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Comparison of flight and your shoes essay

“Flight” by Doris Lessing & “Your shoes” by Michele Roberts deals with conditions of growing up, relationship among generations and a lot importantly issues of daughter leaving home and just how leaving home can affect all the family.

The story “Flight” revolves around the grandfather who also doesn’t need his only granddaughter, Alice to marry with love of her life, Steven as profound down he is afraid she’ll leave him and he may have to suffer from loneliness. In “Your Shoes”, a depressed mother imagines a pair of shoes or boots to be her missing girl who went away from home following an argument with her father and is conveying the thoughts she got with her daughter.

The two stories shares similar theme over girl leaving home and growing up.

The grandfather in the beginning neglects the reality of children leaving apart and he thinks selfishly discarding others happiness. This is due to he had only seen his other granddaughters leaving home plus they are not always right now there to stay simply by his aspect.

Consequently , he is severely affected by the decision of his granddaughter to get married. This really is most obviously shown when he says. “She’s the last 1, he mourned. Can’t we keep her a bit longer? “. In the same way, In “Your Shoes” the mother feels she is aware what is best for her 20 years old teen daughter who may be getting involved in drugs and sex. Your woman never regarded as her daughter’s feeling when ever she was present.

In “Flight” there is also a relationship among the list of grandfather, granddaughter and her boyfriend. This individual appears to be envious of Steven knowing that he could be going to reduce his granddaughter to him as Alice is getting ready to marry him. He also feels turned down when his granddaughter fades him inspite of he getting against this. By the end in the story we gradually see how he begins to accept the actual after seeing the maturity displayed by Alice and Steven by gifting him a bird. It is then he realizes that she is no longer a little young lady and she’s growing up. Similarly, In “Your Shoes” there is a relationship between mother and child. The mom realizes the lady never really realized her little girl until she’s gone. “Now I realize how you kept yourself away from me personally, didn’t know you in any way. “

This quote explains she was constantly declined by her daughter mainly because she was being overprotective constantly and never attempted to understand her daughter emotions. The concept of the jealousy is definitely shown from your comparison she makes of her child with her mother. She didn’t encounter with her mom and now it is the same with her daughter. Just like the grandfather, your woman doesn’t recognize the reality of daughter going outside. For example she shuts her daughter’s sneakers in clothing and always will keep an eyesight on them. Although at the end in the story, she feels a failure as a mother and thinks that her child will returning which appears to be hope.

Different languages used in both stories are incredibly descriptive of bodies and atmosphere to make it easier to understand. For example , “Above the old man’s mind was the dovecote, a high wire-netted corner on stilts, full of strutting, preening birds”. This word from “Flight” (line 1) gives very good description from the dovecote and also natural behavior of birds which were clearly able to visualize what is happening in the situation. “Your shoes” is told about in monologue from first-person point of view.

Contrastingly “Flight” can be narrated coming from third person point of view which is why it has dialogues included. Just how story is told as well makes differences in how recognize the character types. The narrator of “Your Shoes” is definitely telling her sides from the story. We all don’t know if she is telling the truth or certainly not and have no clue how the different character feels so the lady could be viewed as an unreliable narrator. Both the stories currently have their own very good narrating style to allow someone to connect together with the character.

In “Flight” pigeon are used as imagery as it has the ability to take flight away and leave. The application of this imagery suggest concept of children going outside and getting hitched at their very own certain phase of your life. In “Your shoes”, Shoes or boots symbolizes missing daughter and the way your woman treats moccasins also illustrate her while she’s mentally disturbed and has become paranoid. “Hold you want my mom never rocked me. ” This offer implies she’s holding this like a baby imagining she’s holding her daughter and it is trying to demonstrate to her love the girl didn’t get from her personal mother.

The stories impress upon a message that growing up as we see it is not simple mainly because it seems. It can be more than that. It can be as difficult as our planet seems to be. Like In “Your shoes”, daughter running from home damaged her mother but we all can’t blame the daughter as it is her parents who have failed to figure out her and take her in right track. And in Flight grandfather understands his oversight and repent it simply by accepting his granddaughter’s new relationship. This is the result of children exhibiting more liable side. Both stories give to us idea that even as grow up we learn to develop relationship, go through happiness and sorrows and decisions that occasionally might have an effect on our loved ones and bring profound changes in lives.


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