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There have been various significant fresh additions to the entity collection for Beta5. The following is a listing of new features and the way to implement them. All Beta4 entities continue to be supported and the functionality has not been changed. If you add the newest Beta5 choices they will be utilized instead of the Beta4 entities you had in the map before.

The classical method for determining slave shackled rescue areas and specific zones is to determine if a participant is within a set distance from a great info_hostage_rescue business, or certainly one of his clubs spawn points. There is now one more new comb entity referred to as func_hostage_rescue that gives the level custom made more control of where players can recovery hostages. If a map will not have virtually any func_hostage_rescue entities, the time-honored method is used instead (so that old roadmaps will continue to work the same way). However , placing more than one func_hostage_rescue agencies in a map causes the game to dismiss both spawn points and info_hostage_rescue choices. info_hostage_rescue choices should be wiped if func_hostage_rescue entities are added.

Properties: Targetname of entity to trigger when a hostage is rescued

The classical way of determining purchase zones is always to check to see if the player is a arranged distance from one of his teams offspring points. There is another fresh brush enterprise called func_buyzone that gives the extent designer more control over exactly where players can purchase items. If the map would not have virtually any func_buyzone agencies, the classical method is used to determine buy zones. Know that it is now conceivable to place spawn points outside buy areas and specific zones. This can be unfavorable under various circumstances (ex. when the get cold period is long), thus care needs to be taken to ensure that offspring points are put within get zones.

Properties: Team (Can be set to Counter-terrorist, Terrorist or Almost all teams)

The quantity of players that can join a team is now determined by the quantity of spawn items for the team. For example: In case you only have your five CT commence points in the map simply 5 CTs could sign up for the COMPUTERTOMOGRAFIE team. This was done to stop players by spawning in teammates if there werent enough offspring points within a map. The suggested maximum players for a server continues to be 20. It is significant that you consist of at least 10 offspring points every team or some players may be able to join a server but not be able to sign up for a group.

There is a fresh func_bomb_target remember to brush entity to replace the existing info_bomb_target point entity. func_bomb_target can be used to define regions a player must be touching to set the bomb. (Be aware that the explosive device itself could end up outdoors one of these parts. ) If perhaps there are both equally func_bomb_target and info_bomb_target entities in a map, the info_bomb_target entities will be ignored. Aged maps will still job because that they only make use of info_bomb_target entities. We have also added the ability to target situations when a bombing is successful.

Be careful not to have got cracks the bombs can be dropped into in the explosive device target specific zones.

Properties: Targetname of enterprise to induce when the bombing is successful

Person Height. The participant view stage has been lowered from the normal Half-Life height to line up while using eye level of Counter-Strike models. The view elevation while ducking has not been transformed. You should be aware that a lower watch point could make your map look somewhat different to the participant.

Team Assortment. Players are now able to choose which usually team they may play on instantly when they sign up for a game.

Vehicle Hostage Rescue. You no longer need to press a hostage relief key to rescue hostages. Rather the hostages are quickly rescued at the time you enter a valid hostage recovery area. This kind of feature with the 4. one particular patch which is also included in Beta5.

Slave shackled Rescue Region Icon. While you are running around an amount an icon is viewed when you are within a Hostage Save Zone. The icon can be described as capital L with a circle around it.

Buy Zone Icon: When you are running around an amount an icon is displayed when you are in a Buy Region for your crew. The icon is a shopping cart software.

Intro Camera. When a player first joins a map they will view the world via all readily available trigger_camera organizations. The standard server rotation time between cameras is usually 6 secs. You do not need to allow the players to acquire in-game access to the digital cameras. If not any trigger_cameras are simply in a level the guide text and team assortment will happen more than a black qualifications.

Intro Text. This text is displayed at the start of a map. The written text file should follow the format of unveiled Counter Hit B5 roadmaps. Important information like the number of hostages, number of explosive device targets and a brief explanation of the circumstance should be one of them text record. The info text message file ought to be named similar to your bsp with the expansion txt added instead. (This is the same as TFC info text files). The text files must be very small as they have to be displayed on 320240 screens. If the text files are too big they will be trimmed so please examine them hanging around.


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