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Corwin corporation case analysis composition

Executive Summary

The objective of this article is to explore the real reasons hidden lurking behind the event of project termination between Corwin Corporation while using Peters Company. The decision of taking this project was performed slapdash simply by Corwin Company just a few weeks before Charismas under the pressure of Peters Company. Following three months, the project was finally cancelled just for the early testing stage by the client unilaterally. This project failure generated not only monetary loss to get Corwin, but also cessation of relationships with Peters Company which can be one of the most significant and also a difficult customer.

Corwin because the identifiable with top quality has stringent requirements for any project selection around product-based initiatives via outside consumer. However , underneath the pressure as well as the temptation of further undefined manufacturing contract from Peters, the requirements were completely neglected. The job failed to satisfy the client expectation due to lack of proper supervision at the pre-project and on-going phases. The main concerns with the failure consist of: project selection; staff proficiency; management support; project organizing; and project communication among internal and external stakeholders.


Here is info prepared to look for the reasons of Corwin Businesses project failing. Hunting faults that Corwin made through the project initiation and performance stages and offers recommendation and solutions to prevent the happening of identical cases. Corwin Corporation is known as a globally popular high-quality plastic components manufacturer. The top managing of Corwin is highly conventional and will exand market segments for existing products rather than new product development. Due to the top quality products believability, Corwin receives specialty items manufacturing often. By the preservation nature of Corwin’s administration strategy, 90% of all specialty-product requires was rejected. Yet , this long standing internal protocols was entirely breached and a high risky project was taken by Corwin from one of its existing customers-Peters Company in just a couple of days before Christmas.

The Peters Company is one of major client of Corwin. The good relationship have been built up through past a couple of years ‘corporation commences from 1980 to 1982. At the end of 1982, Corwin received a request by Peters to make a new product under a fixed $ 250, 1000 budget. During the initial discussion, Corwin opposed to accepting this task due to brief notice time and unclear project scope. However , project was finally recognized for retaining good customer relationship and gaining additional potential revenue of manufacturing contract.

3 months later, after having a few conflicts this impetuous decision triggered complete project failure and also cost Corwin’s relationship with Peters. You will discover quite a few causes lead to this kind of project failing. It includes job selection; job manager competency; managerial participation, internal and external stakeholders’ communication. Hamburger argues that “in planning an oversimplified, unrealistic task plan; in seeking responsibilities from a non-supportive administration and an uncooperative efficient organization; in addition to the bogus starts that result from dealing with an useless plan or no plan for all(Hamburger, 1992) Discussion

Job selection

The first problem was that Corwin Corporation must not take the risk to accept the job from Peters Company under such a short period of time and even without any clearly item specification. Through the initial connection, Corwin Company is unwilling to accept this kind of project from Peters Organization but finally changed it is mind after realizing to get the future financial bonuses. The case occurred just a few weeks before Xmas. Most administration team members were away for holiday. This was caused by a not enough project collection skills. As a result, without evidently understanding the questions and task selection process can lead to job failure. Project selection may be the very first step of the project life pattern and it is extremely important and foremost activity in project management(Jigeesh, 2012).

Bayart, Balachandraand and Kaaufmann(1988) claims that “project selection is an extremely complex decision-making process because it is troubled by many important factors such as technical success, government restrictions, differing personal preferences among job selection functions, etc. The majority of projects will never execute till an complex assessment of their probability of success is created, and the outcome appears advantageous (Bard, 1988). In order to make sure the project selection is considered the most appropriate to business will need. Baker (1986) argues which it needs to have the pros and cons evaluation and problem or chance need to be clearly identified with the early stage.

Staff expertise

The project manager was appointed simply by Engineering VP. The Anatomist director, project manager’s instant boss, stated that the manager’s expertise was in managing inner rather than external projects. In the event he had been the decision developer, he would certainly not assign him to be the task manager. Regrettably, Engineering VP took the chance and thought the representative was also pessimistic to provide him an attempt. The fact demonstrated his assumption wrong. Anderson (1992) argues that once the inexperienced project manager was assigned to a new task. He or She tend to keep on the strength his or her technological expertise. For the reason that project supervisor may be attentive on technical details of the project, not focus on other aspects of the project. This could be a reason intended for project failure. (Thornberry, 1989)

Management support

During the early stage of the project, most of managerial team members were on vacation. The advertising VP whom initiated the project after that passed to Engineering VP just the day time before he was leaving to get his holiday. Due to the R&D director was also away Engineering VP directly picked one of the R&D scientists since the project manager without asking his opinion. Fowl (1988) claims that the support of leading management can be interrelated with project accomplishment. The management support can be defined as “When a senior management project sponsor/champion, the CEO and other senior managers commit time to assessment plans, followup on effects and facilitate management problems(Young & Michael jordan, 2008).

The meaning is interpreted to mean that project attract or managing team members will need to spend more time upon project actions and generate enough time to be aware of the job status and to mediate as required. This is mentioned that bad management competencies or very long distance distant leadership have got negative impact on project outcomes(Blackstone, Cox, & Schleier, 2009). In this current case, the majority of management associates turn a blind eye to the task members in support of engaged in blaming.

Project organizing

In this example, the project team received a reluctant authorization to proceed through the CEO and after that ball was passed by Marketing to Engineering group. The unsophisticated Project director was select by Architectural VP, certainly not his immediate leader. Also a contract gentleman was designated into the project team; having been totally not familiar with this kind of effort and just severed as a legal advisor once necessary. The Engineering director tried to argue that Peters Company was not painless to have along with and the job manager was very skilled in internal rather than exterior projects. However his recommendation was still left in the holder. Also throughout the first inside project meeting, the job manager has not been in attendance at this getting together with which was organised with 3 vice presidents of Corwin Corporation. Because Hamburger (1992) stated inch Time lost in the bogus starts that result from dealing with ineffective strategy or no prepare at all. The appropriate task kick-off work will get the project proceeding in the right direction. Hamburger (1992) suggests that project kick-off should be prepared in 2 different ways.

Firstly, inner communication between project affiliates and preparing the project effort. Subsequently, external conversation involves getting together with the client to reach common understanding on the task requirement and conclude a contract on working methodology. Except above interaction methods, a complete project hand-over is needed. The last project crew needs to be aware of the right direction requirements in the client. Furthermore, a solid task team is crucial. It is important to formulate a cohesive project staff with a prevalent purpose that every member can make towards job success. Finally, the initial client meeting is necessary and should be studied seriously. Preparing for the customer meeting contains development of the working procedures that is needed for successful daily discussion among project manager, job team members and clients.


As reviewed above, whatever internal interaction with team members or exterior communication with clients, interaction is one of the essential competency that manager needs to have. Henderson (2008) argues that to be a qualified project supervisor, the best reference loader or perhaps an effective influencer is insufficient. A qualified job manager must be a capable communicator, should possess competency to share information at writing and verbally. The communication skill is the most important among other competencies(Knutson, 2001). During the early support soliciting level, the line groupings were raise red flags to because the project manager would not ask the help in advance. By the time the job manager accomplished the 1st three assessments, the under one building representative lamented the tests were in direct contrast to the proper direct. The project manager chose to appeal to the under one building rather than report to senior managing team. The inexperienced task manager likewise did not understand to involve functional staff, assuming they will just seriously board when he needed these people.

The poor communication skills, with the in-house representative’s arrogant frame of mind along with his interference with the screening process, bring about unpleasant working environment and also decreased the work morale of job team members. Krahn and Hartment (2006) found that hearing and mental communication had been most critical expertise among different competences intended for project managers to be successful in nowadays organizational environments.

Each one of these problems arise because the inexperienced project administrator did not notice the communication breakdown escalated during job execution. There are several communication action principles will be important for an efficient project managing. Firstly, ensuring participation is at decision making simply by consulting every decisional elements. Secondly, the internal communication needs to be top priority in addition to a balance among internal and external communication must be taken into consideration. Finally, conversation will not be merely a data transmitting but as well an exchange of information, idea and opinions (Posea, 2012).


1 . The hasty decision was obviously a mistake basically. Corwin Corporation did not have enough time to assess the job specifications, pros and cons adequately. installment payments on your The original project selection process was totally dismissed. 3. The project staff was accumulated with inexperience project associates. This oversight leaded to communication breakdown with internal and external stakeholders and zero product tests. 4. The inexperience specialized talent was appointed to be the project manager. 5. The management staff did not totally involve in this project. 6th. The internal and external communication channels happen to be blocked ultimately causing misinterpretation of information, blindness among stakeholders. six. Took the danger to accept the project by an existing customer. Moreover, it turned out aware Peters Company was difficult to handle.


1 ) Issue a rigorous organization policy in project and project administrator selection process. 2 . Reinforce existing project selection process. Do not make virtually any unwise decision unless it successfully exceeded the selection process. 3. Build a educate program in stakeholders’ connection. 4. College relevant employees about the project scope, project assortment, pre-project organizing and other project management connection train programmes. 5. Produce project administrator selection strategies to improve the bureaucratic skills and administrative features of job managers. six. It is the responsibility of the bureaucratic team to aid project staff not only upon project by itself but also contains member’s feeling. 7. Set up a group to restore the partnership with Peters Company. eight. Build up external and internal communication protocols.


Anderson, S. G. (1992). Task quality and project managers. International Diary of Task Management, 10(3), 138″144. Bard, J. W., R.; Vertreter, P. Electronic. (1988). An interactive method of R&D job selection and termination. IEEE Transactions about Engineering Management, 35, 139″146. Blackstone, J. H., Cox, J. N., & Schleier, J. G. (2009). A tutorial upon project administration from a theory of constraints perspective. International Journal of Development Research, 47(24), 7029″. Burger, D. (1992). Project kick-off: Getting the project off around the right ft .. International Record of Project Management, 10(2), 115″122. Henderson, L. S. (2008). The impact of job managers’ conversation competencies: acceptance and extension of a exploration model intended for virtuality, fulfillment, and productivity on project teams. Job Management Journal, 39(2), 48″59. Jigeesh, In. (2012). Collection of project since important commencing for information technology project managing. IUP Diary of Functions Management, 11(1), 42″49. Knutson, J. (2001). Succeeding in project-driven companies: people techniques, and national politics. New York: Wiley. Posea, C. (2012). Conversation implied by project managing. Scientific Exploration & Education in the Air Pressure, 197″203. Thornberry, N. At the. (1989). Modifying the engineer into a director: avoiding the Peter Principle. Civil Eng. Pract. Young, R., & Jordan, Electronic. (2008). Top management support: mantra or necessity? Foreign Journal of Project Management, 26(7), 713″725.

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