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Criminal offense in the bahamas essay

Within the 6th April, 2011, surprise waves had been sent over the Bahamaland following your report of your brutal massacre of Nellie Brown-Cox. It really is alleged that the crime was committed by her common law hubby (Bahamas Press, 2011). This murder was a result of home-based violence, a crime that is certainly committed among many residents in the Commonwealth of the Bahama Islands. Crime is all-pervasive, but could be alleviated in the event the necessary measures are utilized. To further clarify, certain facets of crime may be evaluated by simply explaining the kinds of crimes, hypotheses and causes people dedicate crime, the consequences of crime, and the solutions had to minimize offense in the Bahamas.

According into a definition utilized in a Civics class, criminal offense is a great act punishable by law, and within the Bahamas crimes happen to be committed just about everyday. Although there are several several types of crime, the predominant types in the Bahamas is theft, domestic assault, sexual assault/rape, and tough. Firstly, thievery in the Bahamas is becoming ever more popular lately especially with opening of the numerous Cash intended for Gold retailers.

Many persons will be being robbed by bad guys of platinum such as chains, bracelets, anklets etc . to trade them in for cash. There are many different types of theft such as; armed or irritated robbery, carjacking, and road robbery or mugging. Subsequently, Domestic assault is another form of crime that is certainly enormously common within the Bahamas. Domestic violence is almost any abuse against another person. This sort of violence can occur among couple, boyfriend and girlfriends and many others with no relation to competition, age, sexual orientation, faith, or gender. One of the most devastatingly gruesome displays of home violence was the murder of Nellie Dark brown. Her homicide was shown as number #227 in the most gruesome slaughter since the murder of designer Harl Taylor (Bahamas Press, 2011). Many individuals have got controversial remarks about her life and why her lover may have killed her, the act was uncalled to get and no you have the right to strike another regardless if he/she performed them wrong. There are many cases of misuse reported within the Bahamas today such as: physical, sexual, and economic mistreatment. Police officers happen to be constantly patrolling different areas to handle reported circumstances of misuse. This type of crime can occur among a man and woman, gays(i think they are sick) and lesbian couples of any race and age group.

Many patients of this criminal offenses are wedded to their abusers and usually leave because of fear of what they will do.

“If it will take the form of sexual violence, it can entail forcing individuals to watch or act out pornography, the denial of contraception, nonconsensual sexual contact or perhaps rape; whether it takes the proper execution of emotional abuse, it might involve name-calling, humiliation, dangers, intimidation, seclusion from friends or people, denial of basic requirements or monetary access, or passive control involving, for example , threats to self-harm or commit suicide (Gibbons, 2011). Our major crime inside the Bahamas is definitely murder. These types of senseless killings are ripping our country apart. The country our fore-fathers work so hard to build, and to make a better existence for the future generations. “Most murders stemmed from quarrels between acquaintances (Hanna, 2011) this is true to full level.

There are many ideas and explanations why Bahamians happen to be committing offences within the Bahamas. The ideas why persons commit criminal activity are natural or innate, sociological and psychological. A large number of criminals will be products with their environment. A large number of people make crimes because of poverty, anger, addiction, bande, bored or perhaps oblivious to what the law states. In today’s culture many Bahamians are sense the effects of the recession. Numerous individuals are losing their careers, and those which might be still doing work their pay are becoming cut enormously. Large number of homes are getting foreclosed and people are getting left homeless. Many of them use crime to feed themselves or their families. Numerous people move through all sorts of challenges and tests and are unable to deal with all their frustration. Anger can cause various people to carry out unintelligent items that they may possibly regret later on. Many persons also are staying killed through retaliation. This “eye for an eye saga is growing rapidly in the Bahamas. In society many young people happen to be recruited simply by older men and females to join a gang. There are several gang battles occurring inside the Bahamas. A large number of days’ persons break what the law states speeding throughout the streets, cigarette smoking ganja, having drag events on Sundays, turning with no signaling etc . Some people will not mean to commit these offences but are so preoccupied on the phone talking, texting or eating that they do not realize what exactly they are doing or any people just do not care nor esteem the law. Offense affects the Bahamas in numerous ways like a nation and a community.

Via a cultural aspect, the Bahamas’ criminal offenses are deplorable and raising highly. With such a higher crime level, our communityspirit has deflated and the people are not as social or neighborly as they used to be. A large number of people who make crimes will be arrested and placed in prison. These crooks are determined by taxpayers’ (national insurance) cash which is furnished by the labor force including teachers, bankers, and also other government representatives. This funds can be used to refurbish schools, federal government offices and so forth Our key industry Travel is troubled by high crime rates. It can discourage visitors via coming here because of the anxiety about being assaulted or robbed. On the 20th November, 2009, eighteen visitors were swindled at gun-point while on a nature tour in Nassau, Bahamas (Tucker, 2010). This incident brought dreadful comments about our country and our law enforcement officials department. This kind of subsequently brought on many tourists to change the minds of men about approaching or ever returning to the Bahamas for this reason unpleasant incident. Crime also influences the mindsets of the younger generation. They can grow to believe that committing crime is “cool and a simple way to gain money to supply their demands. Domestic violence, sexual invasion and afeitado has a significant effect on various people’s live. Abusers do not understand the size of this offense; they do not appear to realize that not only are they hurting your lover but also children if they happen to be related in anyway.

Many children who also grow in this type of environment suffer from behavioral, social and emotional problems, neglect, and might be straight abused themselves. Children might eventually increase up and become abusers or maybe the ones mistreated. Many of these children become violent, may devote a sexual assault or perhaps do medications. Some kids who happen to be sexually attacked may become confused about their libido, or traumatized by the event and become gays(i think they are sick) or lesbians. These faithful children might even evolve into criminals in the event the necessary treatment is not taken good thing about. These abused (mothers) individuals may decide to end their lives or the abuser’s life avoid the abuse or any memory of it. Criminal offenses is a greatly increasing problem within the Bahamas today. Whether it is not resolved it will split the fundamentals our fore-fathers laid. In order to avoid these many crimes from occurring various steps each of our government and “we the Bahamian persons should take to minimize crime. A large number of Bahamians should find out how to teach their children being respectable teenage boys and women. Crime prevention starts from within your home. Now-a-days, youngsters are disrespectful and rude, however parents believe that it is “cute and don’t correct the problemwith discipline. Many likewise grow plan the belief that robbing is “okay.

They go in to stores and steal treats such as goodies, chips, chewing gum etc . and parents do not reprimand them and tell them it truly is wrong and sometimes help them steal these products. When ever these kids grow up, they become thieves because they presume it is the way of life and this stealing is usually embedded in them mainly because they have been executing it for so long! This may result in these kids growing approximately be menaces to contemporary society, or even worse, becoming a guests of the authorities. Many Bahamians should retain a aware watch over their particular neighborhood and report virtually any crime that took place towards the police and agree to testify if needed. The government also need to produce a witness protection regulation and agency for many witnesses of crimes. By building this program, folks should not be frightened to come forward and testify as they are safe “in the forearms of the law. Criminals whom are expecting trial should be forced to have on an electronic monitoring device to them to track all their whereabouts, requirement appropriate curfews to monitor that they are adhering to the rules and regulations approved by the court docket. Churches as well as the community must be call upon to aid in combat against crime.

They should coordinate group lessons and activities to train the younger generation how to become active in the community, instruct them several skills that help in the treatment of convicts. When children are busy in several extracurricular activities such as artists, Junior Achievements, Governor Basic Youth Accolades etc ., they do not have any spare time to get themselves in problems. Right now there should also become jobs readily available for ex-convicts to make a living thus they will not end up being tempted or perhaps feel forced to return to lifestyle of criminal offense. The Bahamas should have a sexual predator’s registration list like the neighbors the united states. On the 3rd October, 2011, the Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas made his address about Crime and vows that he will perform his best to reduce the criminal offense rate. The Firearm (Moratorium) Notice, 2011 states people must go back to the police, certified or unlicensed firearm, and ammunition by October sixth, 2011 to November 3 rd, 2011. Any individual convicted of possession of a firearm following the date will probably be imprisoned a minimum of four years. These fresh laws can help tremendously mainly because criminals is going to fear going to jail for that long time period as opposed to the older minimum of couple of years (Restoring Your Trust, 2011).

The Happy Council should be replaced and make our personal Court ofAppeals our last judicial specialist. This regulation should be changed and a new law needs to be in place to bring back the death penalty which is needed within our country. Additionally, they should impose harder fines for offenders of home abuse and provide treatment so this crime can be precluded coming from occurring once again. There should be required treatment for youngsters who develop up in homes where home-based violence can be prominent and so abusers and people abused will never grow up into abusers. Any person found guilty of heinous crime such as murder of kids should be sentenced to death. There must also be the organization of hotlines and catastrophe centers to cope with abused subjects. From the daybreak of time criminal activity were being dedicated, as in the bible Cain killed his brother Abel over a sacrifice. Envy is the central factor in offense, and is in lots of crimes happening in the Bahamas. Though this vermin (Crime) eats apart through the society it might be reduced and finally stomped away. By comprehending the types of crimes, ideas and explanations why people devote crime, and effect of criminal offense, then we can understand why the solutions shown are necessary within our culture today. This issue cannot be exterminated, but could be contained and reduced in case the required actions are taken.


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