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Counseling with christian praying article

Excerpt from Article Review:

Weld and Eriksen’s “Christian patient’s preferences with regards to prayer like a counseling treatment. ” This article was based on empirical proof gathered about the personal preferences of Christians seeking mental health counseling regarding the utilization of prayer. That evidence was based on a set of survey devices, The Short Therapist Survey and The Prayer Survey pertaining to clients. One of the most interesting facets of this research is that that considered the personal preferences for plea utilized in mental health coming from both the consumer and the specialist perspective, as the aforementioned review instruments were respectively geared to the clients and the research. Largely because of the information explained in the books review that there was a dearth of literature about the choice of how exactly clients wanted prayer found in counseling, there was clearly no speculation on the part of the authors. Nevertheless , they were able to select both equally clients and therapists coming from a fairly wide range of organizations which includes one specifically related to cathedral. The outcome was extremely significant because that they revealed that more than three fourths of the clientele preferred “audible prayer” (Weld and Eriksen, 2007, l. 333) which Christian counselors tend to employ praying aloud with their clients. The findings also reveal that customers prefer prayer in a wide variety of interventions, and that counselors often utilize prayer in a number of different interventions. Customers also desired counselors to issue praying for them away from sessions and also to initiate the topic of prayers during sessions. Lastly, results indicated that conservatives attributed greater significance to prayer than liberals, and that those with previous Christian counseling expected prayer much more than those with out such experience (Weld and Eriksen, 3 years ago, p. 328). The significance are that counselors ought to attempt to hyperlink prayer to counseling affluence.


Quite honestly, I was extremely shocked at the simple premise of the article – which was that Christian believers prefer facets of their religious beliefs incorporated in their counseling – specifically in the form of prayer. I always thought it was specialist and anticipated of consultants to refrain from letting their personal vérité and facets of their personal lives (such as religion) affect all their professional work. However , among the things that I in fact commend the authors of the article about is the fact that that they demonstrate a certain validity and significance of including prayer in a counseling placing. It is key to realize that the crux from the utility based on doing so will be based upon the fact that both the consumer and counselor have to be of the identical faith, Christianity. The creators provided a wide variety of research that indicates the moment both the trust of the client and the counselor is aligned (especially for Christians), that it can be actually not uncommon for facets of prayer to emerge inside

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