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Case study euro disney essay

As I browse the case study of Disney’s European Disney recreation area in England, one of the first items that came to mind was how little analysis had been built on how Europeans act and think generally compared to the rest of the world. As stated on page 143, Disney had not correctly calculated the success rate of Tokyo Disneyland playground, therefor, they were doing not take control in the area, nor do they make the park incredibly big. The greatest mistake that Disney built, however , based on the reading, was that they got on too much debt in the development and opening of the park.

As I have occupied Europe for quite some time, and understand how Europeans in general think, firms that want to spread out any type of activity here need to think as being a European. They may do lots of things to save money including bringing their own food and drink mentioned previously on page a hundred and forty four. Europeans include a long good frugality with regards to times of recession, which was the situation in Europe when they area was being prepared and constructed.

Disney did not plan on the simple fact that although the attendance was high, the visitors would not spend as much money in things such as gifts, hotel keeps, and eating places also because of the high rates. Instead of playing it safe and implementing the “penetration strategy this means lowering rates in order to assure people ordering more items, Disney utilized the “skimming strategy by assuming that revenue would not be affected by pricing (p. 145). There have been many exterior mistakes that may or may not have been preventable including the real estate issue which prevented Disney by selling the hotels to outside shareholders, but a good thing that would help in the end was the construction of a excessive train station close to the park entry, and this allowed the resorts to gain in attendance, and more people were capable of come from Great britain once the Chunnel was finished.

As far as internal mistakes, had Disney done more exploration, they would possess realizedthat traditions plays a big part in Europe, and serving liquor on the areas is important. McDonalds realized this kind of when they opened their eating places in every European country, adjusting their menu to supply food and drinks in accordance to each country’s tastes the typical McDonalds parade. Disney improved this, along with making cheaper eateries in the recreation area. They had to adjust the availability of breakfast since they did not cover the great sum of people consuming breakfast. Another mistake that was afterwards fixed was your scheduling. That they adjusted based on the high and low highs of the week and seasons. They also needed to build even more facilities pertaining to the coach drivers, which is vital if you wish bus drivers to be ready to drive vacationers to the recreation area (p. 148).

In the end, several things had to be altered in order to make certain they were effective in the European community. That they got rid of the high priced products and replaced them with what folks wanted just like Disney souvenirs. They reduced admission rates during the off season. They tweaked staffing to satisfy needs to make the employees more effective at customer service. One thing that needs to be taken into consideration in Europe is the fact that it is not only one country like America, or Japan. There are many countries on one country, each using their own terminology and tradition.

Wherever one particular goes in Europe, at least in the tourist spots, there are indications in at least 4 – 5 languages, if not more. One must offer foodstuff according to the cultural tastes besides the usual hamburger and hotdog. One of the most key elements to take into consideration, and I believe this kind of to be true anywhere, can be economy and recession. 1 cannot anticipate people experiencing a recession to shell out high prices, no matter whom one believes they are and also the name one particular carries.


Supervision Mistakes and Successes, tenth Edition by simply Hartley, Ur. “Euro Disney: Bungling an effective Format Copyright laws 2011 by John Wiley & Kids, Inc. Reprinted by permission of Ruben Wiley & Sons, Incorporation. via the Copyright Clearance Middle.


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