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Counseling intended for resilience article

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Research from Composition:


Harry James Potter came to be in 80, the boy of Wayne and Lily Potter. Both these styles Harry’s father and mother died once Harry was an infant. The murder of his father and mother literally still left Harry Potter scarred for life: his fast bolt-shaped scratch is one of his many distinguishing physical features. The orphaned Harry was forced to live with a distant family members relative. The relatives will be Muggles, and culturally distinct from Harry, who is part wizard.

Harry Potter studies at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry is aware that the Dark God Voldemort really wants to kill him. However , Harry is about to face a serious turmoil that will call up into problem his mental resilience. The Ministry of Magic has undertaken an enormous and synchronised attempt to challenge Harry’s credibility. The Ministry’s goal is usually sabotage of Harry’s standing, and his complete career being a wizard. Fundamental the inspiration of the Ministry of Magic is the Dark Lord Voldemort himself.

Theories and Challenges

1 . Characteristic Theory. Trait theory shows that Harry Knitter may or may not have the innate emotional tools that could enhance his ability to cope with the catastrophe. Using characteristic theory, it is suggested that the adolescent Harry Knitter will not experience sufficient positive emotions in this troubling time.

2 . Cultural Cognitive Theory. Social cognitive theory shows that Harry Knitter may not have experienced sufficient role models to model his behavior through the crisis, since both his parents passed away.

3. Psychoanalytic Theory. Psychoanalytic theory attempts Harry’s years as a child, his repressed emotions related to the death of his parents, fantastic repressed the desire for sex when forecasting his response to the crisis. The idea of death wish might also be implicated through this situation.

5. Phenomenological Theory. Phenomenological theory draws focus on the more existential issues at risk, which are particularly crucial because Knitter operates between the supernatural and natural planets.

5. Social/Cultural Research. Interpersonal and ethnic research displays how Harry’s half-wizard ethnicity, and his getting raised by simply Muggles but surrounded by wizards at university, impacts his ability to deal.

Approaches to Therapy

Prior to the start the crisis, I would recommend a strategy of action that includes multiple modes of therapeutic intervention. Because Harry is offered a total of half a dozen fifty-minute periods, it will be possible to include all five of the above mentioned psychological hypotheses when working with Harry Potter prior to his catastrophe. Trait theory will be used in conjunction with the other theories, because there is no person therapeutic approach indicated relative to trait theory. However , attribute theory really does give rise to a battery of self-assessments and therapist-driven assessments. These tests can be used during the first period with Harry Potter. We recommend that the examination cover problems related to internal resilience. Yet , the first test provided to Harry could possibly be based on the five-factor version, which can reveal Harry’s persona based on extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness (Cherry). Chapter 13 in the text message also points out that ego resilience could be easily scored using tests.

The second program will preferably use social cognitive theory, and several observations of Harry in his natural environment at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The counselors for Hogwart’s may be asked to participate, in order to observe Harry for the purposes of assessing his social working. Social intellectual theory tensions the importance of social communications as formulating moral selections and reactions to stress filled events. “Evaluating

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