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Cina dolls essay

The case started while using dilemma experienced by the leading part, Jeffry Cheong when both of his major clients KiKi and Houida (European style houses) was writing to Jeffry to tell him that they may be getting excited about China while the prices are extremely competitive. Jeffry Cheong was managing director at Haute Couture Styles Bhd (HCF). Loss of it is major two clients (KiKi and Houida) would be catastrophic to HCF as now the economic statement of HCF revealed HCF continues to be experiencing dropping margins and profit during the last few years.

HCF was established in 1974 by the Tan family members with the initial fully outfitted factory in Penang Island. The founder was Bronze Boon Kheong with a skilled master cutter machine, trained by British master cutter in the 1950 in Penang. He started the HCF with a small but effective business dressmaker men’s garments in Argyll Road, Penang until his retirement in 1980. Peter Tan, the eldest kid of Tan Boon Kheong was still left to The european union when he was 20 years outdated and went back to Malaysia with a useful experience of equally men and women’s trend.

During that period, there was a trend of European clothing manufacturers taking a look at Asia for outsourcing. With that prospect, Peter started his business venture, especially with the European fashion houses. Due to limited development capacity, the 2nd factory was opened in Butterworth in July 1980. HCF’s product sales continued to try out growth through the entire early eighties to middle 1990s and number of clients had as well increased. As a result, in 1990, HCF opened its third factory in Jitra, Kedah. In 95, due to non-stop increasing demand for its clothes, the fourth manufacturer was opened up in Chieng Mai, Thailand. However , over 10 years ago, Peter Suntan decided to turn off the Penang Island manufacturing plant to cut working costs due to loss experienced by the HCF during that 12 months. After few years, its earnings increased gradually and HCF pulled by itself out of the damage making condition.


1 ) Possibility of burning off two main clients

Currently, China is moving to emerging market economic meaning its financial is changing dramatically. The us was once socialist states but they have been mainly transformed into capitalism-based system, to some extent through a procedure for privatization. Customer the largest rising market and its particular economy continues to grow at an amazing rate and its function ininternational organization. China features population of just one. 3 billion, one sixth of the planet’s total population. Due to that, China is supplying low time cost. From that offer, working expenses could be reduced and then the earnings will be increased. Therefore , many businesses looking forward to outsource from China while the prices are very competitive. When Jeffrey was informed that their two major consumers was going to China to “contract manufacture, it could possibly contribute an important loss towards the HCF because KiKi and Houida possess generated a major percentage of sales to HCF. Additionally, HCF has been experiencing slipping margins and profits over the last few years.

installment payments on your Moving businesses to China

As suggested by Elaine, the sales and marketing Director, HCF must look into to expand its production in China. By doing that, HCH could able to retain KiKi and Houida as its buyers and supply the clothes for lower prices. However the issue is actually to set up HCF own stock in China or partnership with a Chinese manufacturer. The facts on these two possible techniques for expanding in China will be as follows: –

HCF personal factory

Joint venture


RM 15 million

RM 2 . 4 mil

Period taken to manage to serve the purchasers

18 months

six months






Loose its independence

Stock capacity

Similar capability as in Malaysia

One particular and fifty percent times as in Malaysia

Table 1

Because showed in table 1, both methods have its very own advantages and disadvantages towards the HCF. As a result, it was extremely critical decision for the management to find the best way of expanding functions in China.

3. Shut down down current factories (resale, pulling straight down or panel up) In the event that HCF made a decision to move in Chinese suppliers, then the production facilities in Malaysia and Thailand need to be closed down. It is because, if we were holding choose to conserve the current production facilities while having the new one in China and tiawan then a large amount of costs need to be incurred. In respect to Financial Controller, Daniel Tan, the factories in Butterworth and Penang possess a reasonable worth as its equipment were only recently bought in 3 years ago. In addition , HCF would be able to sell the property for a significant profit because they were positioned in a fast producing area. The factories would be able to sell about RM almost eight. 5 million. Unlike, factories in Jitra and Chieng Mai have very low resale value mainly because it were positioned in rural areas. Since it was difficult to sell these two production facilities the only option would be to close the factories. To do so, the factories need to be pulled down that would cost HCF RM 1 . 2 Million. If perhaps not, our factory would get a haven to get drug addicts. In another way, HCF can choose to board the factories for the cost of RM 200 1000. Moreover, Daniel expects lowest redundancy obligations around RM 3. 0 million in addition to the above expenditures. If HCF were to entirely close over the Malaysian businesses, a large number of staff will have to be retrenched and to become sad enough many of them have been completely with HCF for more than a decade.


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