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Civil war journal composition

Dear Journal, Aug 2, 1863

With Dixie in my center, today may be the day that South Carolina hired me just for this war. I have to soon be ready to go to the regiment I was designated to. We am inside the 3rd Soldires Regiment of South Carolina. I might rather have been in the cavalry since, the truly great State, I raise horses, but they required infantry a lot more. I will do anything to help the Confederacy. Emily, Joseff, and Soo will be sad that their Pa is going out of them. We told these people not to stress and remember which i am struggling with for what each of our forefathers wanted. They wanted to have an evenly distributed government as not to have a ruler and individuals with no claim. That promise will not be kept, also to start from the beginning, we seceded. The children appreciate, having the Confederate flag glistening in their eyes. I said my personal fare-thee-wells to Anna, the kids, and the servants. Never forget myself. We will be collectively under 1 nation, the Confederate Land. Our mood will go on, bringing forth rights to rule even as we please. Going off to war is a tough thing to do. I i am forced to leave my family, mounts, plantation, and slaves to fight for the pride. The proudest to stay those factors intact. Keeping those to be able is a war in itself.

-Jonathan Cort

Dear Journal, Aug 17, 1863

The war front is pretty an ridiculous experience if you do not go through this yourself. We have little portion of horrid food. Hard tack full of meal earthworms and chicory coffee. Our Mamies collared greens is what I miss most right now. I do not really feel kindly towards the food, but as very long as we are able to keep with your life on hard tack and goobers, we will fight to the incredibly end. We am on of the newcomers of this routine. This soldires has been here since the C. S. A. was established. I have made a few acquaintances during my company, Organization B. There is Michael Watkins, whom I may become quite attached to. Then simply there is Josiah Masterson who will be frankly very pious and will shoot at the sight of any Superstars and Lines Yankee. The very last man I befriended is definitely William Probability. Will may be the census taker of the wounded and dead. I must claim it is not a pleasant job, but once one wanted to be in the war rather than defend your rights, it is a good location. I am ready for actions. Michael aware me about the fighting. He declared that I must imagine the worst that may happen, and make it inconceivable. Mankind has stamina at this point, until out on the battlefield. I do not believe Jordan much. I believe it is elegant to deal with against the Yankees and slander them. But, there is a few doubt of what his Jezebel words that are spoken. He might have the same problem, although I am not gonna eat it all at once. That is war, you can not eat the whole thing at once or perhaps you choke, however you can always wash it down with drinking water, I say.


Dear Log, September 19, 1863

Warfare will change a person, mentally and physically. – Michael Watkins. He was correct. I am anxious regarding fighting and i also love providing my nation anyway. Standard Longstreet and Bragg happen to be true competitors. We would not break the Federal line, but we all pressed all of them pretty hard. Tomorrow we all will assault again. We attacked the Yanks in the morning and we fought against all day. Finding the hippo (seeing battle for the first time) was thrilling and exuberant to be out there and be the actual Patriot that we am. It had been nuts for us boys (easy) to deal with. The Union was thus helpless, even though did have got those Bradzino Rifles plus they were upon horseback, yet we held them at bey, nevertheless we cannot call it a victory, yet. We need to acquire Chattanooga backside. That is the main reason why our company is fighting this battle. Chattanooga is an important pillar for us Southerners, and we tend not to want the North to win now, do we? Not me, for least. Jordan was by simply my side unflickering. Josiah, I now know, discovering the elefant as well, is talk. He can a true blue Sunday jewellry underneath. This individual injured himself with his bayonet, just caught up it proper in his lower leg and attended the sawbones to acquire his lower-leg amputated. I think he is a good one carrying out that therefore he can come back home, but I can still do not understand why war can be traumatizing. Josiahs way will never come over myself, and I am drawing the furrow more attractive (telling the truth) when i state that. The thing that have to me is a horses which were killed. Only the dead canevas of those animals, not knowing what really is occurred. Also the truth that they had been killed for the reason that rider is definitely fighting pertaining to causes the horse is without clue what they would be. I just do not understand why we must get rid of the animals as well. One among our manure spreaders approached me with a issue with his horses. He does not know very much about mounts. Apparently, his horse is a female, which can be odd because male race horses are much better and more trustworthy to go in different circumstances, has monthly cramps. We gave him the best suggestions. To ease her pain, he must put water piping Union pennies, if he still has a few, in her water. Your woman needs several copper absorption. That will help her to deal with the pain. This individual thanked me personally and I proceeded to go about my own business, nevertheless when you will discover problems with horses, the men arrive to me to either check if what exactly they are doing is correct, or ask for advice itself. I are quite privileged to be the support of our guys.

It can be getting a bit chilly, yet this will always be nothing comes December and January, easily make that that far


Dear Record, September 20, 1863

Victory is mine! Those Yanks can manage! They skedaddled right out of our sights, when we pressed on them. You already know, I think that Rosecrans guy made a big mistake if he tried to close one distance that we manufactured, because he produced a bigger one particular when he packed it! All of us fought these people until darker and then Dixie ran through our bloodstream when all of them Yanks delivered to Chattanooga. More everyone was killed correct in front of me personally. I couldnt understand why people were getting shot and annihilated by the Northerners. They are the just like Josiah, plain old Sunday Troops. The total of killings great was 18, 454 guys, my friend, William Chance, informed me. That is a large amount of lives intended for such an easy victory. I would think generally there would only be 100, surfaces, from the quantity of people still left here. Josiah had his leg amputated and I am predicting that there will be gangrene forming about the cut out. It does not look like it was treated properly. He does not have very much to live to get anymore, and he can certainly not go home. The surgeon ordered that he would not be able to. I believe he might become going outrageous as well. We spoke to him today. The hospital can be described as mess and there are bodies just about everywhere. He is living, but you can see that the color of his epidermis is soft and this individual does not seem well. Nearly looking loss of life in the face, although he spoke words that we will never neglect, Get out of below. Run away, and do not come back. It really is hell. Save yourself from receiving hurt and mutilated by simply these doctors. I thanked him for the tips, then he drifted away to sleep. I am uncertain if he may wake up, yet I do know he could be fighting a battle him self, one he might not always be so blessed with as we were, today.


Dear Journal, Oct 4, 1863

It is chilly out. We already received about 15 letters from my family. There should be more, nonetheless they might not have arrive yet. Each and every time we are at a site for longer than a working day, I publish to everyone. We are residing at a area called Monterey. We drilled all day today. I was estimating that individuals drilled for approximately 5 several hours and hoofed it regarding 18 a long way. My toes are worn out and more and more men are receiving the quickstep, including me. It is not wonderful. I still love preventing and proving my faith in the Confederacy, but the battle is showing what I would not want to take place. This is attempting to go back home and become a part of the usa again. I need the world correct again, however I want the Union to change their obstinate ways of anti-state rights. This really is confusing. We am the enemy of myself. I am talking about I are defeating me by considering these thoughts of the Union ways and being prior to Antebellum. I recently dont understand my Jezebel ways at this time. We have not yet eaten for two days. Tomorrow, we are allegedly getting food, but me and Eileen went bumming off to a farm to verify that we can get some birds with no good fortune at all. Josiah would have been a support since he could be quick, but after he passed away, all of us did not let ourselves to dwell on losing. We almost got slain doing it, especially after a drill practice like the one we had today. I think the fact that only good reason that we have these kinds of practices is to keep all of us busy with the minds and not worry about going ridiculous. Also I really believe that we have all of them so we could keep warm before we go to sleep at night. I might possibly take up some poems now and then. I really hope you do not brain, Journal, but it really will keep this old guys brain from veering too much from the conflict. They might certainly not be any good, but We would like it.

The person that is not close to me

will certainly grow better

inpassingtime. Loss of life is

upon us. Here itis, the


I must stop tonight today. I are not a good poet person, but in least it will help get my own ideas in the available more, and i also thank you Record for listening for the sad track I enjoy.


Dear Journal, August 27, 1863

There is ice on the ground. Some realize how fast winter happens until I really slept in the wide open. Michael and I played playing cards today. We all gambled each of our housewives and hardtack, with a few other people. I was only carrying it out for fun even though. Back home, Joseff turned 15. He will become enlisted in soon. We am frightened for what that boy needs to go through. We am praying that he will be able to avoid that appel set out. Emily is doing well in school. She actually is reading a whole lot, but , I believe, she is pro-Union. She has been reading that Negro book, Uncle Toms Cabin. I actually am quite upset that she is rebelling against her fathers desires and disobeying the Confederacys deals. I actually do not even understand how she acquired that book. I thought these people were all burned up. Baby Soo is doing hunky dory at least. The girl should be, since she is just 6. All those things effects her is that her Pa is usually away. The girl misses me personally, I know that. She attracted me a picture and directed it in my experience along with Annas page. But additional sad information was to stick to. About eight of my slaves happened to run away currently. I do not understand how this is. I was great to all of them. I cared for them with more respect than most other natural cotton planters. Well, as they say in France, Cest la strive. I was just not sure if my loved ones can take that hardship any more, I would not be able to. I wish this kind of war was over therefore our loved ones house may not be as divided as it is now. I simply do not understand. Devoid of this warfare, the ground thaws, the rain falls, the grass grows, the stars can gleam and the poets is going to dream. Lifestyle goes on, when my family is finished, I will expire inside. My own poetics are improving I must say but , that will not assist much struggling with and drilling. I wish that went away. My spouse and i am performing Dixie today. It is placing me within a good feelings, for tomorrow is another time, another mystery for living to follow whether I expire or live. Well, zero day currently. I am getting tired, I must rest. Goodnight.


Dear Record, November some, 1863

I wish I was in the Land of Cotton. Older times you will find not neglected, Look aside! Look aside! Look apart, Dixie Terrain I wish I was there, at home, living in the C. S i9000. A., towards the end of the warfare, and not end up being alone like here. We am losing my anxiousness as this war drudges on. Josiahs words even now haunt me now and then. Step out of here. Try to escape, and do not come back. It is heck and may well avoid from getting hurt and mutilated by simply these doctors I i am frightened of this. I are trying my personal hardest to never get sick also to steer clear of the disease and getting damage. I just don’t want to do that. I want to be wrapped up in my Bonnie Green Flag and sleep. It can be too cold out here, especially with no umbrella. Someone needed it just because a person droped and set off a gun, eliminating the man immediately. It was not really a pleasant factor to see, but we all should have the safety around the gun to any extent further unless our company is using it to get battle. I dont really know what to do with myself I i am utterly fed up. I discovered the clairon and now We play Reveille and the clutter call plus the rest of the sachet calls. I actually am excellent at this, and I possibly learned some pretty marche and songs. Michael plays the mandoline and Will can really play the trombone. We play on the campfires the moment our devices are not thus cold or perhaps when we are not really drinking and playing cards. This is certainly one extended war. I have been here for simply three months and i also am previously losing my own pride pertaining to the Southern region and I when you go home. My spouse and i write at this point everyday to my family, although I just get a notice every fourteen days. It is not like Anna or maybe the children to neglect me like this. I am hoping that nothing at all happened to them. Family and War will be occupying my thoughts now. That is all I do believe about. We did not combat much in battles. I was in the Chattanooga Siege and today the Knoxville Siege. This kind of war is without meaning to it anymore. We kill people, we all win, we lose. That may be all it can be. The people that are ordering us around, acquiring killed, nevertheless we are people. It is the people on the hill that are manipulating the people in the valley listed below. Why, how come oh Master are we fighting right now? I realize i wanted to include States Rights and separation is good, yet we need to end the Hell at this point and give peace a chance. I am today contemplating this now. Within my dreams, the world will live as one, if you have peace go back to the states.


Special Journal, Nov 28, 1863

I miss food. I use not consumed for two days and nights. I only drank water and whiskey. That does not complete me up. Chattanooga was another struggle gone, dropping more lives than important. Of course we were not so blessed this time in winning. Bragg, although this individual cut off Rosecrans supplies apparently, Grant came in from the Western world to control the Yank soldires. He set Thomas in charge apparently and took the bumbling Rosecrans out. If Rosecrans was still in charge, Excellent feeling that individuals would have earned Chattanooga back and acquired each of our trading. I would personally know that Chattanooga is a big trading middle because I usually send my own cotton right now there and it is delivered all over the North. About half of our company is usually away in leave, injured, or slain now. You could tell this kind of on Missionary Ridge, wherever we were. That looked like you may not be able to make it through, and yet together with the lack of males we had, these people Yanks performed. I have a feeling that this damage ill have an effect on us in the long term more than we understand it now. There were 6th, 670 males killed, for least that may be what Will explained. I even now can not imagine we shed though. Were the Confederates, the proudest, most hot-headed men with this war and that we should easily beat those Yankees any day. That is a single mystery to my opinion. We are a lot better than them and yet we reduce. Besides Chattanooga, at Campbells Station, an additional loss to us of 570 men, also came and gone at Campbells Station. If perhaps Longstreet just got there faster, I think that we could have earned that challenge, which makes me upset. Over a lighter subject matter, Will, Eileen, and I are doing pretty well by playing. All of us play practically nightly. We keep the instruments nice by placing them near to the fire throughout the day. It is snowing now. About ten males are inside the hospital because they got frostbite. Why does not Davis realize that we require more gear than we were issued at the start. I sewed my brand in my cover, the only thing keeping me slightly warm now. I did this kind of so my children can be notified if I get hurt or killed. My spouse and i highly uncertainty that will eventually me to tell you the truth. I am quick and I dodged a few bullets around me, but why do the different soldiers certainly not do that? Maybe, I just discovered my response in Josiahs words they wanted to step out of this, and just gave up. Very well, the Confederacy did not need them then if they were doing that. Very well, I i am becoming quite tired, I need to sleep.


Dear Journal, December six, 1863

Becoming thirty-seven is definitely not a nice experience I have to tell you. Today I was created, but you can not necessarily celebrate types birth in war. Drilling is not really on the top of my personal list of goals for honoring this, but when you are inside the war, you can not do anything about that one. We fought one other battle in Fort Sanders (Fort Loudon). Longstreet was our commander. I think he can bad luck for all of us. We continue to keep losing when he is in fee. I wish Robert Lee manipulated us once, then I would be certain that we would win. Will certainly said that there was 780 men killed for the reason that one. It is rather sad actually because we lost all Eastern Tn to the Union camps, whilst we need this more than they are doing. They have good food because me and Mike traveled to one of the dead on the other side, and in addition they had hardtack, real espresso, and discontinued beef, and fresh water. All of us split our findings with one another and we had a feast. A lot of males were green with envy that they did not think of that idea that there were, and we were filled for once. The food worms were not as big either than that of the southern area of Hardtack and that we just dunked it within our coffee, and skimmed these critters off the top and they did not effect the taste than it. We are even now in Knox County. I believe we might possess another battle to restore Chattanooga. We doubt which the victory could happen. Many of the males went house to their families for Holiday and they will certainly not be back for some time. If you are enrolled in the military services, the least you can do is stay until you are taken, then you can go home. That is the work of mankind, to be devoted to your job. I have thoughts of going home, nevertheless I will never go through with it, never. It is mindless if men keep that up, we will surely drop the battle and then exactly where will we all be? Slaves free, little freedom about what we want from your government, plus the North would power over us. I actually do not want this to happen, although I want the war to stop, I just do not want to shed the faith in the Confederacy, or the Confederacy itself. I must rest intended for tomorrow is yet another day of waiting for a battle.


Dear Log, December 17, 1863

I tried and tried to prevent the damned medical center, but to no avail. Espresso beans Station, although our get, my lower limbs were impressed. No gangrene yet. I doubt that I will get this because I used to be one of the first to go down. Basic Longstreet gave us at least a good get though but not many men had been killed, simply 900. This kind of win though, does not mean very much except that that did not lead us into total disaster. Other troops happen to be in Russellville in for their particular winter sectors. I have a feeling that they will certainly not be presently there long even though. Michael is beside me personally. He was following to me when the incident occurred, but was much less lucky. He is dying. His right area is all bloody. You can not understand it. He could be badly burnt and there are minnie balls everywhere on his body system. It is a sore sight intended for the eye, and I can not look at him for too much time without getting a wave of nausea. Thankfully I am allowed to go back home when I have enough strength. Michael can not delight on going residence. He is floating away in and out of consciousness. There may be blood everywhere on this terrible hole, and it makes more awful than great. Men should not die coming from a cold, however they do after they go to a War Hospital. Jordan should not be in this article, he would not deserve it. He would have been completely better off declining in the battlefield and have even more honor to his name than being caught here trying to be expanded by unknowledgeable doctors that have no hint which is left or proper. I i am frightened me, whether I live or perhaps not, but poor Michael. He must quiet the world around him, and set off to the place beyond the cotton areas. He spoke! To the times of inspiration, and peace is definitely not the alternative of conflict, creativity is. La vie Confederate! And now he is noiseless. The sound of the other voices slowly disappeared, and I simply heard Fatality that earlier Michaels lip area.


Dear Log, December twenty-four, 1863

Back home is not really what I expected either. My loved ones left for fear of the Union job. They attended Texas I do think. That is the actual Donovans explained. I realized they either died or they would approach because of the with the lack of letters I had. Seems as if that they had forgotten about me. My spouse and i didnt comprehend that this happens, even Very forgot about her Pa, but the lady did. That they left and in addition they did not attention. They did certainly not care what happens to the Confederacy or even the committed soldier. Josiah did not tell me what happens after I would get out of the military services. I do not think that this individual planned that far. He just wanted away, but didnt see the implications. He did not realize that people in the Area of Organic cotton will your investment old instances and the professional soldier. I actually regret these types of circumstances that other males in the South have to go through this, and i also wish that love for a soldier and family would be thicker than blood. Yet that would have to depend on trust, and faithfulness, and not question feelings that will scare many people, like my loved ones was. I needed to live in a free of charge country, and believe in the individual that is operating the nation. The things i got was being a impact, and a rustic where Shaun Davis would not prove his States legal rights theory. This is simply not what I was fighting pertaining to. I do not really think that is exactly what anyone was fighting intended for. We, the Confederacy, wanted Peace, Love, and Justice and produce our region work. Very well, now I understand that those thoughts are just wishful thinking for a Southerner. The war even now goes on, and life really does, but I want it to get over. Almost all what I were living for, is fully gone in a great time. My family made me, and I i am not allowed back to the war. I am too fragile to go on any more either. The doctors offered me Valium to consider. I might as well ease the pain of my center on Holiday Eve to follow the constellation-filled night and possess it guide me into heaven. I actually thank you for staying there to aid me through this. I must satisfy the honored military that have fought against bravely. Probably in the Superb States above, it should be the way in which it is meant to be.

As what Michael has said, La vie Confederate!


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