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Company behavior of hk disneyland essay


Hong Kong Disneyland, opened to visitors in 2005, is among the two largest theme leisure areas in Hk. It efficiently brings mysterious experience of Walt Disney to all or any the guests just like additional Disneyland around the world.

Hong Kong Disneyland has created a culture for his or her employees with open conversation with their managers and subordinates, professional training, and advantages. This philosophy of treating employees very well has long been followed by Walt Disney for many years. The belief of Walt Disney is that you could have joyful friends as long as you include employees who also enjoy doing work for Disneyland and bringing delight to visitors.

While using comprehensive practicing each employee, they make every visitorsexperience a memorable magical moment. No matter the cast of Disney personas, or the persons working in Disneyland’s restaurants or hotels, every one of them receive complete training. This training can easily ensure that every Disney staff can work jointly as a team, and provide excellent consumer services to cater for all their customers’ needs.

In this statement, we can illustrate how Disneyland contains organizational habit concepts to create a culture because of their employees exactly where they experience satisfactory for his or her work environment and feel that they can be important to the team. Motivation and learning happen to be two primary focuses within our research. All of us will also present suggestions how Disneyland can easily further improve in terms of organizational culture.


Hong Kong Disneyland has many ways to motivate the employees to work. Our team is going to apply Theory By and Theory Y, Herzberg’s two-factor theory, and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need these kinds of three hypotheses to analyze the employee motivation methods of Hong Kong Disneyland

Theory X and Theory Y

Here is a simple introduction around the Theory X before the program on Disneyland. Theory X based on pessimistic assumptions. It truly is impediment to employee morale and production. For example , it assumed that labors will be inherently laid back and avoid to work, simply interested in money and in will need of close supervision. As well, they would have little desire without bonus programs, prevent responsibility and need to be motivated through control systems. Therefore , once the supervisor adopting this theory, they are going to end everything in fault without analyzing the situation, structure the work, energize the employees and also in severe style based on the menace of punishment.

Here concerns the application on theory Back button. According to the prolocutor of Disneyland, Angela Enjoyment, Disney staff have to abide by strict rules and guidelines for their behavior and appearance. Once hired, they must maintain the “Disney Look, plus the Disney seem is a clean, clean andapproachable look, making certain every guest feels comfortable with our entire solid. Therefore , “Cast members,  Disney’s means of referring to their very own employees, receive a “Disney appear book that details all of the requirements, putting an emphasis on a natural look with natural hair color and make-up. The purpose in this way is to maintain your focus on the ‘show’ but not on the specific cast member. Besides, a cast affiliate with magenta hair may well not appear approachable to all with their guests.

Relating to Disney rules, anytime a solid member confronts a guest whom appears dropped or frazzled, the employee need to offer their help and point these people in the right direction. Directing must always be performed with both two fingers or the total hand. Therefore , the above demonstrated that the staff in Disney are experienced serious and high rigorous instructions and rules by the theory Back button style managers.

What’s more, with regards to the article by Jason Garcia, Orlando Sentinel on November 16, 2010, The Walt Disney Company. has released a new insurance plan banning staff from sending text messages while driving on the job. The ban applies to all of the Burbank, Calif. -based entertainment giant’s worldwide workers ” including its around 60, 500 workers by Walt Disney World. The insurance plan, which just lately took effect, also forbids employees by making or receiving telephone calls while driving a car on the job unless they use a single earpiece. It applies to workers who are either traveling company cars or utilizing their own automobiles while on the task. Disney punishments for staff caught violating the traveling policy will be decided on case-by-case basis. The policy will not apply to workers during their hard drives to or from work.

In short, the evidences over status which the management of theory Back button style, use to set up polices and punishments to stimulate their “actors”.

On the other hand, in this article comes to the idea Y. On the contrary, it depending on positive presumptions, and also more positive view of workers plus the possibilities that create. For instance, that they assumed that employees will be ambitious, self-motivated and stressed to accept increased responsibility. Workers exercise self-control, self-direction, autonomy and personal strength, also workout creativity and turn into forward looking. So , once the managers happen to be adopted this kind of theory, they will believes that folks want to do very well at work, have got a pool of abandoned creativity and that the satisfaction of doing a job is itself inspiring.

Here involves the application in theory Sumado a. The Walt Disney Company focuses on making a culture in which employees can easily flourish and discover meaning in their work. As well as more than twelve, 000 online reference elements and solutions, instructor-led classes, performance support systems, and education compensation for job-related degree applications, The Walt Disney Organization offers an array of tools. Through the website of The Walt Disney Co., they will claimed that ‘It needs a special sort of person to work at The Walt Disney Company. Our employees and cast users contribute to the success of our many brands in ways no other company complements. That is why each of our employees and cast associates are the best part of our organization. But we all know your life isn’t just about operate. You have further things occurring ” relatives, friends, personal interests, education and more. The Walt Disney Company gives a comprehensive total rewards package that helps you reside your best your life, grow professionally and personally, and get rewarded to get the benefits you deliver. The courses, benefits and perks you obtain as an employee or solid member can vary based on where you reside and work. But when you put it all up, the total package deal provides the same results: your total benefits support you throughout almost all stages of your life and career. ‘

Herzberg’s two-factor theory

The two-factor theory states that you have certain elements in the workplace that cause job satisfaction, while a separate group of factors trigger dissatisfaction. The idea suggests that to further improve job behaviour and efficiency, administrators must recognize and attend to equally sets of characteristics rather than assume that an increase in satisfaction leads to decrease in certainly not pleasurable discontentment.

Two-factor theory distinguishes between motivators and hygiene factors based on the notion that the existence of one set of job attributes or offers leads to worker satisfaction at work, while an additional and separateset of work characteristics leads to dissatisfaction at the office. Therefore , pleasure and dissatisfaction are not over a continuum with one raising as the other diminishes, but are 3rd party phenomena.

Motivators such as demanding work, achievements, recognition, responsibility, or anything else that provided positive pleasure, arising from intrinsic conditions from the job on its own, which is depending on the long lasting working environment but not short-lasting success.

The Walt Disney Firm offers an extensive total benefits package that helps employee live better existence, grow professionally and personally, and obtain rewarded to get the benefits they deliver, for example , you will find incentive and special identification programs which includes quality of, length of services, community volunteerism and staff of the month recognition. Praise will be varied by firm, job status, location and/or the conditions of virtually any applicable ordinaire bargaining contract. The company possess a diverse workforce is critical to the business. Number of opinions, concepts and viewpoints to ensure staff and their managers continue to top the overall performance and represent the company’s global marketplace. When employee reflects the residential areas, it can boost the way for these people connect to guests, audiences and consumers. Worker can think that they function toward a comprehensive environment that fosters imagination, innovation and camaraderie across all of the Disney companies. The culture can also inspire the workers. For instance, they can be committed to a practice of creativity and technology. Employee could be easily given job pleasure from environment a high common of brilliance and maintain superior quality standards throughout all product categories. Apart from that, working in The Walt Disney Company may always delight in in the joyful atmosphere as the entertainment is about desire, aspiration and positive effects, they can make positive and inclusive suggestions about families and provide entertainment experiences for a lot of generations to talk about. The satisfying, inclusive and supportive work environment is determined by the company. Thus, the staffs can gain pleasure from employed in Disney.

Care factors, for example , status, job security, earnings, work circumstances, the rewards for employee, that do not give confident satisfaction, although dissatisfaction comes from their lack. The Walt Disney Business provides staff base incomes with the total compensation prospect and health and fitness benefits which includes medical, Disney Health Uses Wellness resources, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), behavioral wellness, prescription medicine coverage, dental, healthcare and dependent child care flexible spending accounts, crash and incapacity Insurance, long lasting care insurance. Besides, automobile can have sufficient time off employed in Disney. They will have 10 paid holidays per year, vacation, sick pay and short-term disability, leaves of deficiency, bereavement and jury obligation, personal existence resources, group legal plan, adoption assistance program and onsite daycare centers. In addition, they can also relish the old age and monetary benefits. 401(k) savings plan with business match, old age savings plan for salaried personnel and employee stock order program would be included.

Also, they can enjoy special accessories which are complimentary theme park accès, employee special discounts, merchandise discount rates at Disney-owned stores, company-sponsored events and services, Disney employee matching gifts, relever assistance program and many other exceptional advantages. Finally, some world class training courses are personalized for employee to join including professional development, management and leadership advancement, computer expertise, business captivation programs and individual profession development since the company stimulates staff to find out and reach their goals. To sum up, the Herzberg’s two-factor theory can be applied in to the Walt Disney Company since motivators and hygiene elements can be found in the policy with the company and working environment. It may satisfy equally motivators and hygiene elements of employee and that is the key reason why staffs delight in to function there.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need

Maslow’s theory corelates motivation to a hierarchy of needs. At the bottom are essential physiological needs such as air, foodstuff, shelter and clothing. Since individuals fulfill one level of need, their very own motivations change as they aspire to reach the bigger order requires. Therefore , to motivate a person Maslow suggests that it is necessary to understand where in the hierarchy eachemployee is placed in order that these elements can be taken into account.

Physiological requires ” Hk Disneyland provides competitive incomes. This gives personnel the way to acquire the fundamental needs intended for living. Likewise, provide benefits programme to employees which in turn suit these people. These benefits and competitive salaries help workers’ spend go even more and so motivate them to end up being loyal towards the company. In Hong Kong Disneyland, empolyees can easily earn more than just a pay-check and will be given a total benefits package that consists of various kinds of compensation and benefits, including: Cast distinctive MTR lower price scheme

Comprehensive group medical care insurance, including outpatient, hospitalisation, consultant, Chinese herbalist and dental services Group lifestyle and group personal crash insurance

Discretionary gratuity

Paid annual keep, maternity leave, marriage leave and evaluation leave Overtime payment intended for frontline overtime, however, eligible positions

Immediately shift superior

Laundry services intended for uniforms and costume

Safety needs ” Hong Kong Disneyland ideals the safety coming from all employees. It really is committed to offering a safe and healthy work environment to prevent mishaps. Hong Kong Disneyland provides a obvious rule and regulation to employees. For instance , how to get the control over the devices; therefore workers are dependable to create a safe working environment also ” meaning they have to take responsibility to get observing the health and safety rules and practices. Hk Disnetland offers employees a range of working patterns. For instance , it supply a flexible doing work schedule, some employees may want to work as a part-time, they will choose among the schedule. This helps employees to choose the best option for any healthy work-life balance.

Interpersonal needs ” These are associated with a feeling of belonging. These give informal possibilities for employees to get along with the other person. This helps reinforce teams and enhances workers’ sense of belonging. Having an open way of communication maintains everybody centered on the Hong Kong

Disneyland’s aims allows individuals contribute to the company.

In Hong Kong Disneyland, there is a RACE Club which supplies a variety of fascination programs, instructor-led courses and outdoor outdoor recreation for players members and their family and friends. The RACE Membership strives to market diversity and work-life equilibrium for ensemble members. Also, it is a system for keen and talented cast associates to release their potential by being software instructors.

Worth ” All employees in Hong Kong Disneyland have a need to be respected and to respect themselves. Esteem is a normal personnel desire to be acknowledged and valued by others. Employees ought to engage themselves in activities, to gain acknowledgement and a sense of contribution. Worth needs may intersect with motivation inside the Hong Kong Disneyland too.

For instance , employees’ voice will be observed at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Cast users are meet to share virtually any feedback personnel may possess with the Ensemble Advisory Council (CAC). The CAC complies with regularly to hear cast affiliate feedback and make suggestions to further improve the working environment.

Self-actualisation ” Hong Kong Disneyland provides personnel with the chance to take on demanding and stimulating responsibilities. This permits them to develop and boost. Hong Kong Disneyland offers more than 100 instructor-led programs to any or all cast people, including the Operations and Specialist Teams. As being a full time players member, Personnel can acquire an average of thirty five training several hours per year to help these groups excel within their career. Normal instructor-led courses include: Classes for All Players Members:

Disney Traditions Schooling

Conversing Effectively in the Workplace

Providing and Receiving Reviews in Disney Style

Influencing Associates as a Position Model

Good Display Begins with me at night

Classes for All Managers:

Instruction for Win win Outcome

Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills

Time Management

Seminars and conferences managed by Guest Speakers


Organizational Learning in Disneyland

Learning in Disneyland have parts in three aspects, it includes Disney University, NI Learningland and Emerging Leader Program.

1 . Disney College or university

The Disney College or university (DU) presents more than 90 instructor-led courses to all solid members, such as Operations and Professional Clubs. As a full-time cast member, people can receive typically 35 training hours per year to help them surpass in their job. This likewise acts as a guide to providing world-class service to each of our guests. Typical instructor-led courses include: Classes for All Players Members:

-Disney Traditions Training

-Communicating Effectively in the Workplace

-Giving and Receiving Opinions in Disney Style

-Influencing Team Members as a Position Model

Classes for All Managers:

-Coaching for Win-Win Outcome

-Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills

-Time Administration

-Seminars and conventions hosted by Guest Loudspeakers

2 . DU Learningland

The NI Learningland provides a wide variety of self-learning materials to analyze at personnel own tempo. There are about 1, 1000 collections which include Disney characteristic films and books on career expansion as well as personal growth.

three or more. Emerging Frontrunners Program

Hong Kong Disneyland Emerging Leaders Program can assist workers develop for upcoming leadership functions at the Hk Disneyland Vacation resort. The six-month program concentrates on developing the core management competencies. Through the training, personnel and other players members focus on group projects, attend class training and do on-the-job shadowing with a Guests Service Administrator. Current situation of learning aspects in Hong Kong Disneyland 1 . Precise knowledge

Precise knowledge is definitely Knowledge that is articulated through language, including documents. Hk Disneyland delivers training to its workers. With the aim to progress along a large learning contour, Disneyland presents learning possibilities for the trainees, which includes classroom teaching that give staff guidelines with the way workers should act.

2 . Tacit knowledge

Tacit knowledge refers to knowledge acquired through observation and direct knowledge. From the recruitment post of Hong Kong Disneyland, it suggests that previous work experience at Hk Disneyland Hotel (e. g. Part Time Number / Internship) or any additional Disney topic parks will probably be considered as an added advantage. This proves the employees are likely to incorporate some experience of inviting guest ahead of they your firm. Furthermore, abundant mentorship and coaching workshops are available to co-workers so that that new staff can possess deeper understanding about Hong Kong Disneyland easier.

3. Expertise

A lot of the job are available Hong Kong Disneyland requires that applicants needs to have excellent order of The english language and Chinese language, including used Cantonese and Mandarin. Inspite of the language necessity, Hong Kong Disneyland further needs candidates can demonstrate strong computer effectiveness with Microsoft company Office applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, familiarity with Apple display products, and willingness to understand new applications Generally, English language proficiency and pc skills will be the two fundamental skills that Hong Kong Disneyland is looking for.

5. Attitude

Hong Kong Disneyland demands that workers ought to demonstrate out bound personality with good conversation skill. In addition, applicants ought to be those that happen to be energetic, strong team-players and passionate about Disney. That is to say, Hong Kong Disneyland tries to let co-workers to imagine working for an organization that brings smiles to large numbers every year, or perhaps working with people whose enthusiasm for what they are doing is simply indescribable.

Problems of Disney Learning Style

From the above explanation, we find that Disneyland present extensive training course to their employees. These schooling programs include equipped their employees with basic know-how on facilitating daily procedure of Disneyland; however , these training courses do not equip employees with creativity means make their service better. In other word, the training applications of Disneyland do not offer enough strengthening to their staff. Reinforcement is classified into two types: positive reinforcement and adverse reinforcement. Great reinforcement arises when confident consequence is presented into a desired tendencies while unfavorable reinforcement refers to the demonstration of unfavorable consequence to undesired patterns. Both operant conditioning and classical conditioning state that extinction of particular behavior is going to occurs in the event reinforcement has ceased to be presented upon the completion of behavior which is previously reinforced. Moreover, interpersonal learning theory also recommended that human being will learn although observing due to self-reinforcement.

Quite simply, reinforcement features played an important role in every single types of learning. Without reinforcement of desirable habit and serious punishment of misbehavior, personnel may not have got any motivation to perform better. Some of them could even lose all their incentive to keep their anticipated performance and withdraw by Disneyland. This can lead to severe implications Disneyland in a few aspects. First, with staff losing their particular work bonuses, there will be a discount of normal customer service top quality. As Disneyland aims to accept the greatest knowledge to its customer, their reputation while the world most famous theme park could possibly be harmed. Furthermore, if staff resign by Disneyland regularly, the turnover rate of staff is high. In this case, notonly the price of training newly join personnel will increase, the time of training new staff may also be boost as every Disneyland staff must receive adequate training ahead of they become offered to work. Together with the total price increase in a great proportion, this will lead to a loss of relative advantage of Disneyland. To solve the down sides mentioned above, Disneyland may need to present enough external reinforcement and self-reinforcement with their employees.


1) Since Disneyland is a assistance industry, their staffs are required to provide high-quality customer companies. And this sort of customer service isn’t just an direct knowledge, but also a tacit knowledge. That is, knowledge bought through observation and immediate experience, this cannot be obtained directly through knowledge, including document. Explicit knowledge is definitely provided by Disney University, whilst tacit understanding can be discovered from on-job training, fresh worker happen to be asked to see their advisor and learn. At the same time, employees have to deal with several scenarios to obtain customer satisfaction, and so they can only find out through real-time experience as there are many sudden situations occurred in reality.

So , extensive teaching can only provide the existing and past experience with their employees along with they received the precise knowledge by Disney School, they can put it to buyers and generate a change to satisfy customers with different needs. And this implies practice is beneficial, only through dealing with genuine cases with continuing improvement to obtain a premium quality customer service that is certainly a tacit knowledge.

2) Positive encouragement can be used because it occurs every time a positive outcome follows a desired behavior. In this case, ideal behavior would be the high quality support provided by employees, positive result can be added bonus and commissions. It is the common way for supervisor to create learning among their employees, and it is the motivator for employees to provide a better services in order to accomplish the target established by Disneyland. Before the confident outcome released, employees can less become motivated simply because they think there is absolutely no problem to work as normal. But after having this kind of positiveoutcome, it will motivate workers to provide a better customer service because they want to get the bonus based upon the checkpoint set by simply Disneyland which can be related to themselves, the monetary benefit. So , it can create a win-win end result that Disneyland can continue to possess a positive status and a continuing improvement upon customer marriage through the work provided by personnel, at the same time workers can receive bonus because rewards to affirm their effort immediately.

Employees can learn from interpersonal learning theory. First, behavioral modeling and learning patterns consequences happen to be observing and modeling tendencies of others as well as its consequences later on; Since one department have got lots of workers who have their own method to manage customer issues, like the ways to deliver customer care when dealing with customers based on a tempers, thus everyone can certainly be a role model towards the other folks. For example , for a host at Chef Mickey mouse (Food and Beverage), there are numerous staff to serve buyers, such as buying, serving, and cleaning up. They will first observe the various other staffs perform their task responsibilities to get consumers’ satisfaction, and then the consequence is they can improve themselves to provide a better customer service following observation and modeling.

Pertaining to self-reinforcement, this can be a conclusion that employees will need to reinforce their particular behavior with consequences within their control following your learning from statement. Disneyland can carry out the overall performance management through defining conditions: define what is high-quality customer support by the administration department, things may include consumer preferences, creating rapport, working with complaints, endorsing and up-selling; measuring and appraising employees’ performance: how often to carry out quality assessment so when will have appraisals based on the needs while using current circumstance, like the top season intended for Christmas and also the Lunar Beginning of the year; providing all of them either positive or negative feedback: applying face-to-face approach in order to deliver their responses directly: self-reinforcement will happen if the feedback is great, employees accumulate a higher marks for the general performance to acquire the benefit and returns from achieving the checkpoint established by Disneyland. And their efficiency can beimproved through providing a better service to achieve the bonus and rewards, listening to advice from colleagues, self improvement, such as the goals and timetable set simply by an individual to provide a better customer service.

3) By using a reward share decisions can easily shape types behavior in Disneyland. Which will people to praise: who fulfill the requirement of featuring high-quality customer support, how to praise them: whether using monetary or nonmonetary term. When to reward these people, depending when ever will the evaluations be introduced.

Since Disneyland is a service industry, employing team incentive systems is often more appropriate because employees must have a good interpersonal and connection quality, which reward approach can emphasize cooperation and joint initiatives, also personnel can reveal their knowledge to others in order to achieve a better performance and gain a higher praise through co-operation.

At the same time, competency-based reward ought to be used like a financial praise practice as it is the fundamental a part of employment romantic relationship. The shell out has multiple meanings, such as symbol of success which supplies high-quality customer care performance, encouragement and driving force, reducing anxiousness that the concerns about how is definitely their own customer service providing efficiency.

Competency-based incentive is a spend increases with competencies acquired and exhibited. It is a skill-based pay meaning how very well is the customer service provided, pay out will be elevated with skill modules discovered. The advantages has flexibility for the workload with a better quality, as different workers will provide diverse customer service, they will learn from dealing with real-time situations in order to modify how can the customer service be delivered better. Not only is this reward centering on individual benefits: commissions, yet also team rewards: gain sharing as well as the most important part ” organizational advantages: profit writing, stock options, well-balanced scorecard.

4) It is suitable to use the work rotation in Disneyland. The current one iscalled the Internal Transfer Process, which can be eligible to standard full time players members who have been employed at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and held their current situation for at least six months. And the goal is to give Cast Associates with cross-functional transfer possibilities and equip them to always be multi-functional and multi-tasked.

Ensemble members may first include six-months knowledge in their office, after being familiar with its work responsibilities and they feel its about time for them to go through the different problems, they can fill in the application intended for internal copy without getting a supervisor’s approval. They can transfer within a Sole Team, around different groups or between Operations Staff and Professional Team together with the same career path. And they can easily have task rotation following their proven performance, education background, and work experience staying assessed.

Undoubtedly, it has a a little bit difference while using job rotation approach as cast people need to post their app and be evaluated. However , the goal is really similar that provides their personnel a chance to possess internal transfer. It can reduce repetitive strain injury and reduce the job boredom after being as a similar position for years; it is best for employees to see different consumers’ needs through working in several department and it is the only way so they can obtain a true experience through working by way of a own but not on catalogs or paperwork. At the same time, you will see some disadvantages that may not be ignored, including the extra assets on schooling as some workers may only be employed by six months and also have internal transfer, that means they want another schooling which cause an extra price on training, the extra teaching cost will be much higher for employees transferring between Operations Group and Professional Team since the training conditions are completely different; also employees may not be a specialist in all fields, this problem might occur frequently also regarding transferring among Operations Staff and Professional Team, since the job need will be completely different and they need to know more theoretical knowledge to manage staff or lift weights for a win win outcome with decision making that will have a significant influence of Disneyland’s market share or position.


Hong Kong Disneyland has proven how a top notch theme park creates a working atmosphere for its personnel. As inspiration and learning are always two most important aspects of employee managing, so our team has taken these two factors for study.

In determination aspect, we now have introduced Herzberg’s two-factor theory and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need to describe the motivation of personnel. The two factor theory as well as the hygiene elements can be utilized in the ways in which how Hk Disneyland inspires its personnel. The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need explains how Hk Disneyland motivates its staff according to the five stages of needs, that is, physiological requires, safety requirements, social needs, esteem, and self-actualization. In learning aspect, currently, Hong Kong Disneyland provides Disneyland University and mentoring portions for its personnel to acquire both explicit and tacit understanding. Its is actually that is would not give enough reinforcement towards the employees about bettering the assistance, resulting in reduced incentives and job resignation. Therefore , we certainly have suggested Hong Kong Disneyland to supply positive encouragement such as bonus and team reward to improve their motivation and arrange job rotation to hold the employees’ passion regarding the company as well as their job.

In a nutshell, Hk Disneyland is definitely an international level organization hiring thousands of staff for procedure. Its staff management method is a great unit for studying but you can still find rooms to get improvement.

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