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Communication essay 2

A career identifies who My spouse and i am and what am i not all about. It is true a majority of persons will decide to work for what pays while offering them the most, especially living in today’s economic climate. However , I really believe that my own chosen employment opportunity should foundation on the supply of my passion and interest in order to assure a long term success in life. Therefore , when it comes to my own interest and passion, the first thing that came into my mind would be dancing.

As being a dancer since I was 3 years old, I always dreamed of having a business of my own, personal which handles dancers coming from all around the world. Specifically, my selected career would be the director of the dance organization. The main reason for selecting this profession, of course , is because of my interest in dance. Therefore it can be great easily could propagate my interest in this healthy and balanced sport for the society as well.

In order to figure out further within the requirements We would like for my own chosen vocation and also the issues I might face in the future, the corporation I decided to interview is the owner of a dance company called Redmouse Boogie Academy.

Person Interviewed (Ms. Pearl Wong Huei Woon, Director of Redmouse Move Academy) In her mid-30’s, Ms. Gem Wong Huei Woon has been practicing as the director of Redmouse Party Academy, which is based in Dataran Mentari Agency Sunway within the past 3 years. Like a dancer himself, she has been to different countries and investigated different party companies coming from all around the world after graduated from high school, nevertheless focus generally in Asian countries such as Korea and The japanese.

She has a vast amount expertise in the party industry. The girl even delivers over boogie instructors all the way up from Korea for her firm in Malaysia knowing that Koreans are well generally known as great dancers. Besides that, knowing that the Korean appear songs are the current pattern in Malaysia, Ms. Pearl Wong encourages her Korean language staffs to show Korean Take Dances to be able to meet the needs of the society. Through the interview, Ms. Pearl Wong Huei Woon shared a large number of experiences of working in her career and exactly how rewarding this career may be.

Brief Background Information of Ms. Pearl Wong

Job Opportunity

i) Keeping Company’s Picture According to Ms. Pearl Wong, as the representative of the business, it is very important on her to maintain the company’s image. In order to do so , this lady has to ensure every once in awhile that the Korean Instructors the lady hired would their task well in featuring high quality move instructions with her customers. She also accepts opinions and ideas from her customers to ensure that more improvements could be completed maintain the provider’s reputation in the dance industry.

ii) Organizing and Organizing Ms. Treasure Wong happens to be active in planning and organizing dance-related events from time to time to promote and gain interest from the community towards her dance company. She offers opportunities for her students to perform in the situations she organized and also occasions in cooperation with other party companies so the public can witness the standard of her party company.

iii) ManagingAs the director in the company, Ms. Pearl Wong is dependable in choosing and oversees the work of her écuries in the organization. According to Ms. Pearl, it is important to allocate the proper person towards the right job. She analyzes the specialised of her employees in dancing and divides their very own job consequently. She believes by handling her employees effectively, it can help to lead those to a way of useful work and increases productivity.

iv) Conspiring of Long term Expansion Possibilities of the Company Every single decision the director make will bring a big impact towards the firm and the staff. (Sullivan, 2012) Even though it is risky to broaden the company, however , Ms. Gem Wong thought that a good business enlargement may business lead the company to a exposure towards a wider audience which will helps in raising potential customers.

Benefits of the Position To Ms. Pearl Wong, talking about the youthful generation to let them display their talents is already one of many benefits and happiness the lady could get hold of in her career. Furthermore, having Korean language instructors as her personnel, it provides an international presence to her company and that assists her for more information about the Korean language culture and languages. In addition of that, it also gives her a new point of view and new ways to do issues.

Challenges The main challenge that Ms. Pearl Wong confronts in her career may be the changing customer preferences which is unpredictable. Consumers’ preferences and expectations such as trends, economical conditions and the pace of their busy lives changes occasionally. (Miles, 2012) Ms. Pearl Wong must keep himself up to date about the latest trend in dancing so that she could meet up the targets of her target customers, which are the technology Y’s. In addition, she adjusts rates for the dance classes in order that it is inexpensive for her buyers but in the same time, she should take into consideration of her profits and earnings. Therefore , these are generally the problems she generally face in her job.

Job Requirements According to Ms. Treasure Wong, “Having a business of your does not require a high level of education; instead, it requires interest, commitment and experiences.  Being simply a graduate in SPM level, Ms. Gem Wong looked into and gain experiences from dance academies in different countries to learn all their ways in doing the business. Years after years, she finally has her own dance company in Malaysia, which is also the first ever Korean Appear Dance Schools in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore , to her, it can be all about the effort in learning and showing your passion inside your career that counts.

Personal SWOT Examination

i) Strengths My biggest strength is having good general public relation abilities especially in connection. I am able to connect clearly no matter in writing or verbally. (Joseph, 2012) Besides that, My spouse and i am constantly willing to master new things in order to gain more know-how and encounters. I as well show total passion and commitment in my own interest and might spend time looking to improve me. Last of all, I actually am capable to think artistically and create new concepts no matter in what I am doing.

ii) WeaknessesOne of my weak points that often end up being the obstacle of my life will be lack of self-confidence. I frequently feel nervous and imagine I could not do well could I try, this indirectly lower down my personal efficiency in work. Besides that, I have poor time administration skills particularly when it comes to completing assignments and preparation for final exams. I always have this habit of completing my personal assignments last week which is one of my weak points that should be fixed.

iii) Possibilities Being the general public Relation Supervisor and Function Coordinator in my club in University, I use the opportunity to set up events and meet persons from several industries. Over the process of planning and arranging, I are able to gain a lot of new knowledge and experiences which usually would assist in my upcoming career. Besides that, We am an element time student in Redmouse Dance Senior high; therefore I am able to the ways to operate a dance business. Of course , I am capable to obtain extra knowledge running a business through the current course We am learning in grounds.

iv) Hazards The only threats I was currently facing are no particular training certification and no doing work experience that can definitely bring disadvantages to my opinion in the future.

Proposed Plan Short-term plan

Pertaining to my short term plans, I would personally try my personal best to credit score my degree with flying colors. In the meantime, I would like to enhance personal development by being more active in participating actions and competitions in order to boost my self-esteem. Last of all, I must complete my own degree program and graduate student as a worldwide Business and Marketing pupil so that I possibly could equip personally with more expertise and that will aid in increasing the options and possibilities others could offer to my opinion in the future.

Long-term plan

To get my long-term plan, I want to gain even more working experience at offshore for five years after completing my Degree Program since an International Business and Promoting graduate to ensure that I could study and explore more in other countries to get a wider view running a business operations. After five years of working encounter, I will continue pursuing my own studies in Taylor’s Learn in Management Software for 1 . 5 years to improve and upgrade me so that I have enough understanding to achieve my own dream. Following my completion in Learn Program, Let me continue spending so much time for at least three years and start my own business while an Entrepreneur of a dance firm.

Conclusion This interview features provided me a clearer view on my foreseeable future career path and in addition increased my knowledge inside the requirements of being an entrepreneur. Carrying out what I love to do and carrying out the best is often what I am trying to accomplish in the future. I think that my personal passion in dancing and managing will almost always be my inspiration to study hard so that my dreams can be reached. Last but not least, I appreciate Ms. Pearl Wong’s help in spending her a chance to share her experiences beside me throughout this interview.

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