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Computerized thesis registration system essay

Chapter I actually


Task Context

The evolution in technology due to the needs especially in organization demonstrates that Information System and Information Technology is essential element for success of today’s corporations. But still, a lot of organizations and offices applied the traditional or manual system in handling their info. The Add Bosco High school graduation office, particularly the enrollment panel face a great deal of work in their very own daily activities especially after registration because of inability to seek methods on how to make simpler their job.

The tasks happen to be time consuming and frequently end up with inaccurate reports. Thus, in this daily news, the system builders aim to propose a computerized enrollment system specifically of usage to the Don Bosco High School Enrollment Panel. According to the site reference. com, a computerized enrollment product is a multi-function processing procedure that quickly manages and stores enrollment information.

Computerization of registration information interrelates different but interdependent orders in a systematized and efficient way. The application of computerized enrollment systems by organizations to assist coordinate persons and information is increasing throughout the world.

Many authorities cite numerous reasons why electronic enrollment devices are viable choices for educational institutions, training programs and place of work operations. Computerized enrollment systems for educational services decrease processing time and human mistakes. Systems procedures proceed faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy than manual enrollment systems. Devices typically contain data safeguard and back up frameworks. Scholar enrollees get access to their personal data exclusively. Staff workload is usually decreased and administrators may spend more time providing students more personalized focus and confidence.

Upon registration, new and transferee learners will present their particular credentials towards the enrollment panel. The qualifications include type 138 (report card), certificate of good meaning character, very clear photocopy of NSO beginning certificate, very clear photocopy of baptismal license if baptized catholic and equivalent file for non-Catholics. On the other hand, the students have to submit their very own form 138 and summertime grade if perhaps applicable to get appraisal to theenrollment committee. After completing all of the requirements, the enrollment committee will issue an enrollment form for the student to fill up. The enrollment type will be delivered to the registration committee for verification. In the case if there are some domains that were not really filled up, the enrollment kind will be returned to the pupil to have this completed. The duly filled up enrollment form will be published to home window 2 and also the assessment windows section to get verification and validation.

The scholars will need to watch for their names to be announced over the sound system. When present student’s name is usually announced, the student will proceed to window 3 or the billing section windows and pay important bills. After paying, they are going to proceed to the library and present their very own receipt for book rental for them to manage to get thier books. Chances are they will proceed to the Science Lab for the I. M. Finally, they are going to present again their invoice to the personnel in-charge. In the existing enrollment system of Wear Bosco Senior high school, the registration committee will certainly sort all of the enrollment form according to year level and section. The secretary will insight the student details on the computer employing Microsoft Exceed. After entering all documents, the forms will be filed on a folder and will be maintained a filing cabinet by class agent. The details about the students joined in the pc will be the foundation the admin in setting up reports such as enrollment statistics, number of transferees, repeaters, balik-aral and reviews on faith based denominations.

All of these data are sorted out according to year level and gender. Another are accountable to be made every following grading period is the report card of every student. The secretary will prepare a grading sheet form and disperse it to the subject professors for them to fill. Filled up grading sheet forms will be published to the course adviser for the preparation of record cards. The adviser will input the grades of each student every subject around the report greeting card manually. Currently, updating data about pupils such as grow older, year level, status, number of brothers and sisters learning in the stated school are executed manually. Every enrollment, pupils are required to complete enrollment type to update their records. Their earlier records using their previous school advisers will be given to the modern day class agents. The present school adviser is definitely the one to update the documents of each scholar. Another important data that need updates in the student’s profile is definitely the grade for each and every subject.

Class details will be updated for the report cardof students by their class advisers and on their particular permanent information by the secretary. This means that every time a parent desires to check the record of a pupil, he/she has to ask the help of either your class adviser or perhaps the secretary. In the event that when a number of the grades aren’t yet submitted to the course adviser, the parent should ask every subject teacher of his or her child. At times, problems are experienced in updating and monitoring students’ data. Since students’ records are just filed in folders and kept in filing cabinets, you will find instances that some data are lost or misplaced. In those cases, college students are asked to complete another duplicate of registration form. Students’ records are also hard to find because the class mechanic or admin needs to search the records manually.

Each time there are changes on the students’ records, this also means an extra workload for the teachers and secretary since searching and updating information are done personally. Regarding changes on the marks of college students, there are instances that marks are not published to the category adviser promptly. This will certainly be a burden for the parents who will be exploring the grades with their children as it will require them to ask the subject teachers one by one. With the manual system, preparation and era of reviews is time-consuming and difficult. This is because the secretary can only end his record after selecting all the enrollment forms following.

In the existing system, after sorting each of the enrollment varieties, the registration committee is going to sort and enter the details of students in Microsoft Exceed for them to produce reports such as enrollment statistics, number of transferees, repeaters, balik-aral, and religious denominations; every of this info sorted away per year level and male or female. These trigger delayed submitter of reviews to the principal. On the part of the class adviser, organizing report credit cards of students is also effort and time consuming as he/she should write manually the degrees of each college student on their cards. These problems encountered by the employees due to their manual program push them to go for making use of modern technology.

Goal and Information

With the recommended system, upgrading and monitoring student’s records will be faster and more accurate. The parent or guardian will no longer visit the subject tutor of his or her child 1 by 1 or wait for a class advisor; insteadhe/she go directly to the principal’s office and ask the help of the admin about the grades of his/her child/children. The admin will merely enter the IDENTIFICATION number or maybe the name of the student for the system and details of trainees will be displayed. In upgrading student information, the class mechanic will no longer update manually. All modifications regarding student’s information will be up-to-date directly to the machine upon enrollment. The possibility of lost or misplaced student’s record will be tremendously minimized since all college student details are actually saved inside the system’s repository and information are backup regularly.

Enough time allotted in generating information will also be decreased and studies are more likely to be submitted punctually at the principal’s office with the use of the proposed system. During enrollment, information about new pupils and updates about older student will be entered and stored directly on the system. Because of this after enrollment, the secretary will no longer get into manually the details of college student on the computer. Considering that the proposed product is capable create reports for the enrollment statistics, transferees, repeaters, balik-aral and religious denomination as to yr level and gender, the difficulties being experienced by the enrollment committee will be minimized if perhaps not eradicated.

Another characteristic of the suggested system is it is log-in type with 3 user accounts, the officer (secretary and principal), the cashier, plus the adviser. The administrator contains a full use of the system. The teachers are merely allowed to register students and print reports. The cashier has usage of the examination process simply. With this kind of, security of student information is properly secured and enrollment process will no longer time consuming.


The study aims to evaluate the present enrollment system of the Don Bosco High School. It also efforts to provide powerful and efficient way for easy operation and access of student’s record. Specifically, it aims to:

you Determine and evaluate the existing system in terms of:

a Monitoring College student Records

b Modernizing Student Information

c Reports Technology

a couple of Determine the down sides encountered by manual program in terms of: a

Monitoring Student Information

n Updating Pupil Records

c Reviews Generation

3 Propose a solution that could address the issues encountered.

some Determine the advantages that can be based on the suggested system.

Opportunity and Delimitation

This research restricts its investigation for the existing enrollment system of the Don Bosco High School in Lagawe, Ifugao.

The suggested Enrollment System of Don Bosco High School will probably be designed to cover the major enrollment process of DBHS; student’s sign up, monitoring scholar’s records and reports era. It guard the important details of the student through staff log-in. It might save the mandatory data the fact that system must have through a manual process and produce back-up into a hard disk drive. The system supplies the level of consumer accessibility. The device is designed to be manipulated only by principal as well as the enrollment staff. It is not available to others. Additionally it is designed to be reminders regarding unpaid institution fees from the student and also there is a state receipt that could be printed by system.

Overview of Related Literature


Nowadays, technologies have become widely used in everyday lives of people that even straightforward tasks are done with the help of effective technological developments. These are the fruits with the innovativeness and knowledge held by men. Computers decide to make revolutionary changes in the way people live, play and job. In almost every field, computers turned out to be valuable assets. For example , the contribution of computers in the commercial field continues to be undeniably strong and effective. Computers can perform a complicated and tiresome work in an effective manner bringing on the widespread need of computers inside many institutions.

They are needed because of their usefulness like keeping, retrieving, and clever of processing data. For powerful execution of commands, computer software, just like the program proposed in this paper, have to be installed to be able to manage processes inside the computer’s functioning system. Themicrocomputer and development of various software programs are not exclusively for scientific and engineering make use of but as very well as for education purposes particularly the enrollment method which is the focus of this analyze. As soon as people realized that the means to make better decisions and solve concerns faster is at the tip with their fingers by making use of computers, the need for them raises exponentially.

However , a computer is usually not an self-employed problem solver. But owing to the speed which it can access and adjust large amounts of data, the pc is an essential aid on the problem solving process. Furthermore, electronic digital equipment lets fast and ecological digesting of huge amounts of data. The computer can, with proper programming, process info towards reasonable conclusions, classify them, and make them out there a manager’s use (Greenwald et al., 2005). In fact , data will not become info until they may be processed into a usable type that is understandable to the users.

Information system projects occasionally are started to improve the accuracy in the processing info or ensure that a procedure recommending how to do specific process is always followed (Connolly and Begg, 2004). In this research, a software, specifically a computer-based enrollment program for Don Bosco Senior high school is created using Microsoft Visual Studio 08. Using this terminology, codes symbolizing a set of commands are organized into one software program which once installed will certainly enable your computer to execute enrollment-related-commands from the user.


A computerized registration system is among a computer generated process. Computers are almost indispensable to most industries for its ability to cope with voluminous data. Hence, in most academic institutions, the use of computers is an immense assist in managing documents and documents. With the amount of files including those via students’ documents, finances, stocks, and others necessary for its operation, the use of pc has made duties simpler, more quickly and more successful. The use of personal computers can minimize the work load and provides appropriate information required to the school. Because of this, it will benefit not only students but the government as a whole. Hence, a digital enrollment strategy is veryessential to each school.

For instance, Long Beach City College in Cal, USA moved live with a new Cognos-based enrollment management system that was designed by Irvine, CA-based professional solutions firm e2e Analytix. Just before installing the newest system, LBCC which has two main campuses and multiple satellites that support 9 schools and 34 departments, handled its enrollment via manual spreadsheets. With no revealing, continuity, or standard practices, and with lengthy mistake corrections, the school’s enrollment management spending budget and planning took up 3 months to make, consolidate, and implement. LBCC tapped e2e Analytix, which will specializes in higher education, to design a web-based enrollment management system using Cognos Business Planning software from Cognos Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario).

Applying Cognos for enrollment administration was a unique application for Cognos, according to Kemudian Galuppo, e2e’s director of professional providers, but the effect delivers current data collection, consolidation, work flow, and measurements to help LBCC enrollment staff in making more quickly and more knowledgeable decisions. Alternatively, although most colleges here in the Philippines have their own computer systems, their functions are not fully maximized. The University from the Philippines has recently developed its computerized enrollment system with the other well-known universities. Yet , many even now rely on the manual system of storing and retrieving files, thus consequently, make work laborious, time intensive, less efficient and needing more manpower. The Pangasinan State University- Lingayen Grounds currently uses the manual system of registration.

For years, this product has been employed and has indeed recently been a wearisome process for the students in addition to the members of the enrollment committee. This entails the lengthy procedure of filling up forms in three clones (student duplicate, accounts duplicate and registrar’s copy), course scheduling, analysis of charges, and issuance of student records. The continued adoption with this usual manual enrollment system has caused numerous errors, unnecessary holdups hindrances impediments, and features ultimately made the entire registration system a slow process to deal considering the increase of learners each year. Luckily, the design, expansion and rendering of EnrollmentAutomate: Pangasinan Express University Digital Enrollment Strategy is introduced to talk about this long-standingslow process of registration and currently in the process.

Technological Background

Table 1 . Hardware Requirements of the Proposed System

Minimum Hardware


Suggested Hardware Requirements

Processor chip ” one particular ghz

Hard disk ” 40 GB free hard disk space

Memory ” 512 MB

Video Card”8 MB

Printer ” Any Computer printer

Cpu ” 2 ghz or higher

Hard disk “160GB free hard disk space or more

Memory-1GB or higher

Video Card”16 MB or more

Printing device ” Inkjet

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