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Customer satisfaction essay


Foodstuff is a fundamental necessity. The industry which in turn deals with setting up food items/products refers to the foodstuff service sector. The food service industry is and will constantly remain in popular because of its genre. These companies include eating places, fast foods, university and hospital cafeterias, wedding caterers operations, meals carts and food vans etc . Restaurants and fast foods mainly contribute to the food services industry. one particular Fast food generally refers to the type of restaurants that sell quick, inexpensive take-out food.

During a comparatively brief period of time, the fast food industry features help to convert not only diet plan, but likewise landscape, overall economy, work-force, and popular lifestyle. The extraordinary growth of the take out industry continues to be obsesses simply by fundamental within society. The full experience of obtaining fast food has become so recurring, that it is right now taken for granted, like brushing your teeth or preventing for a reddish light. a couple of The history of food delivery services footprints its beginning over 59 years.

Since this period food delivery services still have the same standard principle to ensure that members of the community may have a hot, delicious and pleasurable meal. The first meal delivery providers are believed to obtain been started during Wartime, London.

Because of the Flash, many Londoners had misplaced their homes and their ability to cook for themselves. In response to the need the WVS (Women’s Volunteer Service) developed meals and delivered these to people who experienced lost almost everything. This caring strategy was carried on in various aspects of the UK exactly where injured servicemen were offered meals simply by volunteers in the local vicinity. Following the war the first authentic food delivery service progressed in Hemel Hempstead in 1947. The recipients had been still servicemen who were not capable of cooking their particular meals although instead of the vans used to travel meals today, these early on services apparently used buggies, lined with felt as well as straw to make sure that the meal was sent warm. No surpise this type of assistance was really labour intensive requiring a huge network volunteers, each with good cooking knowledge and skills.

Today, the processes engaged incorporate mass production principles. 3 In the modern age there are also a number of different ways in which the food can be delivered. Some programmes deliver meal which have been cooked within a central location and then stored warm because they are delivered. Additional programmes cook the food, let it cool after which cook the meals before delivery in cellular units that both cook and deliver the food. The last type of program delivers frozen meals which can be heated by the recipient inside the microwave or oven. Modern day technological r and d related to the food service have brought a large number of advances in methods of foodstuff delivery services and in portion from the production system and from the complicity of modern day food support operation. 5 The objective of this kind of study should be to know the status of picked Food Delivery Service in Legazpi Metropolis which delved into the status, perception of respondents, problems encountered, and the possible involvement may be wanted to solve the challenge.

Statement from the Problem

The study focuses on the customer fulfillment on foodstuff delivery companies offered by fast food chains in Legazpi City.

Especially it searched for to answer the following questions.

1 . What is customer satisfaction offered by food delivery support in Legazpi City, In terms of; a. delivery services

b. marketing services

c. connection

m. quality with the food

2 . What are the down sides encountered simply by respondents. When it comes to; a. delivery services

b. marketing services

c. conversation

m. quality of the food

3. Likely solution to concerns encountered by the respondents a. delivery services

w. marketing companies

c. communication

d. top quality of the food

Assumption from the Study

1 . Client satisfaction on Food Delivery Providers offered by Junk food Chains in Legazpi Town varies when it comes to delivery providers, marketing services, communication and quality in the food. 2 . There are complications encountered by the respondents in terms of delivery services, marketing companies, communication and quality from the food. 3. Possible answer to problems came across by the respondents in terms of delivery services, promoting services, communication, and quality of the foodstuff. Scope and Delimitation with the Study

This kind of study will certainly discuss regarding Customer Satisfaction about Food Delivery Services made available from Fast Food Restaurants in Legazpi City. It provides delivery services, marketing solutions, communication as well as the quality from the food. Additionally, it includes the issues encountered by respondents with regards to delivery providers, marketing solutions, communication and quality from the food. And possible way to problems by the respondents with regards to delivery providers, marketing companies, communication, and quality from the food. The citizenry of the research were five (5), Jollibee, five (5) Shakey’s, five (5) B, five(5) Graceland, and five(5) Chowking, (5) other client who knowledge in delivering of the meals. This junk food chains that may be cited over are offering meals delivery companies and the amount of the respondents are 20 (30). This kind of study will certainly focus on five well known Quickly ” Meals Chains that offered delivery services in Legazpi City, including McDonald’s, Jollibee, Graceland, Chowking and Shakey’s Take out Chains not really cited within the above declaration are not included in this study.

Relevance of the Research

This study is significant for the following concern individuals. Delivery Man/Runner. Findings of this analyze will give the workers the benefit and compensation regarding Management. Studies of the analyze will give know-how to the administration to improve their way of assistance and the quality of service. Customers. Conclusions of this research will provide all of them information about what to anticipate with different ways of delivering the foodstuff to the customer. It will likewise give them a thought about their support that they

avail. Researchers. Findings on this study will offer the students an exposure and knowledge about how the food delivery is being method. And to even more explain the meals delivery procedure. Future Experts. Results will certainly lead all of them through additional research. The result being gathered may be used as reference for their further research and better understanding.


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This chapter represents the review of related books and research both via local and foreign solutions. This also includes synthesis in the art, space bridge by study, assumptive and conceptual frameworks in the study. Conditions used are defined conceptually and operationally.

Foreign Literary works

Customer satisfaction is the most prevalent form of researching the market in business-to-business markets and is also often connected to quality and production measurement, rather than since straight marketing based research. Before setting up a customer satisfaction system, it is necessary to make certain that the enterprise has the will to actually generate changes to get improvement, or else you will just be annoying consumers by taking their particular time to gather information, then not undertaking anything with it. 1

This books is related to our study since it discuss Customer satisfaction programs generally answer this kind of question. We feel that for any

client satisfaction program to be effective and recognized, it should be more one study that is sent to all your clients annually. It ought to be an on-going strategy of continuous dimension and improvement based on the feedback received. Validation of the improvements can be measured directly in the forms of satisfaction indices.

The latest developments in interaction technologies have also reached the sphere of food delivery. Customers can now place orders from the convenience of their managed devices. Wherever and whenever, all they need is desire for meals, a means of payment, and communications gear. The improvements in marketing and sales communications technologies possess mainly increased efficiency. To get the starving consumer, fresh technologies give (1) convenience (e. g. order meals wherever you are and use the payment method of your choice), (2) options (e. g. entry to a variety of areas and food types from a single entrance point), and (3) power to make knowledgeable decisions (e. g. compare prices and estimated delivery times about real-time).

To get the store, new conversation technologies present (1) appropriate tracking (e. g. record keeping), (2) relationship-building options (e. g. recommendations to customers based upon previous orders), (3) better operations (e. g. systematic processes), and (4) avoidance of uncertainty (e. g. improvements in customer satisfaction). Despite of all of these mechanized improvements, the function of the delivery guy ” an priceless constituent of the food delivery chain ” adds a dose of unpredictability for the food delivery process. Do not count with pneumatic pontoons able to deliver burgers door-to-door, or a great app that satiates each of our appetites ” yet. a couple of

This materials is related to our study as it discuss regarding innovation has to have a good atmosphere in which to produce. It is certainly a social characteristic and must be prompted and nurtured inside a organization. It does not find simply flipping a switch. One need to set an atmosphere that encourages people to believe in unusual and imaginative ways. This is not easy to complete when a lot of business is, by explanation, so organised and organized in its procedures. Business, whether products- or services-oriented, will need somewhat standardized routines to get much of what it needs to complete. Innovation, alternatively, requires pondering out of the

ordinary. The two of these are so several that so as to have effective creativity, care must be taken to motivate and allow non-traditional thinking.

The availability background to satisfaction as well comes into emphasis when you check out what must be sampled. To get statistical top quality control of production machines, you take a test of items which were produced and test each for conformance. For client satisfaction, the equivalent is usually sampling by simply product bought, or intended for service sectors, by services event. Nevertheless , particularly running a business markets, this could cause sampling problems in this a single client may acquire several items or employ a service repeatedly. If you test these consumers regularly, you might face quickly diminishing response rates and soon don’t have any data. The compromise should be to take a sample of customers and ask about their experiences on the certain time frame. Unfortunately pertaining to process control, this opinions typically just reflects the standard view and can miss any key two extremes that are essential from a great operational watch.

For businesses, it is also very likely that you will have a small number of significant customers and a large number of small customers. Since you are trying to assess quality of delivery, evidently interviews with larger consumer are of more importance than smaller customers, however typically pleasure is biased toward the views of the numerous and not the few. Without a doubt, it is also very likely that the way in which you deliver to your largest customers is different to the method by which you support smaller clients. For instance, a free account team, specialist logistics, and custom forms. For this reason we typically suggest that a romance approach to client satisfaction such as One-to-One Research. several This materials is related to our study as it discuss regarding quality in corporate, engineering and manufacturing includes a pragmatic meaning as the non-inferiority or perhaps superiority of something; it is also defined as exercise for goal. Quality is a perceptual, conditional and relatively subjective characteristic and may become understood in another way by differing people.

Consumers may focus on the specification quality of a product/service, or just how it compares to competitors in the market. Producers may well measure the conformance quality, or degree that the product/service was made correctly. Support personnel may well measure quality in the degree that a

product is dependable, maintainable, or sustainable. In other words, a quality item (an item that has quality) has the ability to carry out satisfactorily in service and is suitable for its meant purpose.

Customer satisfaction is at it is most important once something goes wrong in the sequence of delivery. Whether a client was dual charged or perhaps did not acquire what the girl ordered, the employees need to handle the situation with the greatest care. Your employee should certainly apologize and take steps to rectify the problem. The key phrase “the buyer is always right is at the core of your good client satisfaction strategy. That whether or not the client misread the instructions or perhaps made concentrate on; your staff should take learning to make the customer happy. 4

The said literature is related to the study as it discuss the aspects of f you want better results coming from employees and customers, allow them to play. By least, that is what skillfully developed are saying regarding gratification, or perhaps “ramifying organization processes. Applying game mechanics to influence behaviours features emerged being a viable opportinity for companies to achieve desired effects. For companies that want more attention, involvement, and, naturally , business, is actually an innovative way to engage customers.

Because powerful communication can be an essential component to delivering customer care. Effective conversation does not necessarily mean verbal or means of conversing, there is crafted and signal language for those people or perhaps employees who also are verbally impaired communication in all business should be dealt with professionally and customer’s must not feel ignored because you have suddenly made a decision to speak in a different vocabulary than they do. All the communication should be in a professional however approachable method, communication is called soft skill. Because this is a skill that is learned little by little as you go in with experience, and being support by specific training. a few

This materials is related to our study because it tackles We all will look with the communication procedure to present ways we are able to improve connection with the people you work with. Being able to efficiently communicate with

clients and colleagues is likely to make your work much easier and more exciting.

Local Books

You can identify an appropriate price strategy for a food delivery service with a little basic researching the market. The user’s price pertaining to goods and services need to cover every single cost mixed up in delivery to render a genuine profit. Learning from the success and faults of various other food delivery services can assist you better appreciate your goal consumer. Delivering food by a competitive price point can position your service being a viable option in the market. 6th

This literature is related to this current study since it discuss regarding pricing technique is built after a solid understanding of the 5C’s of charges: customers, competition, costs, capacity and pattern (business cycle). Most companies’ struggles with pricing technique stem via a lack of insight into the 5C’s. We help clients collect the necessary data to better figure out each of the five factors. All of us then combine that info with our comprehensive experience, gathered across a huge selection of assignments and from a large number of industries, to develop high impact pricing strategies designed to drive your business forward.

Marketing is a core component of any business. The marketing function encompasses marketing, promotions, advertising, product pricing, packaging, syndication and product sales. A marketing strategy serves as strategies for exactly who a company serves, just how it will serve them and exactly how it convey with these people, as well as how marketing actions are funded. Creating a advertising plan for a delivery assistance can help you to spread the word about your companies and build a customer base quickly. 7

This kind of literature is related to our study because it go over about a strategy, a marketing strategy focuses on the customer. It is the plan of action what you would sell, to whom you will that, how often, at what price, and how you will get the item to the purchaser. It also protects what likely to say with regards to your product or service, and where and once you’ll declare it. Here is a

deeper look at piecing together a marketing plan that works.

Customer satisfaction is a important ingredient for the success of any organization. It is the most important factor that produces repeated customers. Some people know it but do not realize its importance. If a consumer of you own satisfied with one of your products or services, chances are this client will buy more of your products or services, that will increase your revenue. Therefore , in order to have your new or existing consumers buy more from you, you should follow techniques that work. Client satisfaction takes a very important place in Advertising. As much as you imagine that the marketing strategies ought to help you create sales, consider how the same marketing strategies may help you achieve Client satisfaction. There are a lot of factors involved with customer satisfaction. 8

This kind of said literary works is relevant to the present study because customer satisfaction concentrating on the quality of goods and the service provided. This kind of movement toward quality has produced significant benefits but just like various other business fashions, joining and adopting the religion would not insure the real aim of producing client satisfaction will be acquired.

Customer satisfaction is usually an eclectic and fuzy concept plus the actual manifestation of the express of fulfillment will vary from person to person and product/service to product/service. The state of pleasure depends on a number of both psychological and physical variables which correlate with satisfaction behaviours such as return and recommend rate. The amount of satisfaction can also vary depending on other options the customer may have got and other items against that this customer can compare the organization’s goods. Because satisfaction is basically a psychological express, care ought to be taken in your energy of quantitative measurement, even though a large quantity of research in this area has recently been developed. 9

This books is relevant to the present study because is a measure of how products supplied by an organization meet or surpass customer


Quality is becoming an ever important aspect in the manufacturing sector. Quality costs are a measurement of the hard work on item quality of the firm, it has been asserted simply by three key costs: prevention, appraisal and failure. A quality of one merchandise could not leave without this kind of three costs, each of them have an essential meaning during the complete business finalizing, and there is a fancy relationship inside these three concepts that is the increase of prevention and appraisal costs could reduce the failure cost; this likewise fits in the fish item industry. twelve

This books is relevant to the current study since the customer give attention to the attributes of the foodstuff but not about quantities within the food supplied.

Foreign Research

For quite some time, the topic of customer satisfaction has been within the agenda, recently this has received rapidly. In line with the Directors- General’s Resolution of May 06\, the main focus from the common Western european work and efforts concerning customer satisfaction must be on the collection of rest techniques and the preparing of rules for customer survey to measure customer satisfaction. Throughout the Austrian (first half 2006), Finnish (second half 2006), and The german language (first of half of 2007) Presidents of the European Union, endeavours were delivered to address these aspects. Furthermore, at the IPSG and customer Satisfaction Exper Group meetings, ways were discussed to collect the present very good practices and create recommendations.

Based on these kinds of good techniques, the Customer Fulfillment Expert Group meetings and the innovation Public Providers Group (IPSG) meetings concluded that many things interesting and useful things could be done with this kind of good methods and that the discipline of customer was too large and to important to focus attention only upon customer satisfaction studies and measurements and to limit guidelines or in other words. “Measuring satisfaction is a crucial success fulfillment is a very important factor: “managing satisfaction is another and should be the aim. 11

This study is related Customer satisfaction measurement allows an

organisation to understand the issues, or perhaps key drivers, that trigger satisfaction or perhaps dissatisfaction with a service experience. When an organisation is able to learn how satisfied the customers happen to be, and why, it can target its as well as resources better.

Customer satisfaction depends in a significant measure towards the extent through which The cusine staff is able to address consumer needs and satisfaction. Aside from physical requirements, they want to get started immediate and consistent focus, as well as always be appreciated intended for continued pilier or feedback. They also expect to be informed ahead of time so as not really be placed in an embarrassing scenario and most of most they want to get their money’s worth. 12

This study unfolds the relationship great and right management to customer’s fulfillment especially in food delivery solutions.

Filipinos love to travel, dine and hang-out. The presence of accommodations, food restaurants, restaurants and bar verify this reality. Legazpi City alone contains a great number of food establishments where all of them is well administered and Managed to offer quality assistance and showcase customers satisfaction. 13

To summarize, customer very appreciated these establishments due to quality support they provide.

The quality of foodstuff is the greatest aspect to be deemed in putting up a meals business. Next would be the warm and elegant ambiance with stylish interior design. This is actually the ideal environment for a restaurant or tavern and will surely attract even more customer. 14

This analyze enumerated five factors namely; food and beverage; providers; entertainment; sanitation and; reliability.

Consumer who have a fantastic experience with cafe, hotels and fast food restaurants tell typically five other people; but those who have a bad experience will inform as many persons. 15

Therefore , customer who are certainly not satisfied with the services offered by businesses talks to more people than satisfied clients; it is in that case paramount to keep up customer satisfaction for people who do buiness to prosper.

Local Research

Rojas studied regarding the evaluation of Stability of picked Fast food organizations in Legazpi City. Conclusions revealed that persons, especially in all their process of earning of sustenance nowadays don’t just stay in their home. They travel around, enjoy life in the sceneries and stay away from residence eat business food assistance establishment. Arsenic intoxication hotel and food institution in the metropolitan areas and neighborhoods at least to this fact. Legazpi City alone features 8 resorts and a huge number of eatery and junk food chains. Due to this significance of providing top quality foods to achieve the customer a complete satisfaction, it is crucial that the meals service business should be very well administered. 16

This research is related to the present study since it emphasized the value of fast food chains and other food assistance establishments. In addition, it tackles the value of providing a high quality of service to the customers. However , that they differ as to the respondents, placing, and goals of the examine.

Organization should certainly realize that keeping customers is somewhat more profitable than creating a new customer. Featuring good service and then locating a way to leverage the excellent will created by top quality service accompany can connect deeply right into a consumers brain and produce a strong business/ client romance. However , Technology as an enabler with very low cost has come to the rescue of organization

Usa Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) has accomplished a customer pleasure rating of two. 28 percent, on a five points rating scale, up from 5. 25 percent it gamered last year due to its outstanding delivery system. In the latest survey conducted by UCPB customers contact centres, the further inching- up in the bank’s pleased customers may be traced to its adoption of a customer- centric method to product development.

This kind of related examine relates that UCPB achieved a high score because of their large standard of quality customer service. According to the participants they

offer a larger array of products and services that address the needs along with it provides the conveniences of your one prevent financial services of any fast food organizations.

The study executed by Buendia, et. Approach entitled “The Status of Selected Meals Establishments Along Alternate Road, Legazpi City with regards to the location of establishment as well as the accessibility in the area, solutions offered, establishments, food support competition by itself and pricing as well were tackled. They have come up towards the measures you can do to enhance the operation of food institution along the region. 17 This can be related to this current study as it discusses organization might also want to restructure or modernise its procedures. It might do that by bringing together some existing departments in new purpose built building. It might opt to shut the less lucrative operations and open branches in spots that offer more business potential.

78% of colleges students in Legazpi City highly love live groups in pubs and eating places. The means that entertainment in food business is highly effective not only to get progress in the business yet also in customer satisfaction and loyalty. 18 To conclude, the existence of live artists attracts customers specially the youth. Managing decisions inside the strategic level impacts the long range of effectiveness of business with regards to how it might address the necessity of its customers. 19 This kind of explains that for business to have success; management decisions must be tightly aligned together with the corporate goal. The day-to- day actions within businesses management functions focus on adding value for the organization through its modification process. Consumer who have an excellent experience with restaurant, hotels and fast food chains tell an average of five other people; but individuals who have a bad experience will inform as many persons.

Synthesis with the Art

Customer satisfaction is considered the most common kind of market research in business-to-business markets and is often connected to quality and creation measurement, instead of as directly marketing based research. The most up-to-date developments in communication solutions have also come to the

sphere of food delivery. Customers are now able to place orders from the ease of their dealt with devices. Wherever and whenever, all they need is usually desire for food, a means of payment, and communications tools. For statistical quality power over production devices, you take a sample of items that have been produced and check each pertaining to conformance. Pertaining to customer satisfaction, the equivalent is sampling by product purchased, or for service industries, by service celebration. Whether a customer was dual charged or perhaps did not get what your woman ordered, your employees need to handle the problem with the maximum care.

Your employee ought to apologize and take steps to rectify the specific situation. does not necessarily indicate verbal or perhaps means of connecting, there is crafted and indication language for the people people or employees whom are verbally impaired communication in all organization should be handled professionally and customer’s should never feel left out because you have suddenly made a decision to speak in a different language than they do. The client’s price pertaining to goods and services need to cover every cost involved in the delivery to render a genuine profit. Advertising is a main component of any business. The marketing function encompasses marketing, promotions, public relations, product costs, packaging, circulation and product sales. Customer satisfaction is actually a key component to the achievement of any business. It’s the most important factor that creates repeated customers. Many people know it yet do not realize its importance. The state of satisfaction will depend on a number of the two psychological and physical factors which assimialte with fulfillment behaviours including return and recommend rate.

Quality is now an at any time important aspect in the manufacturing market. Quality costs are a dimension of the work on item quality of the firm, it has been asserted simply by three primary costs: avoidance, appraisal and failure. the main objective of the common European operate and work regarding customer satisfaction should be within the collection of rest practices and the preparation of guidelines to get questionnaire to measure client satisfaction. Customer satisfaction will depend on in a large measure for the extent by which. The cusine staff is able to address customer needs and satisfaction. Apart from physical requires, they want to get started immediate and consistent interest. Filipinos want to travel, eat and hang-out. The presence of hotels, food chains, restaurants and bar verify this fact.

The caliber of food is the greatest factor to become considered in putting up a food business.

Next is the cosy and elegant ambiance with tasteful interior planning. Findings says people, specially in their technique of earning of livelihood nowadays do not just remain in their home. They travel, take it easy in the stage scenery and keep away from home eat commercial foodstuff service institution. Organization should realize that maintaining customers is far more profitable than creating a new customer. Offering good assistance and then locating a way to leverage the excellent will developed by top quality service go with can link deeply into a consumers mind and build a strong business/ client romantic relationship. They have arise to the procedures that can be done to boost the procedure of food establishment along the area.. The implies that entertainment in foodstuff business is highly beneficial not simply for progress of the organization but as well in client satisfaction and dedication. Management decisions in the strategic level affects the long-range of success of organization in terms of how it can address the need of it is customers.

Gap of Bridged of the Research

Depending on the review, the analysts have bridged a gap. There was limited research regarding Client satisfaction particularly in selected Take out Chains in Legazpi Town. The studies conducted had been more in profitability, leads and the client satisfaction of foodstuff delivery. Specially, the study is going to pioneer your research on client value, satisfaction and retention.

Theoretical Construction

The theoretical platform of this study is based on the Customer Satisfaction theory of Dr . Noriaki Kano demonstrate that blindly satisfying customer requirements has risk associated with this if the products/service provider is usually not aware that there are different types of consumer requirement. Without this understanding and measurement, providers’ risk; providing unnecessary quality; wowing the customer in a single area, and driving these to competitors within and: centering only upon what customer say, and not what they think. This model of customer requirements directs the product/service supplier to pay attention to two dimensions and three types of customer requirement. The

initially dimension is need fulfilment. It actions the degree to which the customer requirements are achieved. The dimension ranges normally from totally unfulfilled to fully

fulfilled. The second dimension is a customer subjective response to the first dimension. It is the self-employed variable of customer satisfaction. This might range from “rate to “delighted. This model of customer satisfaction predicts tha the degree of customer satisfaction depends on the level of fulfilment, although is different types of buyer expectations.

Consequently satisfaction is usually an overall internal state that shows the evaluation of a marriage between the consumer and a business environment product-service. Expectations tend to be seen as associated with satisfaction. Anticipations are beliefs that a product/service will develop certain final results given certain anticipated numbers of performance based on previous efficient cognitive, and behavioural experiences. This examine enumerated a lot of factors that affect customer satisfaction in a junk food chains over the delivery service, marketing companies, communication, and quality of food. Customer have selected expectations along these factors. If their expectation are attained, then they happen to be satisfied.


Dr . Noriaki Kano Theory

5. High quality of product/ providers to clients

5. Reliability of services agreed to customers

* Even more promos/ savings offered

* Improved Customer Satisfaction

Number 1

Theoretical Platform of the Analyze

Conceptual Platform

The conceptualization of the theory of this examine is suggested in determine 2 . The research utilized a straightforward model of customer satisfaction-dissatisfaction associations. First the consumer’s before experience with companies brands build expectations. Marketing communications, including advertising, and word-of-mouth communications as well influence anticipations. Consumer thus develops requirement about what a product or service should be able to give. Comparisons between buyers requirement and the services or products performance levels results in the confirmation or disconfirmation of expectation as well as the outcomes of satisfaction or perhaps dissatisfaction. These kinds of positive or perhaps negative emotions serve in that case as type into the creation of foreseeable future attitudes and expectation. Though disconfirmation is generally considered the most crucial determinant of satisfaction, expectation and performance straight influence satisfaction also. This can be consistent with analysis showing the shoppers with larger expectations experience higher degrees of satisfaction and this performance, 3rd party of confident or adverse disconfirmation, applies a direct effect within the feeling of satisfaction

The conceptual framework with this study is usually presented about Figure installment payments on your



Measures that may offered to treat the problems to improve the customer’s satisfaction on Food Delivery Services of Fast food Restaurants in Legazpi City

2. Satisfied Consumer

2. Improved quality of products

* Superior quality of services

Figure 2

Conceptual Platform of the Examine

Definition of Terms

The following as used in this kind of study are defined operationally and conceptually for better understanding.

Customer. From this study identifies people who buy goods or perhaps service. Customer Satisfaction. A business term that actions how a firm supplies product and services meet or perhaps surpasses client’s expectation.

Meals Delivery. A thing delivered, like a shipment or perhaps package.

Fast Food Restaurants. A chain of restaurants offering fast food

Food Top quality. Is the top quality characteristics of food that may be acceptable to consumers. Including external elements as appearance (size, shape, colour, high gloss, and consistency), texture, and flavour; elements such as federal grade specifications

Marketing. Is the process of connecting the value of a product or service to customers. It is just a critical organization function to get attracting buyers

Providers. Intangible items such as accounting, banking, cleaning, consultancy, education, insurance, competence, medical treatment, or transportation.

Communication. Is definitely the activity of selling information throughout the exchange of thoughts, communications, or information, as simply by speech, visuals, signals, producing, or behavior.


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This phase briefly shows the methods and sources of info, the procedure apply in doing the study. The study validation instruments, the gathering procedures and data’s plus the statistical treatment in the crystal clear analysis with the gathered data.

Research Design

This research utilizes descriptive approach to the study. It can be used to describe the customer fulfillment on food delivery services offered by junk food chains in Legazpi Metropolis. It presents a gathered data with the aid of textual and tabular varieties which delved into the providers of the junk food chains, and perception with the respondents as well as the problems experienced by the participants. Source of Data

This analysis utilized two sources of info, which were the main and secondary. This was accustomed to find answers to the problems presented. The principal sources of info were the responses with the respondents of the delivery services in a fast food establishment by using the ready questionnaires. The secondary info came from information, library documents, magazines

Acceptance of the Study Instrument

The research instrument was exposed to a dried out run. Forms were given away personally to( 5) selected fast food organizations that offer delivery services in Legazpi Town and for these to answer. Their suggestions were incorporated inside the questionnaire and necessary corrections were made. The ultimate respondents in Legazpi Metropolis.

Population with the Study

The foule of the study were (30) different kinds of client with the total of 40 respondents. The breakdown in the population with the study is usually presented in table A.

Table A Population from the Study

Respondents| Frequency| Percentage| Customer| 30| 100% | | back button | x | | x | x | Total| 30| 100%|

Exploration Instrument

The study utilizes a review questionnaire in the data gathering. It is designed with the assistance of the study adviser and the research teacher. A semi-structured questionnaire is utilized and it is composed of four (3) parts. Part I actually ” client satisfaction of food delivery companies offered by take out chains in Legazpi Town. Part II ” understanding of the respondents in the take out chains in Legazpi Town. Part 3 ” problems encountered by respondents in the fast food chains in Legazpi City.

Info Gathering Process

Inside the conduct of the study, the researchers followed procedures in order to gather the needed data. The research method

contained the following getting a topic and stating the objectives and the problem to get studied; the reading and collecting related literature and studies that happen to be composed of facts and guidelines that have bearing with the analyze and the creating of the theoretical and conceptual framework. The questionnaires were prepared and submitted for the adviser to get corrections. A written page of permission approved by the Department Mind was submitted to the dean of Academics for endorsement to carry out study in the different delivery services in a fast food institution included in the study. Moreover, a dry operate was carried out before the circulation of the accepted questionnaires. The researchers individually retrieved the answered forms. The replies were matched, analysed and interpreted based on the statement in the problem. Record Treatment

Your data collected was statistically treatment with the use of percentage, frequency rely and score for its appropriateness to the mother nature of the analysed data. Percentage is used to compute the percentile of values while using following formulation. 1



N-Total number of respondents


The measured Mean can be used to present, sum it up, describe and analyse the data for the respondent’s notion and the effects of the delivery services of a fast food chains in Legazpi City.

Exactly where:

CALIFORNIA ” weighted average

F- Regularity

W ” Excess weight of a offered category

N ” Number of respondents

To look for the specific curiosity, a descriptive / adjectival rating utilized for Desk I. Scale| Numerical Rating| Adjectival Rating|

4| 3. 25 ” 4. 00| Excellent|

3| 2 . 60 ” three or more. 24| Extremely Satisfactory|

2| 1 . 75 ” 2 . 49| Satisfactory|

1| 1 ) 0 ” 1 . 74| Poor|

The related adjectival ranking used for Table II is as follows: Scale| Numerical Rating| Adjectival rating|

4| 3. 25 ” 5. 00| Usually Encountered|

3| installment payments on your 50 ” 3. 24| Encountered|

2| 1 . 75 ” 2 . 49| Seldom Encountered|

1| 1 . 0 ” 1 ) 74| Not Encountered|

And then for Table 3, the adjectival rating employed is also demonstrated below. Scale| Numerical Rating| Adjectival rating|

4| 3. twenty-five ” 4. 00| Highly Agree|

3| 2 . 50 ” 3. 24| Agree|

2| 1 ) 75 ” 2 . 49| Disagree |

1| 1 . zero ” 1 ) 74| Highly Disagree|


1Laurentina Paler-Calmorin and Melchor A. calmo00rin, Statistics in Education and Science with Application to Research ( Rex Producing Company Inc. 2002)

Chapter IV


This chapter shows the presentation, analysis, and interpretation of data created from the participants. The contains the Customer Satisfaction of foodstuff Delivery providers offered by fast food chains in Legazpi Town which is shown in tabular and calcado forms.

1 ) Customer Satisfaction of Food Delivery Services proposed by Fast Food Restaurants in Legazpi City

a. Delivery Solutions

Under the Delivery companies it implies that the highest measured mean of three. 16 was given by the participants on foodstuff delivered to customer are accompanied with either delivery note or perhaps an invoice or it is viewed as Incredibly Satisfactory. And then the lowest weighted mean is Cleanliness and hygiene of delivery boy or delivery staff graded 2 . 86 interpreted while Very Satisfactory. The data implies that the food delivery in a junk food chains got the highest weighted mean with regards to delivery solutions. Because they prefer foods to be sent than to cook within their houses to save the time, effort and strength. Correct bought delivered gave also a great impact regarding effective delivery service. Hygiene and cleanliness of delivery staff is additionally considered considering they are handling meals which is also vital to client’s health.

w. Marketing providers

When it comes to Marketing Providers, Findings unveiled the highest measured mean was 3. 00 or viewed as Incredibly Satisfactory, likewise on the Sales promotion highly relevant to food delivery such as multimedia advertising and giving giveaways, followed by the minimum weighted imply is improved quality of foodstuff beyond your requirement 2 . 85 interpreted while Very Sufficient. The findings revealed that the marketing providers is effective in releasing top quality and good advertising, providing a simple and easier to know info about the food cycle and a truthful over and above expectation goods offered

strengthens the corporation. Freebies relatively attract people to enjoy at the same foodstuff chain, particularly for children whom are fond of giveaways giving by simply certain food restaurants. Also, clear and affordable pricing in the products is among the most vital reasons why customers visit a certain food string more often than other establishments that offer same companies. c. Interaction

Along the conversation the highest weighted mean is usually 3. 16, which is find customer delivery location once answering telephone calls and requesting proper info to avoid misdelivery or misunderstanding, followed by the cheapest weighted imply of 2. ninety six, to provide telemarketing or product sales through mobile phone use to customer. The findings imply that the communication is very important to the satisfaction of buyer because it’s attaining the high common expiectation of service with the fast food chains. It is nevertheless one of the most thing when offering delivery assistance is to understand the exact area of customers in which the ordered meals is to be provided as to prevent delays and spoilage of food. Courteousness of staff must be noticed at most, better as what we should say buyers are always proper and the team must serve them with greatest respect like a professional as well. Telemarketing is likewise encountered by the respondents like providing associated with the new food products for additional orders as well. g. Quality of Foods

The findings signify the quality of foodstuff have the same measured mean several. 10 on Proper display of food / menu being sent, proper the labels of foodstuff is being discovered, food can be properly handled during delivery. The studies revealed that the quality of food made available from fast food restaurants met the expected result of the consumers when it comes to demonstration, offered foods and the method of handling their orders. The shoppers will always look for something exclusive and amazing about this attribute that is why they will go back or perhaps order more regularly once this kind of thing happen to be met or encountered simply by them. Since it is a delivery system, retaining the same overall look and display of the purchased goods are the utmost concern of the valued consumers. A food organization must not lower the quality of food serve just to do cost-cutting, in that case their particular customer might not even think of

doing the same purchase once their very own expectation can be not fulfilled. TABLE I actually

Customer Satisfaction upon Food Delivery Services proposed by Fast Food Cycle in Legazpi City Statements| Weighted Mean| Interpretation|

A. Delivery Services 1 . Food sent to customer are accompanied with possibly delivery note or an invoice | 3. 16| Very Satisfactory| 2 . Appropriate order shipped, on time delivery, and very good price of delivery services| 2 . 96| Very Satisfactory| 3. Cleanliness and care of delivery boy or delivery personnel. | 2 . 86| Very Satisfactory| Standard Weighted Mean| 2 . 99| Very Satisfactory|

B. Advertising Services 1 . Clear costs and correct method of presenting the check and receiving payment| 2 . 93| Very Satisfactory| 2 . Product sales promotion tightly related to food delivery such as mass media advertising and giving freebies| 3. 00| Very Satisfactory| 3. Increased quality of food beyond your expectation| installment payments on your 80| Incredibly Satisfactory| General Weighted Mean| 2 . 91| Very Satisfactory|

C. Communication 1 . Courteousness of delivery staff in communicating with the customer| a few. 16| Extremely Satisfactory| 2 . Provide telemarketing or revenue through phone use to customer| 2 . 96| Very Satisfactory| 3. Find customer delivery location when ever answering phone calls and asking proper info to avoid misdelivery or miscommunication| 3. 23| Very Satisfactory| General Measured Mean| several. 11| Very Satisfactory|

M. Quality of Foods 1 ) Proper demonstration of meals / menu being delivered| 3. 10| Very Satisfactory| 2 . Right packaging of food will be observed| three or more. 10| Incredibly Satisfactory| 3. Food is definitely properly handled during delivery| 3. 10| Very Satisfactory| General Measured Mean| several. 10| Extremely Satisfactory|

OVERALL GENERAL MEASURED MEAN| three or more. 02| Very Satisfactory|

2 . Problem encountered by the respondents

It presents the discussion of the problem encountered by simply

respondents in a take out chains in Legazpi City. This is provided in terms of foodstuff delivery services, marketing providers, communication and quality in the food. a. Delivery Support

In terms of delivery service, postponed or gradual delivery companies are being encountered has got the highest weighted mean of three. 06 then the lowest weighted mean of two. 9, simply no standard terms and current condition of delivery interpreted as encountered. Findings signify most virtually all respondents came across delayed or perhaps slow delivery services upon any food chains because of different reasons it may be. In any instances, they must be able to adhere to their terms and condition. Since, it is in a type of delivery services. The customers has to be informed as well on virtually any cause of delays. Additional costs made to clients, where the least of the area of issue the participants when it comes to issues that they have came across. a. Promoting Services

When it comes to marketing solutions; high price of delivery support got the greatest customer’s measured mean of 3. 17, accompanied by unreasonable further cost of delivery with the most affordable weighted indicate of 3. goal and is viewed as came across.

High price of delivery service is a major concern of buyers, most of them opted for over the mobile phone orders to save time and effort but high charges of delivery service is also an issue to them. Unaware customers pertaining to sudden cost changed immediately of getting the delivery enters a problem since the customers happen to be accustomed that whatever they have agreed above the phone must be also the actual charge to them, too. Also, the effect of data collected revealed that sales receipt or perhaps delivery account is one of the important concerns of customers, since it is the basis intended for the payment to be made by the customers. Missing, crumpled or unclear account is found by almost all of our respondents that makes it all their priority trouble encountered always. Unreasonable added charges which can be also found by customers make a decrease effects to any foodstuff establishments regarding their delivery services and would likewise mean an adverse effect for the company’s ethics as well. w. Communication

Regarding communication, impolite delivery personnel while conntacting customer and poor conversation skills of staff the moment answering over-the-phone orders/transaction gets the same weighted mean followed by the lowest measured mean of three. 1 in poor conversation equipment possibly cell phone and so forth of the fast food and delivery staff. Since what is believed in terms of business, customers are always correct, utmost courtesy and understanding must be prolonged by services crew when ever communicating with them though it is just over the cellphone encounters.

Impolite delivery personnel will also give a negative influence to the delivery services of a certain food business. Regular revisions of the support crew regarding the services made by the meals establishment and training about enhancing the communication skills of the staff must be done by management Communication equipment should also be provided in order to get the transaction conveniently and obviously as well in order to avoid any further problems to be encountered by the buyers. Power and communication signals on these kinds of communication gadgets must be regularly checked as well to ensure powerful relaying of orders at once. d. Quality of the meals

Improper food preparation of meals or food selection delivered rashly by the delivery staff acquired the highest weighted mean of three. 03 accompanied by the lowest weighted mean of two. 67 for food spoilage due to poor handling, food preparation and delivery or is definitely interpreted because Encountered. Seeing that some of the meals establishment happen to be aiming to meet the delivery period they have set, it typically result to improper cooking of dishes sent by the delivery staff combined with improper product packaging as well. Since it is a food commodity the foodstuff chains should always ensure the right packaging and way of cooking food so as to not put the health of customers at risk.

Customer’s highest problem will always fall on how the food restaurants have grilled the food ordered, and the way it is shown upon the delivery of products. Any buyer who experienced same problem often will always give the food establishment a negative score to his friends or relatives thus decreasing good advertising with the establishment as well. In time, this usual difficulty will always cause a great problem or problem to the

management too since it is encountered simply by most of each of our respondents based from the accumulated data.


Problem Encountered by the Respondents

Statements| Weighted Mean| Interpretation|

A. Delivery Services 1 ) Delayed or slow delivery services are being came across. | three or more. 06| Encountered| 2 . Simply no standard conditions and current condition of delivery. | 2 . 90| Encountered| several. There are added charges intended for delivery services| 2 . 93| Encountered| General Weighted Mean| 2 . 96| Encountered|

B. Marketing Services1. Unreasonable further cost of delivery| 3. 03| Encountered| installment payments on your High price of delivery service| 3. 17| Encountered| three or more. No invoice or delivery note on the food provided by delivery staff| 3. 07| Encountered| General Measured Mean| several. 09| Encountered|

C. Conversation 1 . Impolite delivery staff while conntacting customer| several. 20| Encountered| 2 . Poor communication products either cellphone etc . from the fast food and delivery staff. | a few. 10| Encountered| 3. Poor communication expertise of staff when giving an answer to over-the-phone orders/transaction| 3. 20| Encountered| Standard Weighted Mean| 3. 17| Encountered|

M. Quality from the Foods 1 . Poor demonstration and the labels of meals delivered to customer| 2 . 87| Encountered| 2 . Improper cooking of dishes/menus delivered rashly by the delivery staff| a few. 03| Encountered| 3. Foodstuff spoilage thanks improper foodstuff handling, cooking and delivery. | 2 . 67| Encountered| General Weighted Mean| 2 . 86| Encountered|


3. Possible Approaches to Problem Found by the Participants

The findings on the subsequent table, takes up about actions to enhance the

procedure of food delivery solutions on junk food chains. The discussion is subdivided in terms of delivery services, marketing services, interaction and quality of the food. The data is definitely presented in Table three or more. a. Delivery Services

It revealed that cost-effective payment intended for delivery support got the best weighted imply rating of three. 67 followed by the lowest weighted mean of three. 47 pertaining to on time or perhaps fast delivery services must be offered by fast food chain which can be both viewed as Consent. Affordable price remains to be the main concept why people visit more often or built an so that it will a certain food establishment. Along with this affordability, the right presentation and great taste of food is usually considered by most of the clients. And top quality standard and condition in the delivery assistance With this kind of fast and on time delivery service must also be a concern of any kind of food institution, since people is conserving time and effort of going to the genuine location of food institution. b. Marketing services

Show the customer just about every reason of price maximize, got the best weighted indicate of 3. seventy seven followed by minimal weighted charge of 3. 67 to provide resolve rules of delivery. Unexpected or on the spot change in rates of the great s being paid is one of the main reason so why customers acquire unsatisfied in the services proposed by any business. To prevent this sort of problem, they must stick with the rules and the rates that they have spoke over the mobile phone. Being able to clarify this price increase prior to delivery can settle the mind of the clients when they received the ordered goods. A fix guidelines set by the food organization guides the rights in the customers and also saving the rights with the food establishments as well. In this instance an informed-customer will have trust on the certain food establishment to perform another transaction in the future. c. Communication

Regarding communication, managing must give service exercising regarding the correct ways of taking phone requests or deal got the best weighted mean of 3. seventy and is interpreted as a Strongly Agree and then the lowest weighted mean of three. 50 to provide proper behavior training must be given to personnel. Since, a few customers are making over the

phone requests, the crew assigned in this area must be capable of catch up the orders of customers at once. Assistance training about effective means of taking mobile phone orders or perhaps transaction must be conducted by management. Customers will surely always be irritated by simply any personnel who cannot get their purchases right away, specifically if the goods delivered are not exact in comparison to what they should have acquired. Behaviour teaching must also end up being conducted so as each personnel is accustomed on how to allow for properly the shoppers even they may be not face-to-face with each other. With regards to the actual delivery, the delivery staff must also provide utmost courtesy to the customer.

d. Quality of the Meals

In terms of quality; imaginative presentation of food delivered to customer acquired the highest weighted mean of 3. 70 viewed as a Strongly Agree accompanied by the lowest measured mean of three. 60 to provide standard means of cooking selections and dishes. The demonstration adds up to the favorable taste with the food by itself, how will persons appreciate a product especially food if it isn’t served well. Once, you could have prepared something good for the eyes, cool and clean in a bundle the people may have the interest towards the same deal with the organization as well. A normal way of preparing food the food properly, clean, fast and safe should be observed. Since the product is meals, which is being taken in the body, the customers main concern will be their health. No-one would at any time want to eat uncooked, soiled, improperly offered food. As much as possible, if we could also give the health benefits of food it should be created by any food establishment. If so, the customer will feel safe and secure of the food intake, building trust to some fast- meals establishment.


Possible Way to Problems Found by the Participants Statements| Measured Mean| Interpretation|

A. Delivery Solutions 1 . Promptly or quickly delivery services must be offered| 3. 47| Strongly Agree| 2 . They need to set a quality standard and condition in the delivery service| 3. 50| Strongly Agree| 3. Cost-effective payment to get delivery service| 3. 67| Strongly Agree| General Measured Mean| several. 55| Highly Agree|

N. Marketing Providers 1 . Provide fix rules of delivery| 3. 67| Strongly Agree| 2 . Show the customers every single reason of price increase| 3. seventy seven

| Strongly Agree|

several. Include delivery note account on the foodstuff delivered by the delivery personnel. | three or more. 73| Highly Agree| Standard Weighted Mean| 3. 73| Strongly Agree |

C. Conversation 1 . Right behavior training must be given to staff| 3. 50| Strongly Agree | 2 . Upgrade and innovate the communication equipment| 3. 63| Strongly Consent | several. Management must provide assistance trainings about the proper methods of taking mobile phone orders or transaction| a few. 70| Strongly Agree| Standard Weighted Mean| 3. 61| Strongly Agree|

D. Top quality of the Food 1 . Imaginative presentation of food sent to customer. | 3. 70| Strongly Agree| 2 . Give standard technique of cooking menus/dishes. | a few. 60| Highly Agree| 3. Proper meals handling, preparing food and delivery must be priority. | three or more. 67| Strongly Agree| General Weighted Mean| 3. 66| Strongly Agree|




Presented in this chapter is a summary, conclusions in succinct form, the final outcome derived from the findings and the recommendations made available from the researcher. It also presented at the end of this chapter, the areas for further analyze cited, as possible analysis titles given in advance for future experts.


The information design was utilized in this kind of study. The collected data were applying textual and tabular forms. A detailed display of information was provided in order to show in depth the adjustable of the research. The

population of the study was composed of thirty (30) respondents. The data collected was statistically treated applying frequency count, percentage and weighted indicate, which were suitable to the character of the data to be analysed. This study aims to identify The Customer Pleasure of Foodstuff delivery companies offered by Fast-food Chains in Legazpi City. Specifically, this kind of study searched for the answers to the following problems: Precisely what is customer satisfaction offered by food delivery service in Legazpi Metropolis, In terms of: a. delivery services

b. promoting services

c. communication

deb. quality in the food

2 . Exactly what are the problems experienced by respondents. In terms of: a. delivery companies

w. marketing services

c. communication

d. quality of the meals

a few. Possible solution to problems found by the participants a. delivery services

b. advertising services

c. connection

g. quality from the food


Based on the data gathering and examined, the following conclusions were proposed: 1 . Customer Satisfaction on Food Delivery Services offered by Fast Food Chain in Legazpi City a. Delivery services

Under the Delivery solutions it shows that the highest weighted mean of three. 16 was handed by the participants on food delivered to buyer are accompanied with either delivery note or perhaps an account or it is interpreted as extremely satisfactory. Followed by the lowest weighted mean can be Cleanliness and hygiene of delivery boy or delivery staff scored 2 . 86. b. Marketing services

In terms of Marketing Solutions, Findings unveiled the highest weighted mean was 3. 00 or viewed as very satisfactory likewise on the Revenue promotion strongly related food delivery such as mass media advertising and giving giveaways, followed by the best weighted imply 2 . 85 for increased quality of food beyond your expectation which is interpreted because Very Adequate. c. Conversation

Along conversation the highest weighted mean three or more. 16 to seek out customer delivery location the moment answering telephone calls and requesting proper details to avoid misdelivery or miscommunication. Followed by the lowest weighted suggest of 2. 96 and is construed as Incredibly Satisfactory. m. Quality with the food

The findings signify the quality of meals have the same measured mean three or more. 10 in Proper presentation of food / menu being provided, Proper product packaging of food is being observed, Food is definitely properly taken care of during delivery interpreted as very sufficient.

2 . Difficulty Encountered by respondents

a. Delivery Service

In terms of delivery service, you will find additional charges for delivery services offers highest measured mean of 3. 93 and interpreted just about any encountered. Then the lowest measured mean of 2. 90 or perhaps interpreted while encountered, in no normal terms and condition of delivery set. b. Marketing Solutions

Along with Marketing Services, high price of delivery services got the highest customer’s weighted mean of three. 17 and interpreted as encountered. And then lowest weighted mean of three. 03 is an uncommon additional cost of delivery. c. Communication

With regards to communication, impolite delivery staff while conntacting customer and poor connection skills of staff once answering telephonic orders/transaction gets the same weighted mean of three. 20 accompanied by the lowest weighted mean of three. 10 in poor communication

gear either cellular phone etc . in the fast food and delivery personnel, both interpreted as found. d. Quality of the food

Along top quality of the foods, improper cooking food of dishes/menus delivered rashly by the delivery staff acquired the highest measured mean of three. 03 interpreted as Found. In Poor presentations and packaging of food shipped to customers received the least measured rate of two. 87 or perhaps interpreted because encountered.

three or more. Possible answer to problem Came across by the participants a. Delivery Services

It says affordable payment for delivery service got the highest weighted mean rating of 3. 67 followed by the cheapest weighted suggest of 3. forty seven for in time or fast delivery services must be offered by fast food string which is both interpreted while Agree. m. Marketing providers

Explain to the consumer every purpose of cost increase, acquired the highest weighted mean of three. 77 then the least weighted rate of three. 67 to supply fix guidelines of delivery which are nonetheless both interpreted as Strongly Agree. c. Communication

With regards to communication, administration must give service exercising regarding the proper ways of choosing phone purchases or purchase got the best weighted indicate of 3. 75 and is interpreted as a Firmly Agree then the lowest measured mean of three. 50 to provide proper conduct training should be given to personnel. d. Quality of the Foodstuff

With regards to quality of meals, creative demonstration of meals delivered to buyer got the best weighted mean of 3. 70 interpreted as being a Strongly Concur followed by the minimum weighted indicate of 3. 62 to provide normal way of cooking food menus and dishes or perhaps is interpreted as Highly Agree.


1 . The level of Client satisfaction on Food Delivery Companies offered by Take out Chain in Legazpi Metropolis is “very satisfactory with regards to delivery

services, marketing services, connection and quality of the meals offered. installment payments on your The respondents rated while “encountered in problems came across on the Fast Food Chains in Legazpi Town in terms of delivery services, advertising services, communication and top quality of the food offered. a few. The problems skilled by participants in Fast Food Chains in Legazpi Town is ranked as “strongly agree with regards to delivery providers, marketing companies, communication and quality in the food provided.


The study provides the following recommendation

1 . Customer Satisfaction of Food Delivery Services made available from Fast Food Stores in Legazpi City must be consistent with all their services offered in terms of delivery solutions, marketing solutions, communication and quality providers in order to strengthen the company’s meals delivery assistance system. 2 . The problems came across by the respondents in a Junk food Chains in Legazpi City in terms of delivery services, advertising services, connection and quality of the food. must be given enough solutions in order to uphold and keep companies’ services integrity 3. Proper promotion, food controlling, packaging and preparation usually affects absolutely free themes satisfaction, hence it must always be the utmost top priority of food establishments.

Freebies are also becoming a main supply of attracting customers to any meals establishments 5. Tactical strategies to prevent delivery delays should also be created by distinct fast food organizations in expecting any concerns encountered with regards to the actual delivery of goods. your five. Utmost courteousness, understanding to customers, fast snappy response and correct having of on the air purchases must be noticed by any kind of fast food organizations, thus recurrent training to crew and delivery personnel must be seen by the supervision. Familiarization of food presented, pricing and menus must be a necessity to fast food chain staff as to stop problems in getting orders.

Areas for Further Research

1 ) Efficiency Techniques on Delivery Service of Fast- Food Business in Legazpi Metropolis 2 . Comparison Study of Pricing as well as the Delivery Service offered by Take out Chains in Legazpi Town. 3. Controlling of Service Crew and


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