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Commentary about two hands essay

The poem Two hands, simply by Jon Stallworthy compares the hands from the persona with those of his father. The son is the voice in the poem and he explains the difference between his fathers hand great hand. Even though these hands are literally similar, indicated in the series hands thus alike spade palms the personalities of owners of the hands, are very several. The title itself, the Two Hands, represents both the different personas of the father and the kid.

The son on one hand, definitely seems to be a poet person. This is backed in the series, dance with this pencil where the sons hand, similar to his fathers, dances. The difference between the hands however would be that the fathers hands are described as dancing when you are performing operations seeing that he is a surgeon, while the sons hands dance when ever writing poetry. We can currently here imagine the character is the poet person himself, mainly because of several clear signals e. g. my father and also since Stallworthy obviously is also a poet person.

In this composition the boy compares his hand along with his fathers. The first series itself tells us that the gentes father can be described as person having a job which involves a lot of research and studying. Over the following two lines we come to master that the daddy is a surgeon by profession. The idea of the father as being a surgeon can be backed up further by the medical diction, scalpel, stitch and Lancet. Stalking beneath the straightforward comparing of hands one will discover an underlying information of the relationship between the daddy and the child and their emotions towards one another. The lines fingers which includes style | on paper, in other places none and I have observed | the other preserve no one, serve no one, boogie with this pencil hints at resentment as though the boy feels inferior to his life conserving father since he is only a poet. He says that he is just good for composing, not for keeping lives or perhaps helping people.

Also the fact that father is described by son (thirteen times led a scalpel and elaborate dance) shows that the boy admires and looks up to his father and that he feels that he, himself, is inadequate. Furthermore the lines Who have nevertheless | hands so alikewould have no even more in common and I curse | tonight, with the other end of the house suggest a separation involving the father as well as the son. Stallworthy has intentionally written this other end of the house as a metaphor to show the space between them, not only physically although also inside their behaviour.

Stallworthy makes use of many different literary techniques in order to emphasize certain elements of his poem. An example of this could be found in the queue that 13 times where alliteration from the ts accentuates these terms and gives the queue a relatively chatty feeling which leads to the colloquial manner in which this story is told. A similar technique is used in the 1st and 2nd lines to pull together the text study, sits and stiffly and in order to, perhaps use the phrase stiffly sitting down as well as the way the pen nods. We also see that the persona sees that now he would be intoxicated by his father, and seems quite discouraged at being under somebody’s mercy.

In the poem, Stallworthy frequently uses enjambment which in turn is then a caesura. An example of this is often found in the lines on the lookout for and 15 where his use of the caesura enables the lines sense just so you know and it also impacts the beat as to give it a feeling of organic speech. The punctuation, which usually comes after, in that case creates a relatively informal atmosphere. Metaphors are generally used throughout Stallworthys composition in order to produce an complex mood.

Inside the line The telephone has sobbed itself to rest we can get personification (of the phone), assonance (of the os) and onomatopoeia (sobbed) which usually all together leaves the reader which has a both spectacular visual and aural image. Another sort of this can be seen in the line A spasm shakes the phone at this elbow where phone again is personified, this time embodied with a spasm. Once more the application of onomatopoeia (spasm) and assonance of the os creates a regal picture. The use of the same techniques, in these two examples, attracts the lines together and somewhat unifies them as though the phone in the beginning has gone to sleep, only to arise later which has a spasm.

The poets rhyme scheme is known as a different one particular and contains both equally regular and irregular vocally mimic eachother. The vocally mimic eachother is frequent in the form A, N, B, A C, G, D, C, except equal 9, 12 and seventeen where the vocally mimic eachother is damaged which lays special emphasis on these words. Stallworthy has used this rhyme scheme to be able to represent and enhance the suppressed and shattered feeling the boy offers because of his inferiority complicated to his father. On the end, in the lines 17-20, the poet has intentionally chosen to deteriorate the force of the vocally mimic eachother in order to stress the words and to draw these people together.

The last line inside the poem creates a sense of finality inside the personas affirmation as if he is sure that his father is definitely going to leave as soon as he gets a call. The pencil drops: he will end up being out again. He compares his side to his fathers to demonstrate that his hand can be immature but not that able of doing work as fast since his father does. As he is unskilled in life and it is not as experienced as his father in the job of the surgeon he says that his hand techniques slow in comparison with this fathers. Over below he merely describes his fathers performance in work although he is beneath the supervision of his daddy.

To conclude, That stuff seriously it is seen how Stallworthy has captured the mood of an insufficient son, covered up by his fathers superiority by using a lot of techniques. The normal rhyme which usually occasionally is shattered in co-operation together with the diction plus the various fictional techniques, plays a role in this ambiance of insecurity. Stallworthy handles to create anything we all can easily recognize, the feeling of being insufficient, not good enough, rather than able to reach the anticipations of our specialist figures.

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