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Case study of aqualisa quartz shower article

1 ) What is Quartz’ current selling scheme?

Business conducted researching the market. exhausted EU5. 8 mil in expansion. invested in a brand new state-of-the-art screening installation. attained 9 patents. grew technology squad by 6 to 20 and proven phases of recent merchandise advancement grapevine. Organization spent 90 % of their sale attempts on keeping bing histories and 10 % on producing new clients. Company had longstanding direct relationship with a group of pipe installers. Sale power contacted its web of pipe fitters. naming face-to-face to present and explicate the newest merchandise.

installment payments on your What are the wants/needs of pipe fitters? Of consumers?

Consumers wants a shower that looked superb. delivered great force every unit area at a suited heat. was easy to utilize and doesn’t disrupt down. ( Consumers in the premium section emphasizes about manner. Buyers in the standard monetary value scope tended to stress on open public presentation and service. Consumers in vale section had been chiefly focused on convenience and monetary value plus they liked in order to avoid solutions that required virtually any digging ).

Plumbers needed a showering that was easy to set up. with a bring about to low interrupt down or need service. ( Plumbers generally preferred to set up a individual shower operate name and highly loath to exchange operate names. That they liked to familiarise with all the service they will could assume from a maker. They distrusted technology ).

several. What is the Quartz value proposition to pipe installers? To customers? Plumbers can shorten the installing cut from a couple of yearss to half-day. The installing is easy that tube fitters could even direct all their immature learners to finish total occupation. To get the customers. the Quartz shower delivers efficient and dependable WATER force every unit region and temperature with a great easy-to-use “one-touch control mounted on shower wall structure for indicate temperature puting and indicant.

4. Illustrate the competitory state of affairs. Who have are the significant rivals? Exactly what their relative strengths and failings? The rivals include Triton. Intento and Masco.


-Strength: good repute. top-quality bathtub. premium transact name. great

service. industry portion: figure 2 in blending regulators and determine 3 in overall UK market. -Weakness: market is acquire downing to comprehend Aqualisa merchandises as being too expensive.


-Strength: Dominant in electric showers in fact it is the solitary company available in the market established operate name intelligence at the consumer degree. Even though it is not major in blending control device market. it may spread out the concern selection and affect market having its extremely respected trade name name. -Weakness: non great known in blending valve

Masco. Ideal Standard. and so forth:

-Strength: They are really catching up to Aqualisa in footings of merchandise top quality. -Weakness: They may have non designed nucleus engineerings in showers yet.

five. Why is the Quartz bathtub non selling?

” One of the grounds would be that the company low revenues power spends basically 10 % of their attempts in developing new clients and they reply on their long-lasting relationships with pipe fitters. ” Plumbers were cautious about invention. peculiarly invention impacting on electronics. ” Salesmen are likely to gloss more than other business merchandise if perhaps Quartz is usually mentioned.

6th. Aqualisa spent three outdated ages and ˆ5. almost eight million expanding the Quartz. Was the products worth the investing? Is Quartz a distinct segment merchandise or possibly a mainstream items? Yes. the goods is worth the investing of EU5. almost 8 million. This can be a good system to put regarding 11 % of it is “base profit for making a radically distinct sort of bathtub with showing installation. obvious place products roadmap. etc . For 60 % of homeowners had shower with batch of mechanised jobs and inconvenient consumption experiences. Quartz with it can be necessary advantages had been designed to match their customer’s demands.

The traditional shower is unable to fulfill the industry demand. advent and customer value bringing is the marketplace tendency since everlastingly. Since the result. the development of Quartz proved Aqualisa’s trade name value in marketing base facet simply by presenting “cleverness of the merchandise and its “elegant design. As for finance feature. Quartz delivers higher consumer value merchandises with substantial border which in turn even above core products-Aquavalve 609. Based on these factor. Quartz is worth the investing in the long tally.

Quartz is a specific niche market merchandise. great for places with kids. or for aged and the disableds.

7. Aqualisa presently offers three transact names: Aqualisa. Gainsborough and ShowerMax. Precisely what is the theory behind this multiple control name structure? Does it perform sense? Gainsborough and ShowerMax are designed and branded for specific markets. It is a great scheme to build up different merchandises based on the organization nucleus engineerings for particular mark customers. ShowerMax is banded specifically for developers.

Elementss of the Aquavalve engineering happen to be redesigned and re-branded intended for the ShowerMax production collection and maximized for developers’ specific requirements. It is a low-priced solution of high force every unit location shower with Aquavavle executive. Gainsborough can be branded intended for DIY market and it is accessible in 70 % in the about 3 thousands DIY mercantile establishments in the U. E. It is suitable for tie ining Aqualisa’s superior trade name with its reduced DIY route.

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