing that the career field intended for chefs was a demanding one particular, requiring a college education (preferably a college degree) and specialized trained in a wide range of cooking arts that vary depending on specialty discipline involved. Chefs were proven to occupy the greatest run with the food preparation career ladder, with those towards the top of their field commanding commensurate stellar wages, but however, more simple salary ranges for many chefs were significant. Finally, the investigation also demonstrated that although the career discipline is designed for those who hold in abomination hard work, there is a wide range of chef types obtainable in various settings to ensure that an individual’s advantages can be used to their utmost effect so that the hectic tempo of the typical chef becomes routine as well as the fun office that most people would like to affiliate with the imaginative and intricate dishes that lots of chefs generate today.


Chefs, at home cooks, and food preparation workers careers and job outlook. (2008). Career Advisor. [Online]. Available: http://www.careerplanner.com/Job-Outlook/Chefs-Cooks-and-Food-Preparation-Workers.cfm.

Chef salary. (2007). Job Employment Information. [Online]. Available: http://www.job-employment-guide.com/chef-salary.html.

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Skidelsky, Watts. (2005, March 24). Foodstuff: Why is it that a lot of of the devoted amateur

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