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Colonialism and imperialism section of the

lifestyle and while thesepolicies enhanced the old European empire, they were bad for the

people of the colonies.

Discuss. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Use proof from

your SOSE publication to support your point of view.

During a period following 1870, there were a rise in European interest to obtain

abroad empires, which usually to the Western european empires looked politically weakened and

prone. They greedily grabbed these types of empires to boost their own financial

system and power. They often told the peoples in the colonised nation that

they were inferior to the empire that ruled these people. The effects of the

colonisation had a huge influence on the financial systems of these countries and the

individuals that lived within them.

Power was a major driving force behind the deal with to obtain the many amount

of colonies. In the Late 1800s attaining colonies came into existence in fashion

as well as the prestige of owning these colonies forced the disposition to getting an

expanding number. The military force number could have grown with ever

nest obtained for that reason giving the mother region more power and

prestige, and gaining India into the empire was like locating a sparkling

treasure in a container of black coals, although the indigenous people of India got such a

different life style that very few Englishmen may comprehend.

While using British Empire composed of of India, it was capable of boost the

economy of Britain, which has a vast amount recycleables and a sizable

population, which usually made work inexpensive, the British profited greatly for

the expense from the Indian people. The transact routes in India made

transporting the raw materials from the country and importing affordable goods

into the country straightforward, and once again with the expense of the Indian

persons. When the industrial revolution came, the United kingdom were able to

export cotton to England and produce cotton-made products in factories very much

cheaper than if an individual in India were to do this, many Of india lost their very own

way of life, as the factory-made cotton items were less expensive than the

hand-made India goods.

The India culture was very different to anything the British Empire had

ever observed before. The British were very bias towards the Indians

and sensed that the Indians were substandard to themselves. Charles Darwins

Survival with the Fittest theory seemed to support this, supplying the Uk

grounds to fell excellent. They compelled their religious beliefs and tradition upon the

Indians and convinced them that whatever British was better than anything at all

Indian was, and the Indians felt second-rate to the English. Many Of india

children had been taught The english language and British history in schools, giving no

space for a history and traditions of the country the resided in.

Even though the industrial revolution and the grab for colonies helped develop

the Uk empire into a effective kingdom, this stuff were extremely

detrimental for the people moving into these colonies, as was your

Britishs superiority complex.

Dominique Fazzari 10i

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