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Communication assignment composition

Explain the main distinctions between communicating with adults and communication with children and young people (3. 2) Although there are some elements of conversation that should be present regardless of age or development including respect and courtesy, while adults and teaching staff we should conform our connection and terminology with who we are speaking with and their age. There is a require when communicating with children and young people to be clear and unambiguous. This helps kids and young people understand what our company is saying and expressing and also helping them develop terminology and interaction skills to use for themselves.

As educating staff the moment communicating with a kid or boy or girl it is important to never use too much language while the message or demand could turn into confused and lost by child or young person. It is important to ensure that the kid or the younger generation understand what has been asked of these and that instructing staff should certainly ensure that this kind of level of understanding is accomplished and remember to get patient and mindful old and advancement.

Also, it is important to bear in mind that child and young people will certainly copy mature behaviour and it is therefore very important to unit the kind of conversation you would expect from them.

Because of this , ensuring respect, accepting contributions and differences of viewpoints, being polite and respectful are crucial once communicating with children/ young people and adults. Discover examples of interaction difficulties which may exist (3. 3) Communication is a vital skill and helps us share feelings, make choices and aids all of us in all aspects of life, there are plenty of pupils that struggle with communication and parts of difficulty can arise for the variety of causes. This could be because of special requirements or due to attitudes and beliefs. Physical Factors

These could include speech road blocks such as a stammer or more significant physical circumstances or unique needs which will effect the capability of connection. Working in a particular needs institution I work with many students that are not able to verbally speak for a number of different reasons including severe autism, severe developing delay and down symptoms. Although these types of students will be fully backed and often include other ways to communicate they will often turn into frustrated that they can cannot talk their thoughts. It also affects their self-reliance.

Confidence Assurance could be another barrier to communication. Self confidence can be produced with practice; a pupil’s self esteem is usually linked to emotions of self-affirmation and that belong. As instructing staff it is vital to allow pupils and provide them the confidence that assists communication for example this may be done by providing a pupil sufficient time to respond through being delicate. Cultural Distinctions There may be communication difficulties as a result of cultural dissimilarities. This could be made because of diverse expectations developed by traditions.

An example of this could be that a pupil in a institution maybe part of a lifestyle where eye contact is not really encouraged this could mean that persons may not grab as many not verbal tips. Describe the right way to adapt interaction to meet diverse communication requires (3. 4) It may be necessary to adapt the way in which you connect if you are conntacting someone who has difficulties in this area. This techniques works extremely well ¢ Speak clearly and appropriately when communicating. ¢ Slow the speech if necessary. Use image aids such as pictures, picture or memory cards. ¢ Use a translator if necessary. ¢ Employ sign terminology. ¢ Preserve good eye-to-eye contact and employ positive body gestures. ¢ Make use of facial expressions and hands gestures. Working in a school for severely disabled young people, a lot of the students have communication troubles, for many their particular communication skills are not associated with their age. This has meant that personnel in the university have to adapt to enable the students ways to connect their feelings/wants/needs appropriately.

Though teaching staff try to encourage speech you will discover other techniques that are used. For example * Makaton signing Makaton is a dialect programme employing signs and symbols to help clients to speak. It is made to support voiced language plus the signs and symbols are used with talk, in spoken word order. * Symbols/ Visual aids/ Visual timetables Symbols can be used to re impose a message or a request employed along side speech, an example of this may be handing a student a stop indication and saying “stop if the student had been silly.

Emblems can also be used within a visual timetable, these are generally used in autistic classes, signs (or words) that represent the activities the students will be doing that working day and in the correct order therefore they are mindful of what they will be doing. * Electronic audio system Some students that are not capable of communicate by speaking use an electronic digital speaker; they are specialised personal computers that allow people to talk. The user engages different keys to communicate what they are planning to say, the speaker according to the different words and phrases out loud. 2. PECS

Picture, exchange, connection system (PECS) is a approach to communication when the student hands symbols for an adult to request some thing or to speak a feeling. This tends to be used in autistic options and gives students the opportunity intended for spontaneous communication. Describe how to deal with disagreements between; * The practitioner and child/ young people There can be disagreements between teaching associate staff and young people. This may be because personnel have to set boundaries and rules set up which the teenagers may not accept.

In the case of a disagreement it is important to address the problem. The staff member should stay calm and collected and explain so why they have considered the actions that they have considered. In this case, of any disagreement as a result of boundaries the staff team ought to be consistent. With respect to the nature in the disagreement it can possibly be a good idea to discuss it afterwards once everybody can be thinking detailed, this could be a way to talk about so why it happened and the way to prevent in the future. In my treatment setting there were occasions that young people have got targeted staff for unknown reasons.

This is often difficult for the staff, in this case it’s important to give support as a team. The staff member may want to perform activities and tasks with the young person later on to develop associations. * The practitioner and also other adults (3. 5) Most likely when doing work along side people in a operate setting that there will be disagreements. This could be for several reasons, which includes poor conversation or rupture of personas and concepts, as adults we can at times misread scenarios and information given, we could also be shielding and lead by our emotions.

In these conflict situations it is important to get sensitive along with keen to solve the situation and soon as it can be. Being available and genuine about feelings and thoughts can help handle a situation and be sure that each party do their utmost to prevent it happening once again. It is also important to remember that as an employee you are developed to be specialist. If staff are not able to deal with a difference they should label the schools complaint policy or perhaps procedure.


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